tennis girls athletics parent meeting 2010 11 n.
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Tennis & Girls Athletics Parent Meeting 2010-11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Tennis & Girls Athletics Parent Meeting 2010-11

Tennis & Girls Athletics Parent Meeting 2010-11

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Tennis & Girls Athletics Parent Meeting 2010-11

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  1. Tennis & Girls Athletics Parent Meeting2010-11 Janet Gribnitz – SMS Girls Athletic Coordinator Angie Hudnall – FHS/SMS Tennis Coach

  2. Tonight’s Agenda • Logistics (schedules, times, etc.) • Forms & other requirements • Policies & Procedures • Expectations • Communication • Online Information & Camps • Questions & Answers

  3. Logistics -- Tennis • Advanced class – 3rd period • Mostly 8th graders & experienced players • Play matches in both fall & spring • Beginner class – 4th period • Mostly 7th graders & less experienced players • Rotate from tennis to PE in “tryouts” to make the class 2nd semester • Aiming toward being in the Advanced class • All tennis players wear the standard FISD PE uniform

  4. Logistics – Tennis • Advanced class plays matches in both fall and spring • Mostly on Tuesdays beginning at 4:30 • Athletes are able to participate in both tennis and athletics whether they are in the Advanced class or the Beginner class

  5. Logistics – Athletics • 7th grade Athletics – 7th period • Wear FISD-issued athletic clothes to 8th period class and then practice after school until 5:30 • 8th grade Athletics – 8th period • Practice straight through the period and after school until 5:30 • VB and BB are the only sports that are practiced during the athletic period. • CC, soccer, and track are after-school sports.

  6. Logistics – Athletics • An athlete does not need to be enrolled in the athletic class to try out for a sport. • High school coaches work with VB and BB athletes during the class period. • Athletes who are enrolled in the athletics class and do not make the VB or BB team will participate in the off-season program (conditioning as well as preparing for the next sport).

  7. Logistics – Athletics • VB season – 1st day of school until early Nov. • BB season – end of VB until mid-Feb. • CC season – end of Jan. until end of Feb. • Track season – end of BB until early April • Soccer season – beginning of March until end of May • Coaches work together to share athletes so they can participate in all 5 sports.

  8. Logistics – Athletics • VB and BB carry 3 teams per grade – A, B, C • 8 regular season games (Thurs.) plus 2 tournaments for A team only (weekends) • CC carries an unlimited number of athletes • 4 meets on Wed. (last meet is District Meet) • Track carries 3 athletes per event with a limit of 5 events per athlete • 4-5 meets on weeknights • Soccer carries 2 teams (1 7th, 1 8th) • 8 games on Tues./Wed. plus district tournament on a weekend

  9. Forms • All forms must be completely filled out, signed, and returned before an athlete is allowed to work out during school or after school. • UIL Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation • UIL Acknowledgment of Rules • UIL Anabolic Steroid Use/Testing Form • Emergency Contact Information • SMS Athletics Philosophy & Policies and/or SMS Tennis Philosophy & Policies

  10. UIL PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL Front (pictured): needs to be filled out every year. Back (not pictured): 7th graders need to get the back filled out by a physician and marked as “cleared”; 8th graders need to get the back filled out by a physician ONLY if there were “yes” answers to #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 on the front. Please sign the signature lines INSIDE THE BOX on the front; the signature lines at the bottom are for the coaches to sign after we have reviewed the form.

  11. UIL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RULES Please fill out and sign the front (pictured) and the back (not pictured).

  12. UIL ANABOLIC STEROID USE/TESTING FORM Please fill out and sign.

  13. EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION Please fill out this form completely and put “none” if needed (do not leave anything blank). These forms go with us to all road games, and we must have an emergency contact other than the parents/guardians.

  14. SMS ATHLETIC POLICIES Please sign and return the last page and keep the other pages for your information. All athletes trying out for VB, BB, CC, soccer, or track need to have this signed and returned.

  15. SMS TENNIS POLICIES Please sign and return the last page. All athletes trying out for tennis need to have this signed and returned.

  16. Policies & Expectations • Athletics and Tennis are highly competitive programs that will prepare athletes to compete at the high school level. • They are NOT intended to be a fitness class or a PE class. • We have high expectations of our athletes as far as their attitude, effort, behavior, and work ethic both on the court and off.

  17. Policies & Expectations • Dressing out (PE uniform/athletic clothes and including proper shoes) • Attendance (parent/doctor notes) • Workouts including 8:00 mile • Responsibility in relaying information home (calendars, schedules, events, etc.) • Communicating about conflicts with other activities (SMS or outside school)

  18. Policies & Expectations • No Pass/No Play • Even if an athlete is not competing in matches this year, we need to know he/she can stay eligible consistently and can take care of business in the classroom. • Tryouts/cuts/off-season program • 24-hour rule • Grading vs. other consequences

  19. Communication • FISD Middle School Athletic Chain of Command: • Athlete (we encourage 1-on-1 communication as the first step) • Team Coach (ex. 7th grade C team, etc.) • Head Coach (ex. 7th grade head BB coach) • Campus Athletic Coordinator (Janet Gribnitz) • Campus Principal (Dennis McDonald) • District Athletic Director (Ronny Mullins)

  20. Communication • Coaches’ schedules/availability • Calendars and other info. sent home • Picking up athletes after games/practices • “Players play, coaches coach, parents cheer.” • Volunteers for tennis team mom, athletics game day meals?

  21. Online Information • Tonight’s powerpoint and copies of paperwork will be posted on the Staley website: • Look on the home page for the powerpoint and Staley-specific information. • Do NOT click on the Athletics link as that will take you to a series of other district-wide links including boys’ and high school information.

  22. Online Information • Summer camp info., including registration forms, can be found on the FISD website. • Sport-specific camps – run by high school coaches – 1 week per sport • Strength & conditioning camp – run by Staley coaches (details on separate sheet) • Camps are not mandatory but will give athletes an advantage going into tryouts next year!

  23. How To Register for Summer Camps • Go to the Summer activities link on the FISD website ( • Registrations begin online Monday, April 5th • Last day to register online will be at midnight the THURSDAY before each camp starts. After this date, all campers will have to register at the Athletic office. • There will be a $10.00 walk-in fee added to the camp fee for all registrations after this date.

  24. Contact Information • Janet Gribnitz • Staley Girls Athletic Coordinator • Email: • Phone: 469-633-4546 • Angie Hudnall • Frisco HS/Staley Tennis Coach • Email: • Phone: 469-569-8344