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English II
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English II

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  1. English II 1st Quarter Vocabulary

  2. Roots: In, Im, Il, Ir Definition: In or into a Words and meanings: Insect [IN in + SECT to cut] – an invertebrate with a body cut into 3 pieces. Induce [IN into + DUC to lead] – to lead into or persuade. Innate [IN in + NAT to be born] – born in one. ALSO: Illuminate, Impede, Invoke, Inspect

  3. Roots: In, Im, Il, Ir DEFINITION: Not a Words and meanings: Intangible [IN not + TANG to touch] – not able to be touched. Immobile [IM not + MOB to move] – unable to move. Impunity [IM not + PUN to punish] – free from punishment. Also: Impervious, Infinite, Incredible, Irreverent

  4. SEQU DEFINITION: To follow. a Words and meanings: Sequel – continuation Sequence – a following of one thing after another. Consequence – something that logically follows from an action. Also: Inconsequential, sequential, subsequent

  5. INTER DEFINITION: Between a Words and meanings: Interstate – between states Intermediary – one who acts as a mediator or go-between. Interim – a time between periods or events. Also: Intercede, Intercollegiate, Interlude

  6. DE DEFINITION: Away, down, off, from, apart, completely a Words and meanings: Demote [DE down + MOT to move] – to move down in rank. Deciduous [DE off + CID to fall] – falling off, as leaves fall from trees. Also: Decapitate, Deflect, Deter, Deport

  7. PER DEFINITION: Through a Words and meanings: Pervade [PER through + VAD to go] – to go through; to spread throughout. Perceive [PER through + CAP to take] – to take note of; to grasp mentally. Also: Permit, Perennial, Perspective

  8. JECT DEFINITION: To throw. a Words: Injection Rejected Subject Project

  9. VERT DEFINITION: To turn. a Words: Conversely Extrovert Introvert Vertical Revert

  10. FAC DEFINITION: To make. a Words: Facilitate Factory Deface Factual Preface

  11. MONO DEFINITION: One a Words: Monolith Monochromatic Monocle Monopoly

  12. CHRON DEFINITION: Time a Words: Chronology Chronological Chronicle Synchronous

  13. Conflagration (N.) DEFINITION: A large destructive fire. Synonyms: inferno, blaze, wildfire Sentence: Ten homes were destroyed in the conflagration that was started by an arsonist.

  14. Decree (N.) DEFINITION: A law or proclamation. Synonyms: order, doctrine, edict, rule Sentence: The judge issued a decree outlawing facial hair.

  15. Devoid (Adj.) DEFINITION: Lacking in; free from. Synonyms: barren, destitute, empty Sentence: Her personality is devoid of wit and creativity, which is why she is single.

  16. Exhilarating (Adj.) DEFINITION: Causing feelings of excitement. Synonyms: stimulating, elating, thrilling Sentence: We always have exhilarating discussions in Mr. Halpin’s class.

  17. Fluctuation (N.) DEFINITION: A change. Synonyms: undulation, variation, shift Sentence: Not doing homework for 2 weeks caused a dramatic fluctuation in his grade.

  18. Indefatigable (Adj.) DEFINITION: Unable to be tired out. Synonyms: tireless, unflagging, unrelenting Sentence: Her indefatigable spirit helped her overcome the greatest challenges in her life.

  19. Rectify (V.) DEFINITION: To make right. Synonyms: correct, repair, amend Sentence: Only an act of God could rectify some of the problems created by man.

  20. Remedy (N.) DEFINITION: Something that corrects an error or a fault. Synonyms: solution, relief, cure Sentence: A remedy for bad behavior is stricter punishments.

  21. Propagate (V.) DEFINITION: To spread; to make widely known. Synonyms: distribute, disseminate, publicize Sentence: It is your responsibility to propagate the information about the party.

  22. Proximity (N.) DEFINITION: Nearness in space or time. Synonyms: closeness, vicinity, juxtaposition Sentence: Sonora’s proximity to In-n-Out enables students to walk there for lunch.

  23. Invigorating (Adj.) DEFINITION: Giving strength and vitality. Synonyms: strengthen, vitalize Sentence: An afternoon nap can be invigorating after a hard day’s work.

  24. Monotony (N.) DEFINITION: The quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety. Synonyms: tediousness, dullness, repetitiveness Sentence: Some struggle with the monotony of their daily lives and enjoy the change of pace the weekend brings.

  25. Perpetuate (V.) DEFINITION: To cause to continue. Synonyms: maintain, preserve, sustain, keep going Sentence: It is unfortunate that society perpetuates stereotypes about minorities.

  26. Deleterious (Adj.) DEFINITION: Harmful to living things. Synonyms: injurious, hurtful, destructive Sentence: Crime has a deleterious effect on the neighborhood’s reputation.

  27. Enamored (Adj.) DEFINITION: Foolish or unreasoning fondness. Synonyms: in love, infatuated, smitten Sentence: Sophomore boys are too easily enamored with girls.

  28. Sedentary (Adj.) DEFINITION: Requiring sitting or little activity. Synonyms: inactive, seated, motionless Sentence: A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to poor health and obesity.

  29. Stimulating (Adj.) DEFINITION: Inspiring enthusiasm. Synonyms: exhilarating, invigorating, exciting Sentence: A stimulating activity always makes time go by faster.

  30. Ungainly (Adj.) DEFINITION: Lacking grace when moving. Synonyms: clumsy, awkward, uncoordinated Sentence: The ungainly competitors are the first to be eliminated on Dancing With the Stars.

  31. Vacillate (V.) DEFINITION: To fluctuate between opinions. Synonyms: waver, be doubtful, be indecisive Sentence: Many vacillate over major decisions, like which college to attend.

  32. Tranquility (N.) DEFINITION: A state of peace and quiet. Synonyms: serenity, quietude, calmness Sentence: After a hectic day, we all seek tranquility.

  33. Frigid (Adj.) DEFINITION: Extremely cold. Synonyms: icy, frosty, frozen Sentence: The ocean is too frigid to swim in without a wetsuit.

  34. Ignite (V.) DEFINITION: Cause to start burning. Synonyms: light, set fire to, kindle Sentence: The conflagration was ignited by a discarded cigarette.

  35. Indisputable (Adj.) DEFINITION: Impossible to doubt. Synonyms: sure, certain, proven Sentence: There is indisputable proof that sophomores are too smart for their own good!

  36. Perusing (N.) DEFINITION: Reading carefully with intent to remember. Synonyms: studying Sentence: When perusing your textbook, it is important to write down some of the information.

  37. Pursuing (Adj./V.) DEFINITION: Following in an effort to capture. Synonyms: following, chasing, going after Sentence: The police are still pursuing the criminal.

  38. Saturate (V.) DEFINITION: To fill completely. Synonyms: flood, overwhelm, soak Sentence: Make sure you saturate the sponge before washing the car.

  39. Seclusion (N.) DEFINITION: The quality of being separated from others. Synonyms: privacy, isolation, hiding Sentence: The seclusion found in one’s room can provide needed tranquility.

  40. Amorous (Adj.) DEFINITION: Displaying love or desire. Synonyms: loving, fond, lovesick Sentence: The amorous couple exchanged gifts on their anniversary.

  41. Consummate (Adj.) DEFINITION: Accomplished or supremely skilled. Synonyms: masterful, supreme, perfect Sentence: With plenty of practice, you can become a consummate writer.

  42. Conversely (Adv.) DEFINITION: In a contrary or opposite way. Synonyms: On the other hand, contrarily, vice versa Sentence: All mothers are women; conversely, not all women are mothers.

  43. Futile (Adj.) DEFINITION: Producing no result or effect. Synonyms: ineffectual, useless, pointless Sentence: Convincing someone that he or she is wrong is often futile.

  44. Incantation (N.) DEFINITION: A ritual recitation of words to produce a magical effect. Synonyms: chant, charm, spell Sentence: They believed that the incantation and special brew would raise the dead.

  45. Inevitably (Adj.) DEFINITION: Impossible to avoid. Synonyms: certainly, unavoidably, necessarily Sentence: Inevitably, we will all become worm food.

  46. Infatuation (N.) DEFINITION: A foolish, short-lived passion. Synonyms: crush, obsession Sentence: Teenagers often confuse infatuation with true love.

  47. Interminable (Adj.) DEFINITION: Seemingly without end. Synonyms: endless, eternal, never-ending Sentence: A long, boring speech or sermon is often described as interminable.

  48. Laboriously (Adv.) DEFINITION: In a hard-working manner. Synonyms: arduously, strenuously, diligently Sentence: They worked laboriously to dig out the miners in Chile.

  49. Reticence (N.) DEFINITION: The state or quality of being reluctant to speak. Synonyms: silence, reserve, restraint Sentence: Reticence is a quality that is usually displayed by shy people.

  50. Shroud (V.) DEFINITION: To cover or hide. Synonyms: conceal, screen, veil Sentence: The early morning fog shrouds the coast, making it difficult to see.