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Sidsel Roalkvam

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Sidsel Roalkvam

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  1. Sidsel Roalkvam Norwegian Research Council

  2. SUM-Medic The topic of understanding immunization coverage is inherently important and relevant to many societies. Social behavioral and sociological research CAN contribute to his. However in my view, the flawed narrow study design severely limits the potential relevance of this proposed research to its target field. The project seem to fit the overall call, BUT this does not mean that - as currently designed it would be useful to its suggested beneficiaries

  3. Sidsel Roalkvam Cit-India T • The project’s objectives, research questions and hypotheses are very clearly presented and are based on an excellently formulated and highly original project concept. The project is in the forefront of its field and will contribute to scientific innovation as well as generate important new knowledge. The project is of excellent quality, with no significant weak points. Publications in leading scientific journals in the field are highly likely. The project leader and/or research/project group is qualified at a high international level, has contacts within the foremost national and international research environments and will be able to play an important role in ensuring the success of the project.

  4. REDO ( Re-assembly Democracy) This exciting project displays an optimum balance of theoretical and empirical investigation and fulfills the expectations of the SAMKUL call. The project is based on the timely observation that there has been a revitalization, reinterpretation and reinvention of ritual in European societies in recent decades and seeks not only to understand and explain this, but to relate it to the vitality of democracy in the face of challenge. As such, the project combines serious, deep, informed and innovative theory with practical and contemporary issues, and genuine empirical and societal interest. The proposal gives confidence that there is a strong existing knowledge base amongst the team on which to build, existing co-operation, and good cross- and inter-disciplinary expertise. All this means that there is a real possibility of a scientific advance both theoretically and empirically. The project is well thought-out, the budget is clear, and the scope of the research is realistic and congruent with the resources.

  5. NO MAGIC ! • A good idea – doable • Idea made to fit under the call • Innovative / pragmatic • Relevance - «solve problems» • Competence - “existing knowledge base • Methodology • Project design (dislikes umbrellas)

  6. Develop «Proposal Skills» • Write proposals is what we do! • As institution and as individual researchers • «Win some and loose some» • Be pragmatic about it !

  7. DevelopProposal skills • Notable change: • less emphasis on theoretical innovation and sophistication • more emphasis on relevance, methodology and project design • concern with competence on “issues” • Less concern with empirical, cultural and societal knowledge

  8. Develop «Proposal skills» • Relevance relative to the call for proposals • Approaches, hypotheses and choice of method • The project plan, project management,organisation and cooperation • Key perspectives and compliance with strategic documents • Relevance and benefit to society • Environmental impact • Gender issues • Ethical perspectives • Dissemination plan and communication of results • Communication with users