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Samuel Hearne

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Samuel Hearne . Portrait of Explorer.

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Portrait of Explorer

Samuel Hearne was born in 1745 in England and died in November 1792, was an English fur trader and explored in Canada. In 1768 Hudson’s Bay Company traders posted at Churchill were thrown into a state of excitement by some copper. He had a wide knowledge in navigation, astronomy, surveying and mapmaking. Such skills were necessary to keep careful records. The expedition started from Fort. Prince of Wales. He made his ways across barren lands, suffering from cold and hunger.


Other Interesting Information

Hearne traveled to Canada in 1766 as a fur trader under the Hudson's Bay Company and led a number of exploratory expeditions in the area. He explored the Coppermine River area beginning in 1770, and was the first European to travel overland to reach the Arctic. He thereby demonstrated that there was no short northwest passage.


Outline of Voyages

Three months later he set out again. He joined the navy at the age of 12. He went to work for Hudson's Bay in 1766 as part of a ship’s chew. Hearne was put in charge of an expedition to the Coppermine River in 1769. he was left alone and hungry. They were searching for copper and other minerals. Set out on nov.6 1766. also set out feb.23 1770. wanted to know if there was copper in the north.


challenges faced

First British citizen to reach arctic ocean.

He was an author.

Was chosen to head a land expedition to the north in 1766.

Hired by Hudson’s bay company in 1766.

Explored, fort prince of Wales, Hudson bay, copper nation, copper mines River and Great Slave Lake.

was trying to find coppermines.


Effects on History

Discovered Copper mines River in 1771.

Did exploring the hard way, not paddled by professional

Voyageurs over unknown water ways, walking on foot.

Had bad mapping of where he went.


other Interesting Information

Observation was first class.

First white man to see Wood Buffalo.

Died before 50. discover the Muskox.

his most important voyages were done by conoe, sledge and on foot.