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Jorgensen Employee Development (J.E.D.) Training Program. Shadow-Start. Management & Supervisor Learning Series. Welcome. Sit anywhere you like Please make sure you sign the sign-in sheet Prepare yourself to learn. Shadow-Start Course. Rules for a successful learning session.

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Presentation Transcript

Jorgensen Employee Development (J.E.D.)

Training Program


Management & Supervisor

Learning Series

  • Sit anywhere you like
  • Please make sure you sign the sign-in sheet
  • Prepare yourself to learn


rules for a successful learning session
Rules for a successful learning session
  • Please turn cell phones off. We will take a number of breaks and during that time you can check your email and phone messages.
  • I am simply the facilitator of this session. In order for this learning opportunity to be successful, we need everyone’s participation.
  • One voice… Whether it is mine or yours, in order to receive information, it is important that only one person speaks at a time.
  • Respect…You may not agree with another person’s opinion, but do not ridicule a fellow participant. Agree to disagree.
  • Have FUN!


objectives for today s session
Objectives for today’s session
  • Learn about Shadow-Start purpose and goals
  • Define the Hiring Manager’s role in Shadow-Start
  • Discuss best practices to engage and welcome new employees
  • Receive a copy of the Shadow-Start Checklist
  • Be prepared to implement this process immediately!


j e d training program learning series
J.E.D. Training Program Learning Series


Management & Supervision


Operations & Maintenance

Employee Health & Safety (EH&S)


Learning at Jorgensen is an on-going commitment to your success.


shadow start purpose goals
Shadow-Start Purpose & Goals
  • Purpose
    • Welcome the New Employee and provide informal introduction to Jorgensen
  • Goals
    • Develop a working relationship with the New Employee
    • Communicate our culture (PACT) and expectations
    • Make sure that both Hiring Manager and New Employee are comfortable and understand one another
    • Answer any questions New Employee may have
    • Make sure New Employee feels welcome at Jorgensen


shadow start and new employee orientation n e o
Shadow-Start and New Employee Orientation (N.E.O.)
  • Shadow-Start is designed to provide guidance and direction for the New Employee
  • N.E.O. will provide information on our company’s history, organization and key policies for all new employees
  • Shadow-Start and N.E.O. are the foundation for bringing in new members of our team and starting them on the path to success!
  • Shadow-Start is the first in the Management & Supervision Learning Series


what is new employee orientation or n e o
What is New Employee Orientation, or N.E.O.?
  • Phase I
  • N.E.O.-Express
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Exposes new employees to critical information
  • Ensures that mandatory paperwork is completed
  • Allows new employee to meet Hiring Manager, to initiate Shadow-Start, and to begin work with the proper safety and operational training
  • Phase II
  • N.E.O.
  • Conducted monthly – only for new employees that have started within the past month
  • Live, facilitated orientation course
  • Provides information in greater detail from experts in each topic


who plays a role in shadow start
Who Plays a Role In Shadow-Start?
  • Office Manager / Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Hiring Manager



Roles and Responsibilities

Office Manager / Office Administrator

  • Coordinate the use of required office technology to complete N.E.O.-Express process
  • Coordinate with the Hiring Manager/PM for N.E.O.-Express and on-boarding requirements
  • Administer 1-hour NEO-Express Training (Self-Guided) and submit all required forms and documents

Shadow-Start Course

roles and responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager

  • Schedule time to meet with new employee and discuss the project’s organization, goals, and expectations


roles and responsibilities1
Roles and Responsibilities

Hiring Manager

  • Meet with New Employee on first day
  • Coordinate with Office Manager or Administrator for N.E.O.-Express and HR paperwork
  • Complete checklist items for Shadow-Start


shadow start steps summarized
Shadow-Start Steps Summarized
  • Step 1 – N.E.O. Express
  • Step 2 – HR Paperwork
  • Step 3 – Position Description (Focus Areas) and Career Ladder Review
  • Step 4– Issue PPE and Complete Safety Review
  • Step 5 -New Employee ShadowsHiring Manager

(1 day minimum up to 1 week)

  • Step 6– Complete Checklist and submit to PM/RM
  • Step 7– Evaluation @ 90 Days


step 1 n e o express
Step 1 – N.E.O. Express
  • New employee reports to his/her Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Manager introduces the new employee to other supervisors, office personnel and PM/RM
  • New Employee conducts 1-hour self-paced N.E.O. Express(video) using training laptop


step 2 new employee hr paperwork
Step 2 – New Employee HR Paperwork
  • Receive Employee Handbook
  • Complete and sign required RJA New Employee Paperwork (Human Resources)
  • Provide completed paperwork to Office Manager / Admin for submission to corporate and local filing


step 3 position description and career ladder review
Step 3 – Position Description and Career Ladder Review
  • Hiring Manager and new employee review the employee’s position description and career ladder
  • Reviews project goals & objectives,

and management’s expectations of

team members

  • Hiring Manager reviews P.A.C.T. Culture
  • Employee signs and receives a

copy of the position description


step 3 position description and career ladder review continued
Step 3: Position Description and Career Ladder Review (Continued)

The PACT is a Performance Driven Culture that each employee in the company has the responsibility to understand and embrace:

  • It is the foundation for the companies expectations
  • It is embedded into the character of everyone in the organization.


step 4 issue ppe and complete safety review
Step 4 – Issue PPE and Complete Safety Review
  • Hiring Manager and Office Personnel Issue all required Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) and order any necessary additional items (shirts, etc.)
  • Complete Equipment Issuance Forms
  • Hiring Manager and New Employee Review General Safety Information
  • Complete the New Employee Safety Form


step 4 continued let s talk about safety
Step 4 – ContinuedLet’s Talk about Safety!
  • Hiring Manager reviews Safety material with a focus on project-specific safety concerns
  • Discuss use of PPE and issue all required equipment
  • Introduce the Green-Horn Program (180 Days)
    • Majority of safety incidents involve new employees!
  • Emphasize the importance of Safety in our business


step 5 new employee shadows hiring manager
Step 5: New Employee ShadowsHiring Manager
  • New Employee Shadows Hiring Manager during their normal daily routine (1 day minimum; up to one week, based on position)
  • Hiring Manager takes New Employee to lunch paid for by Jorgensen to discuss personal interests, experience, family, goals etc.
  • The Hiring Manager should

continue to discuss all items

listed in the Shadow-Start

Checklist with the new employee


step 6 complete checklist and submit to pm
Step 6: Complete Checklist and Submit to PM
  • Hiring Manager should ensure that all Shadow-Start checklist items are completed
  • Submit the checklist to the PM/RM upon completion
  • Communicate reporting requirements for the next day


step 7 evaluation @ 90 days
Step 7: Evaluation @ 90 Days

An important job of the Hiring Manager is to evaluate the employee…

  • Provide frank and candid feedback to aid the new employee in his/her work efforts
  • Communicate any goals or corrective action plans clearly
  • Seek input from others on employee’s performance


what has worked for you
What has worked for you?
  • How does the Hiring Manager promote bringing a new member to the team?
  • How can the Hiring Manager help the existing team to support the new employee?
  • What are some practices that promote lowering turnover?


the shadow start checklist
The Shadow-Start Checklist
  • Review Jorgensen company background and history
  • Review the project’s history
  • Introduce the new employee to the project’s supervisors
  • Introduce the employee to the Project Manager
    • PM should provide his/her perspective on the projects goals and expectations related to the crews and employees
  • Review PACT
  • Review expectations
    • Client’s expectations of Jorgensen
    • Project management’s expectations of the team or crew
    • Hiring Manager’s expectations of the new employee and his/her position description


the shadow start checklist continued
The Shadow-Start Checklist (continued)
  • Discuss Project Specific Safety and complete Safety Review Form (signed by New Employee)
  • Get-to-know lunch with the New Employee (discuss family, experience, interests, etc.)
  • Tour the project’s limits (roads, yard, shop, office etc.)

Turn in completed checklist to the Project Manager for review


required materials for shadow start
Required Materials for Shadow-Start

Shadow-Start requires the Hiring Manager to distribute a number of forms and other information:

  • HR Forms and Paperwork (includes media release form)
  • The Employee Handbook
  • Project Organization Structure Chart (Org. Chart)
  • Equipment and Materials “sign-for” sheet
  • Job Description Form
  • Safety Review Form
  • P.A.C.T Introduction handout
  • Hiring Manager Checklist


take aways
Take Aways…

1. Biggest “Aha” moment?

2. One take away from this session?

3. Other comments?


for additional information
For Additional Information
  • Please visit the – Training Room for more information and a copy of this material or…
  • Contact your course facilitator and/or Regional Training Manager
  • Texas Regional Training Manager
  • Jack Johnston
  • 469-404-8824


course evaluation
Course Evaluation
  • Please take a minute to complete the course evaluation form and hand it in before you leave.
  • Thanks for your time!