self reflexivity in popular culture l.
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Self-Reflexivity in Popular Culture

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Self-Reflexivity in Popular Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self-Reflexivity in Popular Culture. Pastiche in Moulin Rouge Compiled by Amitee, Sarah Steve. Brief Outline. Introduction of Moulin Rouge Pastiche A) Theme --Orpheus myth/Carmille/Bohemian B) Setting --Paris/Bollywood C) Elements --Songs

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self reflexivity in popular culture

Self-Reflexivity in Popular Culture

Pastiche in Moulin Rouge

Compiled by Amitee, Sarah Steve

brief outline
Brief Outline
  • Introduction of Moulin Rouge
  • Pastiche

A) Theme

--Orpheus myth/Carmille/Bohemian

B) Setting


C) Elements


D) Stylistic pastiche


introduction of moulin rouge
Introduction of Moulin Rouge
  • Moulin Rouge

-- French club in red-light district in Paris

in late 19th century

  • Director: Baz Luhrmann

--“Visual Stylist”

-- Uses of color and frenetic motions

  • Musical (pastiche)

-- Moulin Rouge used the plot of famous stories and added popular songs and dances to make the movie a musical.

  • A play within a play

--Christian, as a character, told a story about Satine and himself.

  • Orpheus—

--Uses music (art) to rescue woman.

  • Camellia—

--A couple comes from different social levels.

--Their relationship causes financial pressure and leads to their doom.

--The woman dies of phthisis (TB).

  • La Boehem—

--The love story of young Parisian artists.

--Living with their ideals.

--The heroine dies afterwards because of phthisis as well.

  • Monmoutre—an area near Paris where gathered artists from all over the world. Artists accelerated the prosperity of cafés and taverns. Dancers who were wearing gorgeously decorated skirts, danced to exciting music, shook their buts and kicked their legs straight to the roof .The dance is called “Can Can” by British people and considered as obscene.
  • Bollywood— Combine magnificent decors, splendid settings, musical styles (songs and dances), and India elements.
pastiche song
  • Moulin Rouge combines the songs from 20th century to reinterpret the images of 19th century.
  • The songs were rewritten or make a deliberate misinterpretation out of the original lyrics to fit into the story.
  • The songs were parallel to the plot when they were expressing the feelings of characters.
stylistic pastiche cartoon
Stylistic Pastiche -- Cartoon
  • Green fairy with flakes in the opining

-- representation of Tinker Bell in

“Peter Pan”

-- Green fairy represents “dream”

 pure and innocent

 follower of wonderland in Peter


 Christian and 4 Bohemians

-- Golden flakes represent “magic of love”

between Satine and Christian

stylistic pastiche camera
Stylistic Pastiche -- Camera
  • MV style

-- fast-changing scenes

 the cancan dancing (Zidler)

 show in the elephant house

  • Theatrical shows

-- whirling

 romance between Satine and


  • Burlesque

-- fast zoom in and zoom out

 the opining to the dancing Moulin Rouge

 Zidler peeps Satine and the Duke (Christian)

stylistic pastiche architecture
Stylistic Pastiche -- Architecture
  • Gothic tower

-- the Duke’s palace

-- the dark side (black)

-- the reality

  • Indian Elephant House

-- Satine’s room in Moulin Rouge

-- fantasy world (colors, red in


-- the artificial