6 important things to check for a small n.
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Things to check for a small and medium business before outsourcing PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to check for a small and medium business before outsourcing

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Things to check for a small and medium business before outsourcing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Transcript
6 important things to check for a small

6 Important Things to check for a small and medium

business before outsourcing

Outsourcing business has been seen as a highly developing trend over the past decade among

all the small and medium scale industries, intent - to minimize cost by getting work done from

outside staff boundaries. Business outsourcing has been a big shot in all the industries aimed for

burgeoning them without the curtails of skilled resources on board for those specific tasks. Having

an in-house department or individual for each functions is hefty on these industries whose aim

is to grow as well as minimize expenditure. Outsourcing is a way out to reduce head count

and liabilities linked to it.

Now presume buying a simple requirement such as personal computer for the business. The

market shows no dearth for the same in terms of vast availability and brands. Definitely a huge

ground work and scrutiny is done to find a system that would be reliable, performance oriented

and yield profitable work. The same goes for choosing the right outsourcing partner from a

plethora of providers looking. Albeit the scale of work or industry, each function that is present

in the functioning has its own imperative onus. Since each function outsourced is a crucial

step in building of these industries, it becomes inevitable to substantiate the

organization/individual to whom the work is being outsourced. Following are some guidelines

to keep in mind:

1. Presence on search engines -

The presence of the individual/organizations on giant search places like google, bing,

duckduckgo, etc. help to increase the credibility by presenting all the search related results

like the authentic website, address, prior clients etc.

2.Presence on social media -

A huge chunk of working population is dependent on social media for professionals like

LinkedIn or Glassdoor where they portray their characters for maintaining their integrity online.

Employees, individuals, HR etc. present themselves and their worthiness is checked by their


3. Getting sample work -

Businesses might be sceptical while sharing important data before having any assurance of

getting a high grade product. So the better choice would be to have a prior low scale product

being asked as free trial which could qualify as a scale to compare the quality of work that will

be expected to be delivered after the assigning of tasks.

4. Valuation vs quality –

It is a fact that each work comes at some price. Assessment of quality of work is a must before

deciding the quote for the work being assigned because sometimes quality maybe

compromised as a result of cost cutting or time cost trade off. It becomes completely

necessary to not go with low quotes and rather have a little profit but quality work.

5. References –

Knowledge of prior clientele play an important part in analysing any organization/individual’s

because they would form the standard to which calibre of deliverables can be equated to.

Reviews from these references and other sources should also be kept in list but not to a very

high extent as they may be biased or inclined.

6. Location to which the work is outsourced –

Each country has its own scales of literacy and superiority in terms of knowledge and sectors

in which it tends to excel. Geographic locations are major game changer in deciding what skills

the population present there tends to pursue

the population present there tends to pursue. For instance, Outsource Phone Answering is

completely dependent upon the verbal professionalism which is a by-product of countries with

good education and learning systems. Countries like India, Philippines, Russia and others

majorly focus on IT sectors whereas giants like China are more inclined towards manufacture.

So deciding the location for outsourcing is crucial as it funnels the capability, efficiency and

political facilitations for the work.