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Aurora Colony Historical Society. You Can Help. Giving Programs. Aurora Colony Historical Society. Giving Programs. Cash Volunteer Planned Giving Programs. Aurora Colony Historical Society. Cash Donations.

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giving programs

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Giving Programs



Planned Giving Programs

cash donations

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Cash Donations

You can help support the Aurora Colony Historical Society and its museum complex by making a cash donation. Your donation can be unrestricted or restricted.

Unrestricted – your donation(s) will be added to the operating budget of the Society and will be used to support the collection, programs, events, maintenance of the properties, and to cover other expenses for running the museum complex.

Restricted – You can designate how you want your donation spent.

cash donations4

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Cash Donations

You can make a one time gift or you can have a specific amount charged to your credit card monthly. Please provide us with the information in Exhibit I to make a donation to the Aurora Colony Historical Society.


Aurora Colony Historical Society


The Aurora Colony Historical Society needs dedicated volunteers for our many programs. Our farm program teaches 4th grade students about colony life including bread making, candle making, and shake splitting. Throughout the year we demonstrate a wide variety of arts and crafts at the museum complex. These include spinning, weaving, and quilting. Additionally, we need volunteers to help with museum tours, our annual Strawberry Social, the Colony Days celebration, Holiday Tea & Home Tour, and other events.

If you are interested in helping, contact Elizabeth Corley, our Volunteer Coordinator

what is planned giving

Aurora Colony Historical Society

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is a way of taking maximum advantage of current tax laws, building and preserving your estate most efficiently, and providing gifts for your favorite non-profit institutions, including The Aurora Colony Historical Society.

Most of us are familiar with giving and deducting contributions from current income; however, there are often other tax benefits that can be realized with careful planning. Before you proceed, it is very important that you seek the advise of an attorney. Ask about the following opportunities:

  • Bequests
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Life Estate Agreements
  • Bargain Sales
your objectives

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Your Objectives

To maximize the impact of your planned giving, you need to set specific objectives.

What do you want the give to accomplish?

Do you want to restrict the gift for specific purposes?

Then you need to determine the timing and the appropriate size of the gift. No one should give more than they can afford. Ask your attorney about ways to “stretch” your gift by using available tax savings.

your assets

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Your Assets



Appreciated stocks & bonds

Closely held stock

Restricted stock

Retirement Accounts


401K accounts

Tax Sheltered Annuities

Real Estate

Ownership in business

Life Insurance cash value

Tangible personal property (i.e., collectibles)

Everyone has a unique portfolio of assets that he/she can use to make a planned gift. These include, but are not limited to:


Aurora Colony Historical Society


A bequest is a gift of property or asset(s) to a beneficiary as defined in a will.

charitable gift annuities

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Charitable Gift Annuities

When a donor creates a charitable gift annuity he/she receives a contract or agreement from the charity which states that the charity will pay the annuitant (donor) a fixed income for life (lives) with payments to start at a mutually agreeable time. Probate or court involvement is avoided on this type of gift. The income paid under the annuity is secured by the assets of the charity.

By creating a charitable gift annuity now, the donor can realize the income tax deduction while he/she is in a higher tax bracket. Income can be deferred until retirement or when taxable income will be lower.

charitable remainder trusts

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust is irrevocable. Once established, it may be changed in certain ways, but it can not be terminated.

A charitable remainder trust is set up to pay a return or fixed annual percentage of 5% or more of the net fair market value of the assets placed in trust. The trust assets are NEVER revalued. At the end of the trust’s life, the principal and any undistributed interest is paid to a different party, usually the charity.

A charitable remainder unitrust pays a return or a fixed annual percentage of 5% (or more) of the net fair market value of the assets placed in trust. The difference between a unitrust and a trust is the assets ARE revalued annually.

charitable lead trusts

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Charitable Lead Trusts

This trust is almost the opposite of a charitable remainder trust. During the term of this trust, an annuity or unitrust income interest is paid each year to the designated charity and the assets are eventually transferred to the trustor’s or grantor’s designated NON-charitable beneficiary(ies).

A Charitable Lead Trust enables the donor to make a future transfer of assets to his/her heirs at a significantly reduced gift and estate tax cost, while supporting the charity with income. There are two types: non-grantor lead trust and grantor lead trust. In a non-grantor lead trust the assets revert to an heir. In a grantor lead trust the assets revert to you, the donor.

life estate agreements

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Life Estate Agreements

In a life estate, a donor irrevocably transfers title to a personal residence or farm to a charitable organization with a retained right to use the property for a term that is specified in the gift agreement. At the end of the agreement, all rights in the property are transferred to the charity.

bargain sales

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Bargain Sales

A “Bargain Sale” is the purchase of property (securities, real estate, etc.) for less that its fair market value. The difference between the fair market value and the sales price (gain) constitutes a charitable gift. In a “Bargain Sale”, the donor is able to realize some cash (perhaps equal to the original value of the property) and use the balance as a charitable gift.

society information

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Society Information

If you wish to contact the Aurora Colony Historical Society, call or write:

Aurora Colony Historical Society

PO Box 202

Aurora, OR 97002