elergy the energy cereal l.
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Part One: Product and Branding

  • Exciting and colorful layout

Part One: Product and Branding

- “Made in America”

  • Shows customer it is a quality product produced in their own country
  • Familiarity
  • Helping the economy

Part One: Product and Branding

Packaging Costs

  • - Packaging is consistent with a plastic back and a cardboard box
    • - Total costs for the supplies to package equal out to be about one dollar ($1)
    • - The actual Energy Cereal contains six servings per box, and each serving costs about 25 cents.

Part One: Product and Branding

Packaging Costs

  • Overall, each box of Energy cereal costs us the producer, nearly $2.50, leaving us with an unestablished price point.
  • The price point is the price of (product) sold on the retail market, in relation to a range of competitive prices.
  • In comparison to the competitive rival (Wheaties Fuel) we have decided to price our Energy Cereal at a price point of ($4.50)

Part One: Product and Branding

Distribution Strategy

  • Breakfast cereals are a product that is not specifically searched for.
    • One stop shop to the retailer or wholesaler is the most common means of buying cereal.
    • This leads to the type of distribution channel that best fits; intensive distribution: selling a product through all responsible and suitable wholesalers and retailers who will stock and sell the product

Part One: Product and Branding

Distribution Strategy

  • As an upcoming new product, we are starting with local distribution and marketing to create a demand.
    • Initially we will flood the retailers and wholesalers with our product and compare to our rivals with nutrition facts.
    • Lastly, the movement from A to B is resolved through vehicle transportation. Starting with vans/trucks shipping around the state, ideally to large wholesalers who in return are the intermediaries for the retailers.

Part Two: Market Analysis

Identifying The Target Market

  • Teens
      • Teens who already drink energy drinks
  • Young Adults
      • College Students
  • Adults who eat breakfast
    • - Possibly just morning coffee drinkers

Part Two: Market Analysis

Examining Market Potential

  • The “energy” trend is a large market.
  • There is an unknown aspect of projecting sales, as there really is no product similar enough to Elergy to make an analysis based off past sales behaviors.

Part Two: Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  • blah

Part Three: Marketing Strategy

Promotional Strategy


Part Three: Marketing Strategy


  • Push
    • Talk to all grocery stores in Lane County, offering free product to stock on their shelves
    • Offer to set up a free sample stand to gain customer attention

Part Three: Marketing Strategy


  • Pull
    • Try to gain sponsorship of a well known energy drink company
    • Television Advertisements
    • Radio Advertisements
    • Detail product’s superior ingredients

Part Three: Marketing Strategy

Retail Development Strategy


Part Three: Marketing Strategy

SWOT Analysis of General Mills

Strength – Steady Revenue Growth

Strength – Multiple Brands with Strong Potential

Strength – Strong Growth Prospects

Strength – Efficient Use of Resources

Weakness – Rising Debt Burden

Weakness – Limited Geographical Presence

Weakness – Narrow Customer Base

Weakness – Limited Liquidity Position

Weakness – Declining Market Share in Sector

Opportunity – Ongoing Joint Ventures

Opportunity – Growing Market for Cereals

Opportunity – Growing Organic Foods Market

Threat – Highly Competitive Market

Threat – Rise in Input Costs

Threat – Shift in Eating Preference of Consumers



The Energy Cereal