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Student Eligibility

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Student Eligibility. ILASFAA Springfield, IL April 3, 2006. Regular Student In An Eligible Program. Student is enrolled: in a program of study that is Title IV eligible for the purpose of receiving a degree or certificate Remedial program of study is not Title IV eligible.

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student eligibility

Student Eligibility


Springfield, IL

April 3, 2006

regular student in an eligible program
Regular Student In An Eligible Program
  • Student is enrolled:
  • in a program of study that is Title IV eligible
  • for the purpose of receiving a degree or certificate
  • Remedial program of study is not Title IV eligible
academic qualifications
Academic Qualifications
  • Student must have high school diploma or it’s recognized equivalent


  • Student must be beyond age of compulsory school attendance and pass ability-to-benefit test
satisfactory academic progress
Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Student must be meeting school’s satisfactory academic progress standards
  • Progress must be reviewed at least once per academic year
    • For programs shorter than an academic year, review at midpoint
satisfactory academic progress5
Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Qualitative: work quality
    • Grades, work projects completed, or comparable factors that are measurable against a norm
  • Quantitative: timing
    • On pace to complete course within 150% of published length of the educational program
drug conviction
Drug Conviction
  • Student was convicted of violation of federal or state law for possession or sale of illegal drugs
  • Student self-certifies – no documentation required
  • Ineligibility begins with date of conviction
  • Approved drug rehabilitation program is only cure for indefinite period of ineligibility
  • U.S. citizen or national
  • U.S. permanent resident
  • Citizens of the Freely Associated States, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, and the Marshall Islands
  • Other eligible non-citizens
who are eligible non citizens
Who Are Eligible Non-Citizens?
  • Refugees
  • Persons granted asylum
  • Conditional entrants
  • Persons paroled into the U.S for one year
  • Cuban-Haitian entrants
database match
Database Match
  • U.S. citizenship match done with Social Security Administration
  • Eligible n-Non-citizenship match done with Department of Homeland Security
social security number
Social Security Number
  • Student must have a valid Social Security Number
    • Exception: residents of Marshall Islands, Federated States Of Micronesia, and Republic of Palau
selective service registration
Selective Service Registration
  • Male students born since 1960 are required to register with Selective Service
  • Exceptions
    • Not yet 18 when FAFSA completed
    • Citizens of Republic of Palau, Marshall Islands, and Federated States of Micronesia
    • Active duty military
    • Non-citizens who first entered U.S. after turning 26
    • Unable to register due to incarceration, hospitalization, or institutionalization
should have registered didn t
Should Have Registered & Didn’t
  • School’s FAO makes final decision on student’s aid eligibility
  • Request Status Information Letter from Selective Service
  • Determine if failure to register was knowing and willful
financial aid history
Financial Aid History
  • Default on Title IV loan
  • Overpayment on Pell, FSEOG and/or Perkins Loan
  • Borrowed in excess of annual and/or aggregate loan limits
default on title iv loan
Default On Title IV Loan
  • Pay loan in full


  • Make satisfactory payment arrangements with holder of loan
    • Makes six voluntary, consecutive monthly payments
overpayment exceeds loan limits
Overpayment/Exceeds Loan Limits
  • Pay in full


  • Make satisfactory payment arrangements with holder of debt
    • Holder decides what is satisfactory
  • No Title IV loan eligibility
  • Pell eligibility only if not in Federal or State penal institution
  • Half-way house, home detention, and weekends only are not considered incarceration
  • FSA Handbook, 2005-2006, Volume 1: Student Eligibility
  • FSA Assessments, Students Module
Jamie A. Malone

Training Officer

U.S. Department of Education


[email protected]