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Pages 187-201. Science 6 th Chapter 11. Nervous system is made of the… Brain Spinal cord Nerves Sense organs. 11.1 The Nervous System. Brain Spinal Cord Involved in all activities of the body. Central Nervous System. Nerves carry messages back and forth though out the body

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Pages 187 201

Pages 187-201

Science 6th Chapter 11

11 1 the nervous system

11.1 The Nervous System

Central nervous system


Spinal Cord

Involved in all activities of the body

Central Nervous System

Nerves and sense organs

Nerves carry messages back and forth though out the body

Sense organs are your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin

Nerves and Sense Organs

Automatic control

Automatic Control

11 2 nerve cells

Neurons - Electrical messages sent from your brain to your nerve cells

Each neuron is made of three parts – dendrite, cell body, axon

11.2 Nerve Cells


Short fibers that spread out from the cell body nerve cells

Receive messages coming to the cell from other neurons

Messages move from dendrite to cell body


Cell body

Main part of the neuron nerve cells

Acts as a message center

Usually lies within the spinal cord or brain

Cell Body

Long fibers of the neuron opposite the dendrite nerve cells

Sends messages from the cell to other neurons


Facts about the brain

Master of the nervous system cord

Controls the entire body

Weighs 3 pounds

Has 10 billion nerve cells

Uses 20% of the oxygen in your blood

Skull protects the brain

Facts about the Brain


Largest part of the brain cord

Center of intelligence and creativity

Part through which we communicate with God

Right half controls the left side of your body

Left half controls the right side of your body

Cerebral Cortex – controls movement, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and feel.



Balance center of your body cord

Helps coordinate your muscles

Helps you keep your balance



Connects brain and spinal cord cord

Controls involuntary activities

Breathing, heartbeat, digestion


Spinal cord

Made completely of nerves cord

Allows the brain and body to communicate

Controls reflexes

Spinal cord

11 4 care of the nervous system

Buckle your safety belt while driving cord

Use a helmet when bicycling

Don’t dive into shallow water

Eat healthy foods

Stay away from drugs and alcohol

Stay away from harmful chemicals

11.4 Care of the Nervous System

11 5 kinds of thinking

Perception – interpret messages, enables you to be aware of your surroundings

Memory – stores and retrieves information, works better the more you use

Imagination – creative thought, think about things you can’t see

Logical Thinking – enables you to make decisions and solve problems

11.5 Kinds of Thinking

Kinds of thinking cont

Spiritual Thinking – your conscience, helps you tell from right and wrong, helps experience emotion, involves - love, faith, trust, courage, honor, and honesty

Kinds of Thinking Cont.