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Egg Donor IVF Treatment India

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Egg Donor IVF Treatment India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If a couple cannot be helped through procedures such as in vitro fertilization, they may want to consider using donor eggs. Donor eggs -- and sometimes donor embryos -- allow an infertile woman to carry a child and give birth.

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egg donor ivf treatment process

Egg Donor IVF Treatment Process

Egg Donor IVF Complete Procedure for infertile Couples

ivf treatment process
IVF Treatment Process

IVF is the original 'test-tube' baby technique. It was developed more than 30 years ago for the treatment of women with damaged Fallopian tubes, and this remains an important reason for treatment today.

ivf process step by step
IVF Process: Step by Step
  • Ovulation Induction

During IVF the first step is ovulation induction in which you fertility specialist monitors your ovaries and timing of egg release. Doctor will

make sure that your hormone levels are normal & ovaries are producing eggs

Most of the time women takes fertility medicines to stimulate ovaries for producing one or more eggs.

ivf egg retrieval
IVF Egg Retrieval
  • An egg retrieval typically takes place under some form of sedation, so you will not feel any pain. A needle is attached to an internal ultrasound probe, which is inserted into the vagina. The doctor uses the ultrasound to see the ovaries and locate the ovarian follicles.

Fertilization & Embryo Transfer

The eggs and sperm are placed in a glass dish and incubated with careful temperature, atmospheric, and infection control for 48 to 120 hours. About 2 to 5 days after fertilization, the best fertilized eggs are selected. One to three are placed in the uterus using a thin flexible tube (catheter) that is inserted through the cervix. Those remaining may be frozen (cryopreserved) for future attempts.

embryo transfer
Embryo Transfer
  • Two to five days after egg retrieval, embryos are ready to be placed in the woman's uterus. Transfer of embryos at about 5 days post-retrieval is often referred to as blastocyst transfer. A speculum is inserted into the entrance of the uterus and the embryos, suspended in a tiny drop of fluid, are very gently introduced through a catheter into the womb, often under ultrasound guidance. The embryo transfer is followed by a brief period of rest. Subsequent blood tests and ultrasound examinations are used to determine if pregnancy has been successfully established.

Who Wants IVF Treatment

IVF is enormously valuable for patients without fallopian tubes or with irreversible tubal blockage, infertility related to lowered sperm count, motility, or function (in association with ICSI), and many other causes of infertility, including endometriosis and unexplained infertility.

contact us for ivf arrangements
Contact us for IVF Arrangements
  • Employing state-of-the-art equipment in a newly configured lab our embryologists use laser-based micromanipulation for assisted hatching and embryo biopsy.
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