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Giftedness. Nicole Bruni Melissa. Objectives. Gain a greater understanding of what it means to be “gifted” Understand the characteristics of “gifted” students (Gifted Students vs. High Achievers vs. Creative Thinkers)

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Gain a greater understanding of what it means to be “gifted”

Understand the characteristics of “gifted” students

(Gifted Students vs. High Achievers vs. Creative Thinkers)

Gain a greater understanding of School Board’s policies related to Gifted Education

Learn how to make accommodations/ modifications for “gifted” students in your class

Gain a greater understanding of issues and concerns related to “giftedness”

Who is the gifted student
Who is the Gifted Student?

Activity 1 –In groups of 3-4 take 5 minutes to …

  • Identify the “gifted” student in the video.

  • Record on chart paper, what characteristics led you to your conclusions about who the “gifted” student was?

Giftedness according to the ontario ministry of education
Giftedness According to the Ontario Ministry of Education

“An unusually advanced degree of general intellectual ability that requires differentiated learning experiences of a depth and breadth beyond those normally provided in the regular school program to satisfy the level of educational potential indicated.”

Activity 2

Put a check beside the statements that are true …

Each child is different. It is difficult to generalize, but many bright children have some of the characteristics listed

long concentration spans in areas of interest

advanced reading ability & extensive vocabulary

keen powers of observation

Cognitive intellectual level is very high

Will score 130 and above on I.Q. test

abstract and critical thinking

unusual insight and intellectual curiosity

What is the difference between gifted learners high achievers
What is the Difference Between Gifted Learners & High Achievers

cognitive intellectual level is really high in gifted learners, and this is not case with high achievers

gifted students have the capacity to learn in greater depth and breadth than high achievers

Main perspectives on being gifted
Main Perspectives on Being Gifted Achievers

Mystery Mode


Mastery Model

TDSB Achievers

Gifted programs offered in 8 secondary schools schools across the TDSB

Students are placed in gifted sections and attend classes with their gifted peers

Tdbs map
TDBS MAP Achievers

York region
York Region Achievers

Offers gifted programs in 5 of it’s schools

Partially self-contained community

Classes at designated secondary schools or monitoring at the home school.

York region map
York Region Map Achievers

No Map Available

Peel Achievers

Offers “Regional Enhanced Learning Programs” in 5 schools in Peel

If not a full class with gifted students, classes are then offered to high achievers that have not been formally identified as gifted

Peel map
Peel Map Achievers

Accommodations modification
Accommodations Achievers & Modification

“In all cases gifted education should be about matching the curriculum expectations to the advanced learners’ specific academic needs” – Being Smart About Gifted Education: A Guidebook for Educators and Parents, pp.112

Important agendas in gifted education
Important Agendas in Gifted Education Achievers

Match curriculum to ability by adapting the curriculum for gifted learners

Supporting giftedness in those who have not yet demonstrated it.

**It is important to note that the degree of differentiation required should relate to the aptitude of the individual students and the degree of giftedness they display.

Iep strategies to meet academic needs of gifted learners in the regular classroom
IEP: Strategies To Meet Academic Needs of Gifted Learners in the Regular Classroom

1. Modifying content, process, product

2. Altering pace of instruction

3. Creating a flexible classroom environment

4. Using specific instructional strategies

5. Altering assessment procedures

6. Employing a wide range of resource materials and technological options

Activity 3
Activity 3 the Regular Classroom

Form groups based on your teachable subject

Take curriculum expectation and create accommodations for the gifted student in your class

Fill out the IEP section provided for accommodating gifted learners

Present your curriculum expectation & how you accommodated for the gifted learner to the group

Areas for differentiation teaching subject
Areas for Differentiation & Teaching Subject the Regular Classroom

  • Modifying content, process, product

  • Altering pace of instruction

  • Creating a flexible classroom environment

  • Using specific instructional strategies

  • Altering assessment procedures

  • Employing a wide range of resource materials and technological options

Dilemmas issues
Dilemmas & Issues the Regular Classroom



Learning Disabilities

Testing the Regular Classroom

  • Who gets tested? What gets tested?

  • Underrepresentation of:

  • minority students

  • low- socioeconomic status

  • disabled students

Labeling the Regular Classroom

Compartmentalizes people

Living up to the expectations of the label is challenging for many


Emotional, Social and behavioral problems

Learning disabilities
Learning Disabilities the Regular Classroom



Learning Disabilities (LD)

Activity 4 poem
Activity 4. – Poem the Regular Classroom

After listen to this poem and the presentation what are some implications for educators professional practice with gifted students?

Resources the Regular Classroom

  • Websites




  • Books

  • How to differentiate instruction in mixed ability classrooms.

  • Planning Effective Curriculum for Gifted Learners by Joyce Can Tassel-Baska

Academic Journals

Gifted Child Quarterly

Gifted Education International

Roper Review

Gifted Child Today

Journal of Secondary Gifted Education

The end
The End the Regular Classroom

We hope you enjoyed learning about Gifted Education as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you 