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Ohio:. A State Project by Erin Dostal. Ohio State Map. Ohio Facts:. Date of Statehood: 1903 17 th State of the United States State Capital: Columbus State Abbreviation: OH Population: 11,544,225 State Motto: “With God all things are possible”.

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A State Project by

Erin Dostal

Ohio facts
Ohio Facts:

Date of Statehood: 1903

17th State of the United States

State Capital: Columbus

State Abbreviation: OH

Population: 11,544,225

State Motto: “With God all things are possible”.

State Recipe: Ohio Maple Apple Crunch

State Beverage: Tomato Juice

State Animal: White-tailed Deer

State Fossil: Trilobite

Major League Baseball Team: Cleveland Indians

Ohio state flag and seal
Ohio State Flag and Seal

  • Only state flag shaped like a pennant.

  • 17 stars for its rank as the 17th state of the Union

  • Filled with symbolism

  • Sun has 13 rays that stand for the original 13 colonies

  • Wheat stands for agriculture

  • Cluster of 17 arrows symbolizes Ohio’s place as 17th state

State bird and flower
State Bird and Flower

  • State bird: Cardinal

  • Chosen as state bird in 1933

  • Favorite backyard bird

  • Known for distinctive chirps

  • Official state flower: Scarlet Carnation

  • Chosen in 1904 to honor President William McKinley (an Ohioan) who was assassinated in 1901. He often wore them on his jacket collar.

State quarter and license plate
State Quarter and License Plate

  • State quarter symbolizes Ohio’s accomplishments

  • Airplane represents Wright Brothers plane designed/built in Ohio

  • Astronaut symbolizes John Glenn and Neil Armstrong’s space travel (both Ohioans)

  • License plate background features 46 slogans describing the Buckeye State

  • Ohioans voted on the slogans, which include “America’s Heartland,” ”Underground Railroad” and “With God All Things Are Possible.”

Agricultural products
Agricultural Products

  • Corn and soybeans are Ohio’s main crops

  • Other crops: winter wheat, hay, tomatoes ,apples, grapes, poinsettias ,mushrooms, maple syrup, and more

  • Hardwood forests: Red oak, white oak, walnut used inveneer, furniture, and paper industries.

  • 1,470,000 cattle, 2,000,000 hogs, and 115,000 sheep in Ohio.

  • • Ohio dairy cattle produce over 5.13 billion pounds of milk each year

  • • Ohio poultry (chickens) produce 7.1 billion, or 592 million dozen eggs per year.

  • • Ohio ranks 16th in beef production with 292,000 cows.

Ohio s industries
Ohio’s Industries

  • Nation’s leader in manufacturing of automobiles and rubber tires

  • 2nd largest steel producer in U.S.

  • Other industries: oil-refining, machined-tool manufacturing


  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    • Home to hundreds of exotic creatures/plants from around the world

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame

    • Located in Canton, Ohio

    • Includes: Super bowl room, revolving theater

  • Ohio caverns (natural attraction)

    • Located in West Liberty, Ohio

    • 35-acre park with underground natural caverns

    • Home to live bats and some of the world’s most colorful crystals

Historical landmarks
Historical Landmarks

  • Rankin House

    • Located in Ripley, OH

    • Safe house for slaves on the “Underground Railroad”

  • Ohio Village

    • Located in Columbus

    • Re-enacted village from the 1860’s

    • Tour includes schoolhouse, shops, and stables

    • Costumed workers describe how they do their work