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Mutt- i - grees

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Mutt- i - grees
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Mutt- i - grees

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  1. Mutt-i-grees

  2. 1.2 Getting to Know You Objective: Today you will identify physical, behavioral and emotional traits and defining the characteristics of yourself and others. You will also explore the similarities and differences between you and your peers.

  3. Think, Pair & Share • How would you describe yourself? • What are your defining characteristics? Today we are going to talk about our unique traits and characteristics and what makes us who we are.

  4. There are many ways to describe yourself; by physical attributes, whether you are a boy or girl, your age, or by who you are as part of a family. However, to help someone understand what is special about you, you may also want to share what you like to so, play, and eat or something your are especially good at. Together these features and characteristics define who you are. Character Guessing Game Some of you may know each other from school last year ot because you live on the same neighborhood or because you play soccer together. But, there may be some people in this class who you don’t know very well at all. How can we get to know each other?

  5. Sometimes we may look at people for clues about what they are like and what they enjoy doing. What does the saying “looks can be deceiving” mean? We may think we can learn about someone based on the way they look, but sometimes what we see on the outside doesn’t give us much – or accurate- information. If I see you wearing a Lakers hat or shirt, I may think that you are a big fan of the team. But maybe you were just wearing it because you borrowed it from your brother, or it was the only clean shirt you had left. Often people make mistakes or have misperceptions based on our interpretation of someone else’s appearance or actions. The best way to get to know someone is to spend some time with them – eating lunch together, playing on the playground together, or just talking. And sometimes it takes some time to get to know someone.

  6. To get to know dogs, we need to think about them as animals and spend some time with dogs and their owners. Learning about how dogs behave in nature can help us better understand , interact and care for them in our homes and communities. Similar to people, looking at a dog only gives us some information about them and just like people, looks can be deceiving. For example, some people are scared of big dogs because of their size. But you cant tell whether its friendly or not just by looking at it- some big dogs are friendlier than little dogs.

  7. What do you know about dogs? Do you think the descriptions and characteristics are true? How could we find out? What's the best way to get to know a dog and how do we get to know one at a shelter?

  8. Activity: Learning by Doing • Each student will create a Mutt-i-gree Manuscript. A manuscript is defined as a book that is personally created and includes a compilation of information and illustrations. • Today you will create the front/back cover including drawings that identify you as an individual. • For the front cover draw a self-portrait of what you think you look like now. Include things, hobbies that you like and do. • For the back cover, draw a self-portrait of what you think you will look as an adult. Include the job you will have and the goals you will accomplish.

  9. Closing Today we got to know each other a little better. You may have been surprised to learn something about a new friend or classmate. Remember you can’t always tell what a person or animal is like by just looking at them. The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them.