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HP Partner managed print services PowerPoint Presentation
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HP Partner managed print services

HP Partner managed print services

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HP Partner managed print services

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  1. HP Partnermanagedprintservices Do what you do Speaker’s name / Date

  2. Discussion outline • Why Managed Print Services (MPS) • HP Partner MPS • Case Studies

  3. Why Managed Print Services Industry Statistics The average annual document costs are about 5% of an enterprise’s revenue (IDC) Printer support is 10% of the typical IT staff workload in an unmanaged environment(Photizo) $6 Million in time lost annually in reformatting information (IDC) The average cost of information theft to corporations is $2.7 Million per incident (Ponemon Institute) Costs as a percent of revenues (by industry) • $27,287 spent per knowledge worker per year on searching for and analyzing information • Assuming a 1,000 employee organization   • Source: IDC, 2011 This includes legal costs, lost opportunity costs, costs to investigate, and costs to update security requirements. Source: Ponemon Institute, 2011 15% Legal/Advertising 14% 10% Computer/Data services 10% Cross-industry average 5.9% 5% Media & entertainment 4% Petroleum <1% 0% Source: Photizo Group Analysis, 2012 Source: ALL Associates Group, November 2011

  4. Why Managed Print Services Industry Statistics • 6% of company revenue spent on imaging & printing • Source: All Associates Group 2010 • The average worker spends 8.8 hrs of their week • looking for information and another 8.1 hrs analyzing • informationSource: IDC 2011 • Energy costs are 30% higher due to inefficient printing • solutionsSource: Lyra Imaging Symposium 2010 • Business workflows have not kept pace with the • explosion of contentSource: IDC 2010 Every $1spent printing a page involves another $9to manage it Cost ofprinting • Device, Supplies • Document management • End-user interaction • IT support and infrastructure • Administrationand procurement • Facilities • Source: ALL Associates Group 2010 10% 90% Costs ofmanagingdocumentlifecycle

  5. Why Managed Print Services What Customers are Telling Us • “Provide printing as a service.” • “Scale with my business, both up and down.” • “Help reduce our environmental impact.” • “Tailor services to meet my needs.” • “Help us print wisely.” • “Make it all work together.”

  6. HP Partner MPS HP MPS Definition • MPS is a service experience where digital and paper documents are efficiently managed within an optimized infrastructure. Businesses benefit from the cost savings resulting from removing the burden of support from employees, allowing them to focus on higher business priorities.

  7. HP Partner MPS HP’s proven approach Customer needs Improve IT & business effectiveness Improve business outcomes Reduce costs HP Managed Services strategy Optimize infrastructure Manage environment Improve workflow Customer benefits Balance productivity & costs Increase IT productivity & system availability Streamline workflow & increase compliance 10% 15% 75% Burdened cost of documents* ROI *Source: ALL Associates Group, November 2011

  8. What is MPSWhat we do • HP Partner MPS is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes.

  9. What is MPSHow we do it

  10. HP Partner MPS Advantages for the customer • Knowledge of imaging and printing environment • Cost containment • Increased productivity • Improved document workflow • Efficient use of IT department • Minimized device downtime • End-user satisfaction

  11. Trust HP to deliver consistent performance Consistent test results, time after time Print Quality Performance Problem Cartridges Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges delivered pages that were acceptable for all uses 97% of the time.1,2 Inconsistent page quality from non-HP toner cartridges can lead to lowered productivity and costly reprints. During testing, non-HP toner cartridges were often unreliable, so they may not work or deliver the results you expect. Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges tested worked every time.1,2 Pages that were acceptable for external use Problem cartridges 1 A QualityLogic 2010 study compared Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges with seven brands of non-HP toner cartridges sold in North America for the HP LaserJet P1505 and P4015 printers, HP 36A and 64A. For details, see 2 A 2007 independent study, performed by QualityLogic Inc. and commissioned by HP, compared Original HP LaserJet print cartridges with nine brands of remanufactured toner cartridges sold in North America for the HP LaserJet 2300 (Q2473A) and HP LaserJet 4350 (Q5407A) printers. 24 cartridges were tested for each brand in the study.

  12. Consider the total cost of ownership The hidden costs of using non-HP toner cartridges can wipe out any initial savings based on purchase price alone. There’s more to the cost of a cartridge than sticker price • Unreliable cartridges can drain • productivity and hit your bottom line • Waste staff time • Replacing problem cartridges • Reprinting pages • Printer downtime • Waste supplies due to reprinting • Replacement toner cartridges • Extra paper & printer energy • Increase service calls

  13. HP Partner MPS Best-in-class Differentiated Service Industry-Leading Proprietary Tools Multi-vendor Solution Portfolio HP & 3rd party Solutions Proprietary Infrastructure & Support Tools High touch service Multi-vendor fleet support MPS Expertise & Consulting HP Owned Solutions ePrint Enterprise Access Control Flow CM WebJet Admin Approved 3rd Party Solutions: DocuWare Equitrac MPS Consultant MPS Analyst MPS Account Manager MPS Solutions Specialist

  14. HP Partner MPS benefits overview • Reduced internal printing costs • Improved employee efficiencies • Less device downtime • IT Team focuses on strategic projects • Parts & Supplies tasks disappear

  15. HP Partner MPS case study Salt Lake City Regional Medical Center • “We rely on and trust HP recommendations to help select devices and solutions to meet our needs. From there, the HP Partner MPS team starts to take care of the devices. They keep the fleet up and running, and I don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day support needs.” • —Mark Runyan, director of information services, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah • Engaged HP to provide managed print services including: • Retired 36 copiers at end-of-lease with HP MFPs • Standardized on HP MFPs to minimize support and training requirements • Implemented HP’s Digital Sending Software as a scanning solution throughout the campus • Supports 700+ employees with 3 IT Team Members because HP MPS manages the print environment

  16. HP Partner MPS case study Fabian & Clendenin “Since we contracted with HP Partner Managed Print Services, our printers work better and last longer, employees are empowered to do their jobs better—and everything runs smoothly without demands on my time.” —Jed Brian, Micro Assist IT consultant for Fabian & Clendenin, Salt Lake City, Utah • Increased productivity through strategic deployment of MFPs and workgroup printers • Established foundation for ongoing optimization and digital processes by deploying HP MFPs with easy access for all employees • Brought color printing in-house resulting in an annual savings of more than $4,000 (6 cents per page with HP color MFPs versus an average cost of 42 cents per page when printed by copy shops) • Gained cost efficiencies through optimized deployment, right-sizing devices and eliminating printer under- or over-utilization

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