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Flight Support to the Community

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Flight Support to the Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flight Support to the Community. Let’s do it safely. Overview. Who we serve Stan Eval Safety Items. Who We Serve. CAP Cadets Rest of our Members Air Force AFRCC AFNORTH Community at Large Federal, State, and Local Awesome Responsibility . Standardization/Evaluation.

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flight support to the community

Flight Support to the Community

Let’s do it safely

“Citizens Serving Communities”

  • Who we serve
  • Stan Eval
  • Safety Items
who we serve
Who We Serve
  • CAP
    • Cadets
    • Rest of our Members
  • Air Force
    • AFRCC
  • Community at Large
    • Federal, State, and Local
  • Awesome Responsibility
standardization evaluation5
  • Col Andrew E. Skiba, CAP
    • Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations (DCS/O)
  • Col Joseph R. Vazquez, CAP
    • Director, Operations & Assistant DCS/O
  • Col Edwin W. Lewis, Jr., CAP
    • Director, Standardization & Evaluation
stan eval dov
Stan/Eval - DOV
    • National Administrative Staff
    • 888.211.1812 EX 331 Fax: 800-555-7902
    • pkalisky@capnhq.gov
    • 105 South Hansell St., Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6332
stan eval dov7
Stan/Eval - DOV
  • Aircraft Checklists
stan eval trend analysis
Stan/Eval - Trend Analysis
  • Areas
    • Landings
    • Stalls
    • CAPR 60-1
    • Ground Handling/Taxi incidents (from Safety reports)
stan eval dov10
Stan/Eval - DOV
  • Russian Proverb: Trust but Verify
    • Documentation
    • Landings/x-wind/other runway
stan eval dov11
Stan/Eval - DOV
  • Wing Sups to CAPR 60-1 on Web
    • New sups as MS Word document – Please
    • Via E-mail – Please
    • Coordinate with the CAP Region, SD, LR,
  • Online CAPF 5 Course available
    • Discusses each item on the Fm 5 in more detail
stan eval dov12
Stan/Eval - DOV

Safety, Training, Evaluation Emphasis items

  • 75% of our landing mishaps have CFIs on board
    • Don’t let it go too far
    • Leave yourself an out (IA)
    • Even if you are not the PIC, say something
    • CRM
stan eval dov13
Stan/Eval - DOV
  • 10 Sep 02, CAPF5 checkride, VMC
  • 68-year-old private pilot (examinee) with 398 hours
  • 47-year-old CFI (check pilot) with 971 hours
  • Forced landing practice to a touch & go landing
  • Direct crosswind 10-14 knots on 2943’ x 50’ runway
  • Steep approach, long landing
  • Trees listed as hazards on both ends of runway
  • Witnesses say aircraft stalled and collided with trees
  • Aircraft substantially damaged – pilots seriously injured
good accident risks
“Good” Accident Risks
  • The well-balanced person.
  • The mature person.
  • The well-controlled person.
  • The person with a healthy and realistic outlook.
  • The person with satisfactory interpersonal relations.
  • The person with kindly and tolerant attitudes toward others.
  • The person with a well-developed social and civic conscience.
  • The person with an ingrained sense of responsibility.
  • The people who are essentially moderate individuals, able to exercise adequate control over their impulses and emotions.
abnormal behaviors
Abnormal Behaviors
  • The selfish, self-centered, or id-directed person.
  • The highly competitive person.
  • The over-confident, self-assertive person.
  • The irritable and cantankerous person.
  • The person who harbors grudges, grievances, and resentment.
  • The blame-avoidant person who is always ready with excuses.
  • The intolerant and impatient person.
  • The person with marked antagonism to and resistance against authority.
  • The frustrated and discontented person
60 1 changes
60-1 Changes


  • (a)Be a qualified SAR/DR mission pilot.
  • (b) Have a minimum of 300 PIC hours.
  • (c)Be instrument rated.
  • (d)Satisfactorily complete the on-line GA8 course.
  • (e)Complete flight training and check ride recommendation from a qualified GA8 instructor pilot.
  • (f)Satisfactorily complete a CAPF 5 proficiency check with a check pilot who is GA8 instructor qualified. The GA8 check pilot used must not be the same instructor pilot who completed the training.
60 1 changes20
60-1 Changes
  • Prior to operating CAP G1000 equipped aircraft as a pilot-in-command, each CAP pilot must receive an initial CAPF 5 check ride from a factory-trained or CAP designated check pilot who meets all the requirements as a FITS qualified flight instructor IAW the Cessna training syllabus plus meets the following requirement: Non-factory trained check pilots in the C-182T NAV III must have provided a minimum of 15 hours of logbook-documented aircraft instruction in the G1000 equipped aircraft prior to being eligible for designation by the wing/region commander as a G1000 check pilot.
stan eval dov21
Stan/Eval - DOV
  • New Aircraft Acquisitions
    • More C-182s means more members upgrading and increases our challenge to get them to: “Land on the main gear” –Gently!
    • CAPR 60-1, 3-3.a.3) – 100 hr PIC/10 in acft/25 landings – Minimum
in the works
In The Works
  • CAPR 60-1
  • CAPR 60-11