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Safe Internet Use. Mark Wheatley CSI Onsite 952-928-1788 [email protected] About Us. In business for over 15 years Purpose & Values driven Member in good standing with:. Safe Internet Use. What can we do to stay ahead? What to watch out for What is a URL?

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Safe internet use
Safe Internet Use

Mark Wheatley

CSI Onsite


[email protected]

About us
About Us

  • In business for over 15 years

  • Purpose & Values driven

  • Member in good standing with:

Safe internet use1
Safe Internet Use

  • What can we do to stay ahead?

  • What to watch out for

    • What is a URL?

    • What is Phishing / Spoofing?

  • Threat Evolution - Malware

  • Good Practice - 5 rules (CSI Onsite Style)

What to watch out for
What to watch out for

  • URLs – Uniform Resource Locator

    • URL is the address to visit a web site

    • Domain name translates to an IP address

    • Can be masked to appear as something different than actual address

    • Web browser ignores the @ symbol in address

    • Besides the http://, look for the first “/”

    • Words to the left of that slash, is actual domain name

What to watch out for1
What to watch out for

  • Hyperlinks, URLs and Redirects

    • Easy to spoof

    • Underlying address may be different than visible link

    • Domain names that are close to actual




  • Examples


  • Fake Link

  • Look for the first “/” after http://

What to watch out for2
What to watch out for

  • Phishing

    • Get you to click on link/s with malicious or fraudulent intent

    • Potential for identity theft

    • Fake emails from company with whom you do business

    • PayPal / EBay fraud

    • Fake charities

    • Urgent wording

    • Fake links with legitimate appearance


  • Link is the same as actual, but hoping you’ll only look at first or second line.

  • Look for the “/”. …

What to watch out for3
What to watch out for

  • Email Spoofing

    • Email appearing to be from someone other than the actual sender

    • Spamming technique

    • Creates concern for recipient

    • Could be sent from infected computer

    • Open relays

      • Many ISPs requiring outbound e-mail authentication to keep infected computers from relaying email


  • Spoofed Sender

  • Link that is close to actual

  • Clicked on link

  • Looked identical to PayPal site

  • All links were correct

  • Except one


Received: from blackbed by with local (Exim 4.69)

(envelope-from <[email protected]>)

id 1S55eO-0007wH-Bd

for [email protected]; Tue, 06 Mar 2012 20:26:47 -0500

To: [email protected]

Subject: Your package is available for pickup

From: "FedEx Support" <[email protected]>

Threat evolution
Threat Evolution

  • What is Malware?

    • Short for Malicious Software

    • Disrupt computer operation, gather information or exploit system or data, without consent

    • Hostile, intrusive or annoying software

    • Delivered to system via:

      • Email attachment

      • Web site re-direct

      • Infected system, flash drive, software install


  • Virus Attachment

Threat evolution1
Threat Evolution

  • Can look like legitimate software

  • Hold your system ransom

  • Lock system down so even skilled technicians may choose to reload computer operating system, or restore from backup rather than try to find or un-do changes

  • Capture credit card information, leading to identity theft


  • Looks legit and has feel of a Windows app

  • Could make changes to system with AV software installed

  • Entire window, one big “install me now” button

  • Shield in corner looks just like Windows Update

  • All BAD!

Threat evolution2
Threat Evolution

  • Malicious intent – take down company web presence

  • Organized crime

  • Fraud

  • Financial gain

  • 1% of 1million emails = 10,000

    • X $40 = a lot of money to be had….

What can we do to stay ahead
What can we do to stay ahead

  • Education, education, education

  • Software can’t always protect you

  • Be suspicious of Internet content

  • Operate computer with lesser privileges

  • Watch for drive-by downloads, or piggy-backing

  • Verify the software you do install, is legitimate and has good intentions

  • Email settings / spam filters

  • Create regular backups and system restore points

5 basic rules
5 Basic Rules

  • Keep your antivirus software installed and definitions up to date

  • Careful where you browse…

  • Be careful when opening emails from people you do AND don’t know

  • Microsoft does not typically send updates or patches via email and neither do most software manufacturers

  • Check your hyperlinks and URLs before clicking