edmond masjedi offers a new thought process for entrepreneurs l.
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Edmond Masjedi

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Edmond Masjedi
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  1. Edmond Masjedi Offers a New Thought Process for Entrepreneurs

  2. Edmond Masjedi believes in dreams and having a vision for future. In the current business age, entrepreneurship is one of the hottest business activities for up and coming business professionals. Edmond Masjedi has extensive entrepreneurship experience and he has started many businesses that have achieved great success in their respective fields.

  3. According to Edmond Masjedi, entrepreneurs should look for business areas that add value to the lives of their intended consumers. His own businesses were based on the need to create products and services that enriched the lives of consumers. By creating such products, business owners can stay in the business for the long run and avoid being a flash in the pan. Many businesses wither away because the owners fail to understand what the consumers need and how these needs can be met.

  4. Edmond Masjedi advises that in the present business scenario entrepreneurs should think in a different manner to expand their businesses. With advances in technology and cheaper price of equipment, businesses can span continents easily and reach an even wider market of customers. To think on a global scale, entrepreneurs need to build their businesses with the global markets in mind.

  5. With his extensive experience in the business market, Edmond Masjedi understands the risks and rewards associated with conducting business. He believes that entrepreneurs who take calculated risks can go much farther in business as compared to entrepreneurs who do not dare to go beyond their comfort zones.

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