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Holiday IQ Media Kit PowerPoint Presentation
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Holiday IQ Media Kit

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Holiday IQ Media Kit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HIQ - the largest travel community site

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Holiday IQ Media Kit

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    1. HolidayIQ is India’s First “Travel Community” ------------------------------------------------ Actual Indian holiday-goers share information with other travelers about the holidays they took. ------------------------------------------------ Other holiday-goers use this information shared by travelers to make their own holiday plans. ------------------------------------------------

    2. HolidayIQ: One of India’s Most Recognized Tourism Brands www.HolidayIQ.comgets more visitors than the combined traffic of the websites of India’s Top 4 tourism promotion agencies. Every month, up to 950,000 Indian holiday-goers plan their vacations on Tourism across the world is going on to the internet. HolidayIQ is India’s tourism leader on the internet. Source: (June 2010)

    3. HolidayIQ: The secret of success World-class quality of information is bench-marked against the best travel websites in the world, leading to very high quality of information. Superior ease of use A strong technology platform and clear user-interface result in a highly user-friendly website. Enormous amount of use-content Provided by over 800,000 Indian holiday-goers.

    4. HolidayIQ: What do users do on Holiday-goers use for the following: Where to go? Selecting a Holiday Destination. provides information on over 1050 domestic and 500 international holiday destinations, with detailed information including 1000s of destination reviews, photos, videos, maps, guides etc. HolidayIQ is in the process of launching the same information for international holiday destinations. ------------------------------------------------------------- Where to stay? Selecting an provides detailed information (phone number, address, photos, traveler reviews, traveler photos & videos) for over 13,000 accommodation options in India, making it the world’s biggest source of holiday accommodation information for India. Accommodation options covered include resorts, hotels, heritage hotels, home-stays, guest-houses, B&Bs, tented-camps, spas, wildlife lodges etc. -------------------------------------------------------------

    5. HolidayIQ: What do users do on Holiday-goers use for the following: How to go? Deciding on transportation for the holiday. Travelers can search for and book flights and buses to almost all tourism destinations in India on ------------------------------------------------------------- What to do? Finding attractions and sight-seeing options. provides detailed reviews & information on attractions, activities and sight-seeing options at all the holiday destinations. ------------------------------------------------------------- How to Book? Finding the right suppliers. has multiple options to help holiday-goers find the right travel agent or tour operator for their holiday bookings. Holiday-goers can book holiday packages, hotel rooms, flights, buses, taxis and sight-seeing through a network of specialized Travel Agents across India. -------------------------------------------------------------

    6. HolidayIQ: Users contribute holiday info on Holiday-goers trust information only from other travelers Hotel Reviews & Photos HolidayIQ users post detailed and honest reviews of their stay in the 13,000+ accommodation options listed on HolidayIQ. They also share ‘real’ photos of hotels. Holiday Advice HolidayIQ members provide sharp and specific advice to doubts posted by travelers on HolidayIQ XChange, India’s first & leading Holiday Q&A Forum. Destination Information Travelers provide detailed reviews, ratings, photographs and videos of over 1050 domestic and 500 international holiday destinations on India’s No.1 holiday planner -

    7. Bangalore Other Cities Bangalore Chennai Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai Delhi Pune Other Cities Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai Holiday-goers on HolidayIQ are From across India

    8. v HolidayIQ: User profile

    9. Holiday-goers on HolidayIQ

    10. Booking on HolidayIQ: Booking

    11. User content on HolidayIQ: Hotel reviews

    12. User Content on HolidayIQ: Advice on XChange – Q&A Forum

    13. HolidayIQ: Why advertise on HolidayIQ? Higher customer engagement provides customers information on all aspects of a vacation – stays, activities, and yes, travel. Which is why customers spend more time on than on other travel websites, pay attention to multiple parameters, and are not just concerned with booking tickets with lowest fares. ------------------------------------------------------------- Big-ticket item The transaction value of a holiday package is much higher than the travel tickets to any destination, and the customers visiting HolidayIQ come prepared to spend on such big-ticket items. ------------------------------------------------------------- Open to ideas attracts customers who are at early stages of their holiday planning, and so are open to ideas and influence, making them attractive from a marketing point of view. ------------------------------------------------------------- An indulgent mindset A vacation for the customers is a form of indulgence, when customers are looking to pamper themselves. Such customers can be marketed other lifestyle products which can convey the same feelings. -------------------------------------------------------------

    14. HolidayIQ: Trip stages and advertising Stage Inspiration ------------------------------------------ Planning ------------------------------------------ Booking ------------------------------------------ Sharing ------------------------------------------ Potential advertisers Destination marketing Tourism promotion -------------------------------------- Airlines Hotels Travel agents/Operators --------------------------------------Travel agents/operators -------------------------------------- Mobile handset manufacturers Telecom service providers --------------------------------------

    15. v HolidayIQ: Seasonality and advertising Holiday planning for Indian travelers follows the 2 patterns: Normal The general trend of weekend getaways and outings on national holidays etc.. ------------------------------------------ Seasonal April to June (summer) and October to December (winter) are the 2 times which see a surge in travel – both domestic and international. ------------------------------------------ Research and planning for these seasonal vacations happens in the months prior, making it a good time to target customers.

    16. HolidayIQ: Traveler profiles and advertising Adventure Mountain bike rides, water rafting etc. are indicators of an adventurous side of the Indian traveler. And a whole new industry is setting up to cater to them. Luxury The rise in luxury getaways indicates a trend towards splurging on oneself. This provides the opportunity to market similar products like in-city 5-star stays, spa weekends etc. Weekend As driving is the popular option for weekend outings, these are potential customers for auto companies. Couples Couples’ vacations are a sign of two people starting their life together, and thus are good customers for a whole set of lifestyle industries.

    17. HolidayIQ: HolidayIQ for your brand 1. Banners provides visibility to the brand through banner advertising on different parts of the website. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Content links Links for destination advertising can be part of the rich content on HolidayIQ, making them more compelling because of their integration with the content. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Brand integration also provides an opportunity to integrate the brand as part of the website experience. Mobile phone mockup screens can be used to display photos/videos, routes can be marked as “bike-worthy” etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Advertorial pages A page on dedicated to the brand and its content provides a chance to convey more detailed information to the customers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Mailers The brand can be highlighted through the mailers that sends to its users. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Thank you pages Information about the brand can be sent to new users upon registration and to users whose holiday booking request value matches that of the brand offer value. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    18. HolidayIQ: Advertising 1. Banners 468 x 60 banner 728 x 90 banner

    19. HolidayIQ: Advertising 1. Banners 160 x 600 banner

    20. HolidayIQ: Advertising 1. Banners 180 x150 banner

    21. HolidayIQ: Advertising 2. Content links Advertisement links as part of the content

    22. HolidayIQ: Advertising 3. Brand integration Nokia Nokia’s navigator phone became an integral part of the HolidayIQ experience for viewing photos. ------------------------------------

    23. HolidayIQ: Advertising 4. Advertorial pages A dedicated page A dedicated page on HolidayIQ helps you provide detailed information to prospective customers. ------------------------------------

    24. HolidayIQ: Advertising 5. Mailers Mailers The brand can be highlighted in the Community mailers that HolidayIQ sends its users on a regular basis. ------------------------------------

    25. HolidayIQ: Advertising 5. Mailers Mailers Customized emailers for the client which can be sent to our 750,000 registered user base ------------------------------------

    26. HolidayIQ: Advertising 6. Thank you pages Thank you pages Your brand can become the first page for the new HolidayIQ user as part of the ‘Thank you’ page after registration. Such pages could also be the acknowledgement for any ‘Book a holiday’ request of a certain monetary value, resulting in a more targeted approach. ------------------------------------

    27. HolidayIQ: Other opportunities Mobile On the go HolidayIQ’s mobile platform can also provide an opportunity to focus your brand through a separate mobile/WAP website. With mobile internet access on the rise, this will further help increase the reach of your brand. ------------------------------------

    28. HolidayIQ: Other opportunities Print magazine Influential audience HolidayIQ also publishes a print magazine which is distributed to select HolidayIQ customers, who have been selected because they are content contributors to HolidayIQ. Other parameters are their likelihood of travel and a minimum budget. The last issue was distributed to 30,000 such customers. ------------------------------------ Start planning for winter

    29. HolidayIQ: Reach the influencers Network of contributors The many users who contribute content on HolidayIQ are the influencers – the individuals to whom other people turn to for information and advice. Reaching thousands of such individuals can go a long way in establishing your brand. ------------------------------------

    30. Contact us Alefiya Patharia Kapadia Tel: +91 9870104152 E-mail:  Leisure & Lifestyle Information Services Pvt. Ltd #3796, 1st Floor, 7th Main, HAL II Stage Bangalore 560 008, India. ----------------------------------------------------- Tel: +91 80 41153595 E-mail: