Mentorship in clinical practice
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Mentorship in Clinical Practice. Overview of Pre-Registration Nursing Programmes and related Clinical Assessment Documentation. Carole Utley June 2009. Current Programmes. BA (Hons) Nursing – Adult/Child/Mental Health validated 2007– first cohort started September 2007

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Mentorship in clinical practice l.jpg

Mentorship in Clinical Practice

Overview of Pre-Registration Nursing Programmes and related Clinical Assessment Documentation

Carole Utley

June 2009

Current programmes l.jpg
Current Programmes

BA (Hons) Nursing – Adult/Child/Mental Health

  • validated 2007– first cohort started September 2007

  • Diploma in HE (Nursing)–Adult/Mental Health

  • validated 2005 – first cohort commenced March 2005

Common themes l.jpg
Common Themes

  • Nursing theory and practice - Clinical Skills

  • Anatomy / Physiology / Patho -physiology

  • Psychology / Sociology

  • Diversity

  • Communication / Interpersonal Skills

  • Health Promotion / Public Health

  • Out of Hospital Care

  • Law / Ethics

  • Research / Evidence-based practice

  • Management / Leadership

  • Teaching and Learning strategies

  • Inter-professional learning

Clinical assessment documentation l.jpg
Clinical Assessment Documentation

Standards for Registration are set by :-

BA (Hons) Nursing 2007/ Dip HE Nursing 2005 curricula

  • NMC (2004) Standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education

    - outcomes for entry to BRANCH

    - proficiencies for entry to REGISTER

All programmes from september 2008 l.jpg
All programmes from September 2008

Essential Skills Clusters (ESC’S) for Pre-Registration Nursing Programmes (NMC,2007)

Assessed via PAF / Skills Inventory

  • Care, compassion and communication

  • Organisational aspects of care

  • Infection prevention and control

  • Nutrition and fluid management

  • Medicines Management

    Includes Summative health related numerical assessments

Modules and practice outcomes proficiencies l.jpg
Modules and Practice Outcomes/Proficiencies

  • Each module has its own set of learning outcomes based on the NMC Standards for Registration, which have been applied to the clinical area as Practice Module Outcomes

  • Mentors are responsible for assessing the clinical component of the programme

  • Students only have 2 opportunities to pass each practice module outcome

Core practice assessment tools l.jpg
Core Practice Assessment Tools

  • At the start of the placement the all students should bring out their relevant :-

    - Practice Assessment Form (PAF)

    - Skills Inventory


    All cohorts September 2007 onwards

    -Ongoing Assessment Record (OAR) which includes Placement Summary sheets

    Students should also bring out an attendance sheet.

    The following details should be recorded in the PAF:-

    - student/mentor/ back up mentor/academic link names

    - placement area name/placement dates

    -placement orientation check list should be completed on the first day

Process of assessment l.jpg
Process of Assessment

Preliminary interview– to be conducted during week 1

  • Review previous placement summary sheets within OAR

  • Ascertain skills to be achieved

  • Complete developmental learning agreement to reflect:-

  • module learning outcomes

  • the richness of the experience available on the placement

  • any areas for improvement identified on the previous placement

  • identify appropriate visits/personnel relevant to placement experience

Mid term assessment formative l.jpg
Mid – term Assessment (Formative)

Essential that it is conducted at the mid-way point as failure to do so gives the student grounds for appeal in the event of failure

  • Review learning agreement plan

  • Comment on students’ development / progress

  • Complete skills inventory

  • Complete attendance sheet

  • Agree plan of action to facilitate subsequent learning experience

Guidelines for comments on student s development progress l.jpg
Guidelines for comments on student’s development / progress

  • Attitude towards patients/relatives/members of the MDT

  • Communication skills : verbal / non-verbal

  • Motivation to learn

  • Quality of care provided

  • Professional behaviour e.g. punctuality, attendance pattern, appearance

  • Management of patient care e.g. ability to prioritise/organise care, delegation and supervision (as appropriate)

  • Team working

  • Ability to recognise limitations and seek assistance when required

  • Ability to use initiative

  • Ability to administer drugs safely and competently, including drug calculations, under supervision

Final assessment summative l.jpg
Final assessment ( Summative) progress

To be completed during final week

  • Review and complete the Practice Assessment Form including learning agreement plan

  • Discuss with student

  • Complete the skills inventory

  • Complete attendance sheet

  • All cohorts from 9/07 onwards :Complete ongoing assessment record including placement summary sheet

    NB Full signature and date is necessary to verify all the forms

    Please inform the academic link lecturer if the student leaves the placement area without having the above documents completed

Final assessment summative guidance for decision making re practice learning outcomes l.jpg
Final Assessment (Summative) progressGuidance for Decision Making Re Practice Learning Outcomes

  • Practice Assessment Form : Achieved/not achieved

  • Demonstrate practice in accordance with the NMC The Code (NMC,2008)

  • Demonstrate participation in the decision-making process

  • Demonstrate ability to apply relevant knowledge/policy/research to inform practice

  • Practices in a safe manner

  • Demonstrate awareness of their strengths and limitations

Slide13 l.jpg

  • Skills Inventory progress

  • Apply universal precautions in relation to infection control as appropriate

  • Use appropriate communication skills and gain consent

  • Perform all components of the skill in a safe, effective manner

  • Discuss underpinning knowledge

  • Safe and competent at numerical calculations

Ba hons nursing 9 07 cohort onwards l.jpg
BA (Hons) Nursing progress9/07 cohort onwards

  • Progress Assessment Form

  • Skills Inventory

  • Ongoing Assessment Record

Diploma he nursing l.jpg
Diploma HE Nursing progress

  • Practice Assessment Form

  • Skills Inventory

    Cohorts 3/08 onwards :

  • Ongoing Assessment Record