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Project Endeavor. Outreach Strategies The Good, The Bad and The What Really Works. June 27, 2011. Communication Service for the Deaf 102 North Krohn Place • Sioux Falls, SD 57103. The Digital Divide.

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Project endeavor

Project Endeavor

Outreach Strategies

The Good, The Bad and

The What Really Works

June 27, 2011

Communication Service for the Deaf

102 North Krohn Place • Sioux Falls, SD 57103

The digital divide

The Digital Divide

”Americans with disabilities are less than half as likely as their non-disabled counterparts to own a computer, and they are about one-quarter as likely to use the Internet.”

Stephen Kaye, PhD.

Disabilities Statistics Center

Project goals

  • Focus on deaf and hard of hearing individuals

  • To provide subsidized broadband to introduce people to the Internet

  • Provide equipment at reduced or no cost to eligible consumer

  • Partner with existing community organizations serving the deaf to reach out to hard to serve individuals

  • Demonstrate how to make web based services accessible to deaf and hard of hearing individuals

  • Find or develop tutorials on web access that were understandable for deaf consumers

Project Goals

Best practices
Best Practices

  • Unique Contact Center

    • TTY, voice, videophone, email, IM, web chat, IP relay

  • Public Access Videophones (PAVs)

    • Distribute to various public locations

    • Provides direct access to internet and video communications

The good
The Good

  • National large network of organizations and clubs serving deaf and hard of hearing (We knew where we could find them)

  • Project Endeavor staff are knowledgeable concerning hearing loss & technology (We knew their needs)

  • Commitment to 100% accessible communication (We spoke their language)

The bad
The Bad

  • Slick web based and social marketing campaigns don’t touch individuals with zero Internet

  • Our population had a much higher adoption rate than the overall disability community

  • For the truly needy the price point is zero

The bad cont d
The Bad Cont’d

  • With disability access equipment there is no one size fits all

    • Seniors

    • Hard of hearing/non-signing

    • “Younger plugged in” population

  • Unanticipated Characteristics

    • Many currently subscribing to Internet, but only for video calls

    • Need in person handholding to take the dive

And the bad cont d
And The Bad Cont’d

  • Equipment is sexy, broadband is boring

  • The solutions that were current when we wrote the grant are becoming old solutions

  • The private sector has a difficulty seeing many of our consumers as a viable market

What really works
What Really Works

  • In person, high touch support

  • Multiple solutions but you have to keep it simple

  • Catch their attention with a piece of equipment then discuss Internet options

  • Even with a two year project think first wave and second wave solutions

And continues to work
And Continues to Work

  • There is little ROI in generic outreach

  • Outreach must address unique functional needs

  • Present “your” consumers as a market share that someone is going to get


  • Share your experiences!

    • Challenges

    • Best practices

    • Outreach strategies pinpointing specific or unique populations

Thank you
Thank you!!

Dave Miller

[email protected]

Kim Barron

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