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Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network Rebecca Owen Radiation Oncology Mater Centre, Brisbane, AUS. Queensland. Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiation Research Network. AIR for generous funding & NZIMRT & TROG for ongoing support

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Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network

Rebecca Owen

Radiation Oncology Mater Centre, Brisbane, AUS

Queensland Network

Australian and new zealand medical radiation research network
Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiation Research Network

  • AIR for generous funding & NZIMRT & TROG for ongoing support

  • Many people have contributed and continue contribute to the development and evolution of the ANZMRRN. Rebecca Owen, Qld (Chair); Sheila Pickard, NSW (Secretary); Tim Deegan, (Qld); Narelle Wallace, (Qld); Craig Watson, (ACT); Trina Archer, (NZ); Andrew Clarke, (NZ); Gay Dungey, (NZ); KareenGrimshaw, (NZ); Hayley Wooding, (NZ); Sharon Richardson, (WA); Jennifer Cox, (NSW); MeeganShepherd, (NSW); ShereeBarlin, (NSW); Stephanie Leader, (NSW); Richard Oates, (Vic); Sarah Everitt, (Vic); Charlotte Sale, (Vic); Kellie Knight, (Vic); Melissa Crain, (TROG); Alisha Moore, (TROG); Caroline Wright, (Monash University); Bronwyn Hilder, (Tas); William Tyler Tran (Canada); Kristie Matthews (Monash); Alice Hall (AIR); Paul Gloster (AIR);

Synopsis Network

  • Research


    • Aim

    • Concept development


  • Research Benchmarking Survey – NZ RTs

    • Purpose

    • Results – NZ RTs

What is research
What is research? Network

…investigation undertaken to gain knowledge and understanding…

National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research

…seeking an answer to a question in an organised and consistent way…

Payton OD (1988) Research: the validation of clinical practice,

2ndedn. F A Davis, Philadelphia

Research why do it
Research… Why do it? Network

  • “Discovery”

  • Challenging

  • Don’t always find what you expect to!

  • Our practice should be evidence based

  • To improve patient outcomes

  • AdvancesMR

Sophisticated imaging and cancer treatment technology
Sophisticated Imaging and Cancer Treatment Technology Network

Image Courtesy of Sarah Everitt; & Gandey; Standardising radiation dose in 4D-CT Imaging can reduce Lung imaging

Research Network

  • Research is a challenge!

  • RT’s attitudes and perceptions toward research

    • require support before engaging (Skutter et al, 2003 The Radiographer)

    • Commonly reported barriers

      • Time, education, knowledge of methodologies,

      • mentorship & funding (Wright et al, J RadiatPrac 2009; Agustin et al, JMIRO)

Aim of the anzmrrn
Aim of the ANZMRRN Network

  • To provide a freely available research network that will bring Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiation Professionals together in all aspects of research

The anzmrrn story
The ANZMRRN Story… Network

  • Introduced at TROG TRW 2012

  • Met with enthusiasm!

  • Steering group developed TOR

    • Input from lead of CRRN

    • 2 Main objectives:

      • Develop the concept of the network

      • Survey Australia and New Zealand RTs to find out what (if) they want and need in a research network

Concept Network

  • Steering group met regularly since 07/12

    • Facilitate networking & collaboration

    • Improve communication b/w MRPs

    • To develop high quality MRP led multi-D research projects

    • Encourage involvement in TROG

    • Provide resources

    • Share & transfer knowledge through mentorship

  • Survey: of RT research needs

Next…. Network

  • Presented this concept to the AIR

    • Essentially we have developed a partnership

  • Working with keymembers there tocreatethe web space

  • Being done in 2 phases…

  • Ph 1 is now “live”

  • AIR Research Grant for the Survey

Phase 2 coming soon
PHASE 2 – Coming soon! Network

  • Secure online membership

  • Facility for generating email

  • Further develop trials/projects register (proposed & current)

  • Quarterly online Journal Club

    • With online forum

Outcomes we hope
Outcomes – (we hope!) Network

  • Outcomes

    • Improve communication and collaboration between MRP researchers

    • Increase MRP participation in research

    • Increase the quality of MRP research

  • Capture outcomes by re-doing the Survey in Aug 2015

Survey aims
Survey - Aims Network

  • Identify the research qualifications of RTs working in Australia and New Zealand

  • Identify the research activities and level of support that RTs working in Australia and New Zealand are involved in and receive

  • Understand the types of research RTs are involved in

  • Understand the current needs of RT researchers with respect to mentorship and resources

  • Elicit opinions about the proposed research network

Survey method
Survey Method Network

  • HREC approved on-line questionnaire (27 questions)

  • Sample targeted all RTs practicing in Aus and NZ.

  • Distributed electronically by:

    • email from the AIR to members

    • Directors of RT departments in Aus & NZ

Results snapshot
Results - Snapshot Network

  • Survey was distributed between September and October 2013

  • 478 surveys were completed and returned

  • Aus 420 (87.8%) and New Zealand respondents 58 (12.2%)

Demographics respondents
Demographics Network: Respondents

Setting Network

Research qualifications
Research Qualifications Network

  • Overall 339 (71%) no research quals,

    • 39 (11.5%) of these RTs enrolled in PhD, Masters or Honours degree

  • NZ – 23 (40%) Graduated; 10 enrolled

Are you involved in research
Are you involved in Research? Network

  • What type of research?

    • 10 respondents

    • Qualitative = Quantitative

Research mentorship
Research Mentorship Network

  • 56 respondents

    • 6 (out of 10) had research mentors

    • 50 do not

  • Comprise Academics (majority), RTs, ROs, Physicists & Nursing

  • 14 (40 responded) identified that they would like a research mentor

Advantage of a mentor
Advantage of a Mentor? Network

  • 40 Free text responses

    • 90 % positive

      “Support, encouragement, wisdom, networking skills"

      “Guidance with research for someone who has little experience in this area would be helpful, make it less daunting”

      “I have been a quantitative researcher …. More recently I have become involved in qualitative research... I could do with a qualitative research mentor"

Resource needs
Resource Needs Network

When asked about resource needs RTs rated:

  • General awareness of research process

  • Study design & methods

  • GCP

  • Statistics and Ethics equally down the list

Concept of anzmrrn
Concept of ANZMRRN Network

  • Positive

    • 85 % of respondents (35/58) were interested in becoming members

    • 85 % indicated that a support network would increase their participation in research

  • Mentorship was rated highest...

    • General awareness of the research

    • GCP

    • Study design

Summary survey
Summary - Survey Network

  • Validated need for ANZMRRN

  • RT’s feel they would benefit from:

    • improved knowledge of the research process

    • access to a mentor

Acknowledgements Network


  • AIR

  • AIR Research Grant


  • Sarah Everitt

  • Caroline Wright

  • Kellie Knight

  • Sheila Pickard


  • AIR


  • TROG

  • Special Thanks to Alice Hall & Paul Gloster

  • Sheila Pickard & all the Steering Group members

Thank you
Thank you! Network