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Visibility on the Web through Search

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Visibility on the Web through Search - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visibility on the Web through Search. Barbara C. Coll CEO, ‘clearly visible’. Who is Visible?. Search Engines Text-based Results (default searches) Image Search Video Search Blog Search Book / Author – Kara Swisher Shopping /Products

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visibility on the web through search

Visibility on the Web through Search

Barbara C. CollCEO,‘clearly visible’

IIMA April 2007

who is visible
Who is Visible?

IIMA April 2007

where is visible in my humble opinion
Search Engines

Text-based Results (default searches)

Image Search

Video Search

Blog Search

Book / Author – Kara Swisher

Shopping /Products


Where is Visible?(in my humble opinion)

IIMA April 2007



WebMama Visibility In Search




AssociationsNon-ProfitsAdvisory Boards



Press Releases

IIMA April 2007

showing up in search results
Organic – based on relevancy

Paid Advertising – based on cost and clickthrough rate

Directories and Link Building – time and patience

Showing up in Search Results

IIMA April 2007

goals of optimization
Goals of Optimization

High Rankings in Organic Search Engine Results that Increase Traffic to Website

In order to achieve this goal the search engines MUST find all of your pages and content.

IIMA April 2007

natural organic optimization
Spiderability - Remember that they WANT your Content

All pages accessible through the navigation structure of the site

Java required


Cookies required

Redirects to main pages

Natural / Organic Optimization

IIMA April 2007

tools from search engines
USE Tools provided by Search Engines

Same Feed, Easy to Generate

MSN coming soon

Tools from Search Engines

IIMA April 2007

first step keyword research
What would people type into a search box to find our products and services?

Take into consideration : RVC

R = Relavancy

V = Volume

C = Conversion


FIRST Step - Keyword Research

IIMA April 2007

how many
2-3 keyword phrases

Choose your highest priority 2-3 phrases and map to home page

Map Keywords to other pages – the most relevant to each page.

How Many?

IIMA April 2007

Source Code Meta Data

Part of Web Design – MARKETING does this

TITLE Tags – 6-8 words

Meta Description – 175 characters, 20-25 words, english, no stuffing

Meta Keyword – 6-10 words

Alt Tags – related to image

Flash – layers or SDK

Natural / Organic Optimization

IIMA April 2007

pay per click search marketing
Pay-per-click Search Marketing

Google Adwords – Paid Search

  • Instant Campaign (3 minutes!)
  • Bid on Keywords
  • Cost per click
  • A/B/C Creative/Landing Page Testing
  • No guarantee you will be #1

IIMA April 2007


Yahoo! Sponsored Search Pay-Per-Click/Keyword-based

Overture/Yahoo! Search SubmitPaid Inclusion into ‘free’ resultsPage/URL based

‘Free’ Organic Results basedon Spidering of Sites

IIMA April 2007

link building a key component to rankings



Articles – bitpipe,

Press Releases – captured by NEWS Alerts and blogs

Small Business Directories

Local Search Engines

Veritical Engines

Myspace account

Link BuildingA Key Component to Rankings

IIMA April 2007

geographic targeting
Local Search

A regular Search on Google for marketing agencies in San Jose

Click through on local search results

Submit your business to Google

Pay to submit to Yahoo Local. 1 month free.

CitySearch and other local directories

Geographic Targeting

IIMA April 2007

name visibility


Yahoo Profiles

Speaker profiles

Name Visibility

IIMA April 2007

news searches alerts
Press releasesNews Searches/Alerts
  • Submission with SEO work. - simple steps – headline, links in content, images in content
  • Submit on a regular basis – the news searches are limited by date

IIMA April 2007

news alerts
News Alerts
  • Perfect for Stalking Someone
  • You want to show up in alerts for your industry.

IIMA April 2007

blogs and the rss feed
How do people find them? Search!

Learn about Technorati

What do people see? Snippet and Tags

Learn about Tags

Flickr (for images)

Should you have one?


Blogs and the RSS feed

IIMA April 2007

social search or searching community content

Yahoo answers – building search through community (the concept of community building a better search experience. )


Post a review, rate a hotel, get visible

Social Searchor Searching Community Content

IIMA April 2007

Or should you be afraid of youtube?




IIMA April 2007


IIMA April 2007



  • Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (
  • Search Engine Watch Blog
  • Google Blogs
  • Yahoo news alerts ( )
  • eMarketer Newsletter -
  • MarketingVOX Newsletter -

IIMA April 2007

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): the entire set of techniques and strategies used to direct more visitors from search engines to marketing web sites, including all of the tactics and strategies defined below.

Paid Placement: Text ads targeted to keyword search results on search engines, through programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search "Precision Match," also sometimes referred to as "Paid Placement," "Pay-per-Click" (PPC) advertising and Cost-per-Click (CPC) advertising.

Contextually Targeted Text Ads: Text ads targeted to the subject of writings on web pages, such as news articles and weblogs, using programs such as Google's "AdSense" and Yahoo Search’s "Content Match" programs.

Paid Inclusion: The practice of paying a fee (fee structures may vary) to search engines and similar types of sites (e.g., directories, shopping comparison sites) so that a given web site or web pages may be included in the service's directory, although not necessarily in exchange for a particular position in search listings, such as Yahoo Search’s "Site Match" program, formerly known as Inktomi)

Organic Search Engine Optimization: The practice of using a range of techniques, including augmenting HTML code, web page copy editing, site navigation, linking campaigns and more, in order to improve how well a site or page gets listed in search engines for particular search topics.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Service Provider: Agencies or individuals who assist companies with the various search engine marketing practices described above.

Search Engine Marketing Technology Provider: Makers of a software application specialized to assist in the execution of search engine marketing programs, with features such as "bid management," "campaign management," "portfolio management" and "dynamic optimization.“

Web Analytics: Using a reporting platform for measuring and analyzing the results of any/all of your online marketing campaigns, including search engine marketing.


IIMA April 2007

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IIMA April 2007