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Welcome to Kindergarten PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten

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Welcome to Kindergarten

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  1. Welcome to Kindergarten Mrs. Ballas Room 203 2016-2017

  2. Kindergarten Website • • Website is on business cards. • Please visit often: Calendar, Videos, Common Core Standards, Attendance, Homework & Behavior Policies.

  3. Homework is given each Monday and is due on Fridays. • Students turn in homework on Friday mornings. • Plan to do 2 pages of homework each day with your child. • Homework usually includes 1 math and 1 language arts each day. • Each Month your child will be creating a “Project Based Homework Assignment,” such as creating a flag or drawing a map. More information will follow. • Beginning in October, students will be responsible for reading all small books at home. They will also have Fluency Passages & Flashcards to practice.

  4. Classroom Donations • If parents would like to donate stickers, white printing paper, children’s books or blocks for free exploration time, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated!!

  5. Classroom Discipline Policy • The Behavior Chart is as follows: • Green Card=Excellent Behavior for the day and child receives a sticker! • Yellow Card=Warning (no sticker) • Orange Card=5 minutes “time-out” • Red Card=10 minutes time out. • If behavior continues after they have a red card I will contact parents. • Class Dojo will be used this year.

  6. “Champs”Soria school is using “Champs” as our behavior program. Students will be learning about the expectations on the 1st day of school.

  7. Class Volunteers • I love to have parents come into class each day to help with Centers, Stapling, Bulletin Boards, and other paperwork. • Parents will need to be fingerprinted and TB tested before volunteering in the classroom. Please see Soria office for more details.

  8. Attendance is Very Important • Please be on time to class each morning. School begins at 8:40am sharp. • I will open classroom door at 8:30 to allow students to come directly into the classroom in order to be teaching by 8am. • If your child arrives after 8:41am, please get a Tardy Slip from office before coming to class. • Attendance is taken by 8:41 and sent via email to office. • All missed work on days that your child is absent will be saved for them and sent home. Please make sure that they complete all missed work so that they do not fall behind.

  9. New: Common Core Standards/IPad for all Students! • All students will receive a new IPad this year • Part of homework will be to spend at least 15 minutes using Core5 on Ipads each day at home. • Common Core Standards Include: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking

  10. Fall Conferences • Conferences will be held in November for all students. • If you feel the need to meet sooner, please let me know and we will do so. • If your child is at Grade Level in the Spring, they will not need to have a Spring Conference.

  11. Tutoring Schedule • I will be having before school tutoring for our students beginning next week. It will be 7:45-8:30 Monday through Thursday. (Not on Friday) • Look for permission slips with more information.

  12. Cafeteria Lunch • Lunch is 11:00-11:40 each day. Students can either buy a lunch (paid for in advance) or they can bring a sack lunch to take to the cafeteria. • Our outside time on the playground is only 10 minutes each morning. Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast before school. We will not have time for snacks during this time.

  13. Kindergarten Multicultural Festival • Takes place in June. • Students will be picking a country that they will be working on for the year. • Collaborating with parents, the students will create a flag, map and recipe from their country. At the June Multicultural Festival, students will need to have some kind of costume that represents the country that they chose.

  14. First Day of School Students will be lining up on the playground by the classroom for the first couple of day. The following week, I will leave door open for students to enter.

  15. Dismissal Students will be dismissed one at a time at the gate near the front office at 1:57pm. Please be on time! If you are more than 5 minutes late, your child will be waiting for parent in office and parent will need to sign them out.