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What is RSS?. October 18 th, 2005 NJLLA Meeting Kevin Reiss Digital Services Librarian Rutgers-Newark School of Law. Do you know what RSS is?. Only 5% of you have a good idea (Pew Research) Nearly 1/3 of you have no idea (Pew Research)

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what is rss

What is RSS?

October 18th, 2005 NJLLA Meeting

Kevin Reiss

Digital Services Librarian

Rutgers-Newark School of Law

do you know what rss is
Do you know what RSS is?
  • Only 5% of you have a good idea (Pew Research)
  • Nearly 1/3 of you have no idea (Pew Research)
  • Becoming ubiquitous [rough estimate: 275 million daily users]
  • As information professionals you should have an idea
  • Topic at the recent AALL conference
  • Simple and useful tool
    • Current Awareness
    • Web Publishing
    • Organizational Communication
    • Content Syndication
rss r eally s imple s yndication
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
  • Earliest use appears in 1999
    • Simple way to publish regularly updated listings of news content
  • Adopted by “bloggers” as the mechanism to publish and disseminate their content
  • Also known as “Rich Site Summary”
let s make it simple
Let’s Make it Simple
  • A RSS-enabled webpage:
  • Is one you can subscribe to!
  • You use an aggregator to read RSS
  • RSS automatically lets you know when new content is present
  • New Mantra: Surf-Search-Subscribe
    • Steve Matthews, Vancouver Law Blog
what is it good for
What is it Good For?
  • Tired of cluttered email?
  • Tired of remembering to visit bookmarks to monitor your favorite websites?
  • Want a helpful and efficient research aid?
  • Want to be ahead of the curve?
rss stew
RSS Stew
  • Feed
  • Internet Feed
  • Newsfeed
  • Web Feed
  • XML
  • Atom
  • RSS (.9, 1.0, 2.0)
  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Rich Site Summary
subscription by aggregation
Subscription by Aggregation
  • Turns XML into something you can read
  • Aggregators
    • Organize your subscriptions
    • Read them at your leisure
    • Search your subscriptions
    • Easy to use
    • Like using a typical email program
    • Many are available for free
  • Bloglines [http://www.bloglines.com]
aggregation stew
Aggregation Stew
  • Newsreader
  • Feedreader
  • RSS Reader
  • Reader
  • Aggregator
rss example
RSS Example
  • NJ Case Feeds
    • New Jersey Appellate Decisions
    • New Jersey Federal District Court Decisions
    • New Jersey Administrative Law Initial Decisions
aggregation tools
Aggregation Tools
  • Subscriptions are portable
  • Desktop Applications
    • RSS Bandit
    • OWL
    • FeedDemon
  • Web-Based Tools
    • Bloglines
    • Google Reader
  • Integration with existing Software
    • MS Outlook RSS Plugins (numerous choices)
    • Live Bookmarks in Firefox
    • Google Personal Homepage
what kind of content is available

Government Information

Database Queries


Local Information

Upcoming Events

Organizational Information

Judicial Nominations

SEC Filings

Press Releases

TOC of Publications (Ex: PLOS)

Your own email!

What Kind of Content is Available?
government information
Government Information
  • Patents
    • Ex: Drug Patents
  • SEC Filings
  • Agency Information
    • FDA
    • Department of Education
  • Judicial Nominations
news content
News Content
  • NY Times, BBC, CNN, Yahoo, Reuters, Google
    • http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/index.html
    • http://news.yahoo.com/rss/
    • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/rss/default.stm
    • http://today.reuters.com/rss/newsrss.aspx
    • http://news.google.com/news?ned=us&topic=w
  • Library News
    • Library Journal
  • Legal News
    • The Virtual Chase
    • BeSpacific
  • The most popular RSS powered application
  • Short for “Weblog”
  • Not just about what your cat ate for dinner last night
  • A lot of useful information and observations from quality sources
  • Every talking head in any profession will soon have a Blog
  • Sometimes you want to follow what those talking heads are saying
personal vs professional blogs
Personal vs. Professional Blogs
  • Personal Blogs are someone’s musings
  • Professional Blogs have valuable content
    • “Blawgs” by legal experts
    • Law Firms
    • Libraries
    • Bar Associations
    • Internal organizational communication
    • Ex: http://www.lisfeeds.com/
anatomy of a blog
Anatomy of a Blog
  • Title
  • Subscription Information
  • Calendar
  • Recent Topic List
  • Individual Posts
  • Permalinks (Important!)
  • Blogroll (What the Blogger Reads)
  • Interactive Features
    • Comments
    • Trackbacks
  • See Dennis Kennedy, Out of the Jungle
enter the blawgosphere
New Jersey Law Blog

Law Librarian Blog

Firm Blogs ex: Clark & Wilson

Corporate Law Blog

Law Professor Blogs

Conference Blogs

Law Library Technology

Expert Blogs [Lawerence Lessing]

Upcoming Conference [LexBlogThink]

NJLLA Blawg… not yet

Enter the “Blawgosphere”
finding rss blog content
Finding RSS + Blog Content
  • General Web Browsing (remember anatomy of a blog and RSS stew!)
  • RSS-only search engines technorati, blogdigger, feedster, google blogsearch
  • Web Directories
    • Rutgers Law Library Blawgs Index
    • The Virtual Chase
rss and new jersey legal info
RSS and New Jersey Legal Info
  • Little Activity Yet
    • RSS Feeds for Rutgers Published Decisions
      • Save a query coming soon
    • Some Firm Blogs, The New Jersey Law Blog
  • Future Directions
    • State Judiciary Information
    • Ex:http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/opinions/cert.htm
databases rss
Databases & RSS
  • Save your query as an RSS feed: Yahoo Example, Google News Example
  • Get notified of new matches
  • Westlaw
    • Integration Solutions
    • West Intraclip
  • Lexis
    • Publisher
  • Hubmed
    • Alternative interface to Pubmed
    • Save a query as RSS
syndicating rss
Syndicating RSS
  • Add RSS to part of a website you manage
  • Rutgers Library Examples
    • JURIST
    • Law Library Homepage
  • Incorporate N.J. Court Decisions into an Intranet
    • Law Library New Jersey RSS Page
rss and the mobile internet
RSS and the Mobile Internet
  • Wireless apps are gaining popularity
  • RSS is well-positioned
    • It is platform neutral
  • Deliverable on any Internet ready device
    • Cell Phones
    • Blackberries
    • Whatever comes along
rss and podcasts
RSS and Podcasts
  • A podcast is a RSS feed with audio content
  • You subscribe to it in the same manner as other RSS feeds
  • Your aggregator must be enabled for “podcatching”
  • Most but not all aggregators are
  • Good example: NPR Programs
publishing your own rss
Publishing your own RSS
  • How would I do this for myself?
    • Free Online Services
    • Blogger
    • Typepad
  • How would I do this at the office?
    • Organizational Blogging Software
    • Movable Type
    • Wordpress
law librarians as rss publishers
Law Librarians as RSS Publishers
  • Check out other Law Librarians and what they are doing with Blogs: [http://library.law.wisc.edu/wisblawg/blogslistpublic.htm]
  • Stay informed RSS4lib
future directions for rss
Future Directions for RSS
  • Customized current awareness feeds
    • Attorneys
    • Faculty
    • Clients
  • Court RSS feeds
    • Upcoming Docket
    • Published Opinions
  • State RSS Publishing
  • Any type of PR
  • MS Vista Integration – Fall 2006
    • RSS will be an integral component of the “new” Windows coming next fall
the new internet enter web 2 0
The New Internet – Enter Web 2.0
  • Services vs. Static Content - Introduction
  • Interactive & Customized Web applications
  • RSS; Blogs; Wikis; Blikis
  • Amazon Reviews + Recommendations
  • User-Tagged Materials
    • Del.icio.us - Social Bookmarks Manager http://del.icio.us/popular/blogs
    • Flickr – Photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/libraries/
    • Technorati – Blog Content http://www.technorati.com/tags/rss
learn more
Learn More
  • Tutorial [http://www.palinet.org/rss/toti/tsstutorial.htm]
  • Rutgers Law Library [http://law-library.rutgers.edu/workshops/blogs/]
  • RSS Portal [http://allrss.com/]
  • AALL [http://cssisblawgs.blogspot.com/]

Kevin Reiss

Digital Services Librarian

Rutgers-Newark School of Law