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Multiple Subject Credential Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Multiple Subject Credential Overview

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Multiple Subject Credential Overview
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Multiple Subject Credential Overview

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  1. Multiple Subject Credential Overview Kim Case EC 327 657.278.5859

  2. College of Education Conceptual Framework MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to teach, to serve, and to engage in scholarship. We teach our students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners. We prepare professionals who improve student learning, promote diversity, make informed decisions, engage in collaborative endeavors, maintain professional and ethical standards, and become change agents in their workplaces. We engage in scholarly work that informs the profession and we serve the educational community by providing applied scholarship.

  3. Our Program Completers are Knowledgeable & Competent Specialists who • demonstrate strong foundation in subject matter • demonstrate strong understanding & implementation skills in the field • demonstrate ability to use technology as a resource Reflective & Responsive Practitioners who promote diversity think critically and make informed decisions engage in collaborative endeavors Committed and Caring Professionals who become change agents maintain professional and ethical standards become life-long learners

  4. General Information Forms and Information Class Schedule CBEST Information CSET Information Financial Aid Information Adjunct Student Registration California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Career/Job Fair Information Center for Careers in Teaching CLAD/BCLAD Information University Application Important Websites

  5. Why CSUF? • Unique Block Format • Team of Instructors • Classroom Experience • Successful Graduates • NCATE (National Accreditation and Recognition) • Cost

  6. Various Program Options • 2 semester • 3 semester • BCLAD • Combined Masters/Credential Program • Fullerton or Irvine Campus * Programofferings vary by the semester and are dependent on student interest

  7. Admission to University Admission to Credential Program 38 units of coursework 90 hours of Fieldwork 2 student teaching experiences 1 Five week (25 days) placement 1 Eight week(40 days) placement Program Requirements

  8. Semester 1 10 weeks- Classes and 60 observation hrs 5 weeks(25 days) of Student teaching Semester 2 7 weeks- Classes and 30 observation hrs 8 weeks(40 days) of Student teaching 2 Semester Program

  9. Semester 1 15 weeks- Classes start at 4 pm, and 45 Observation hrs Semester 2 15 weeks- Classes start at 4 pm, and 45 Observation hrs 5 weeks (25 days) Student teaching 3 Semester Program • Semester 3 • 15 weeks- Classes start at 4 pm • 8 weeks (40 days) Student teaching

  10. Combined Masters/Credential Program 16 Month – full time commitment (fall, spring, summer, a 2nd fall or spring semester depending on start date of program, and possible intercession) GPA must be 3.0 Application to University is for Graduate admission not post-baccalaureate admission Interview is conducted with Graduate Faculty Panel

  11. EDEL 429 Integrated Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School EDEL 430 Foundations in Elementary School Teaching EDEL 433 Language arts and Reading Instruction in the Public Schools EDEL 434 Methods and Inquiry for Teaching English Learners EDEL 435 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching - Math EDEL 436 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching - Science EDEL 437 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching - Social Studies EDEL 438 Supervised Fieldwork in Elementary Schools EDEL 439Student Teaching EDEL 450 Visual & Performing Arts Seminar EDEL 451 Community, School and Classroom Issues Seminar EDEL 452 PE, Health and Mainstreaming Seminar EDEL 453 Teacher Performance Assessment Support TPA Tasks: SSP, DI, AL & CTE Snapshot of Courses

  12. Provides certification in bilingual teaching Benefits Enhances ability to contribute to diverse communities Improves job opportunities Improves language skills BCLAD Credential

  13. 2 Semesters or 3 Semesters All courses integrate bilingual teaching methods One additional course (literacy/culture) Student teaching in bilingual classroom Ability to teach elementary school subjects Need to pass language test- speaking, reading and writing BCLAD Spanish

  14. Korean, Chinese, Khmer, or Vietnamese Methods and culture courses offered at other CSU campuses For more information regarding Spanish or Asian BCLAD please contact the BCLAD Coordinator. Contact information can be found on the Admission to Teacher Education website: Asian Language BCLAD (Non-Cohort)

  15. 1) Child or Human Development CAS 101,CAS 312, CAS 315 or PSY 361 (CAS 325 A & B for CHAD majors) 2) Introduction to Elementary Classroom TeachingEDEL 315 (with a grade of B or higher) 3) Cultural Pluralism EDEL 325 (with a grade of B or higher) * See Kim Case to waive above classes. Prerequisite courses and/or their equivalencies must be taken within 5 years of applying to the credential program. Prerequisite Coursework

  16. Course Equivalency ChartPlease see current Course Equivalency Chart on website

  17. Bachelor’s Degree • BA required or • Completion of GE requirements with no more than 6 units remaining in your major

  18. You must satisfy one of the following: Pass the Pass the CSET Writing Skills Pass the CSU Early Assessment Program – taken during spring semester of student’s junior year in High School (Must be “College Ready” or “Exempt” in both Math and English) Pass the CSU Placement Examination (Must receive a minimum score of 50 on ELM – Entry Level Math AND 151 on EPT- English Placement Test) Basic Skills Requirement(BSR)

  19. Content Subject Matter Exam for Teachers For Fall programs take in January, for Spring programs take in June Given 6 times a year *Note: Register 1 month in advance CSET exam

  20. Prep books (Cliff Notes, Baron’s, REA) Workshops Courses Websites CSET and BSR

  21. Grade Point Average • Last 60 units 2.75

  22. Recommendations Faculty • 2 faculty recommendations or • 1 faculty and 1 alternative from employer Child/Youth • 2 currentexperiences working with children -one is 45 hours in conjunction with EDEL 315 -the other is a min. of 20 hours and can come from a variety of settings

  23. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON September 30: Due Date for Spring 20___ February 28: Due Date for Fall 20___ FACULTY RECOMMENDATION (Non-Confidential)NAME: _________________________________________ CREDENTIAL OBJECTIVE: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential SCALE: 5. Outstanding (excellent) This individual has made application for admission to our 4. Above Average (very good) Teacher Education Program. Please rate the applicant on the 3. Average (satisfactory) items listed, using the scale at the left, and cite evidence, when 2. Needs to Improve possible, of strengths and weaknesses. 1. No Opportunity to JudgeScholarships and Scholastic PerformanceDemonstrates scholastic achievement in subject areas the applicant is preparing to teach. Rating: Comments:Skills of CommunicationDemonstrates proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. Rating: Comments:Breadth of UnderstandingPossesses a sound understanding of concepts and knowledge in the following areas: humanities, social science, physical science, mathematics, & fine arts. Demonstrates ability to analyze & solve problems. Rating: Comments:Personality and CharacterDemonstrates evidence of leadership qualities or traits, has emotional stability, ability to work with others, initiative, self-confidence, resourcefulness, and creativity. Rating: Comments:FACULTY MEMBER_____________________________/__________________________________________DATE________________ Print Name SignatureUNIVERSITY____________________________DEPARTMENT_____________________________TELEPHONE__________________ RETURN TO: Please return to student for inclusion in their application packet.

  24. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON For Spring 20__ Admission to Teacher Education For Fall 20__ EXPERIENCES LEADING/ASSISTING GROUPS OF CHILDREN/YOUTH (Non-Confidential) NAME: __________________________________________ CREDENTIAL OBJECTIVE: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential This individual has made application for admission to our Teacher Education Program. The applicant has indicated that he/she has worked with children/youth class/group(s) under your supervision. One of the criteria for admission to the program is successful work experience with children and youth (either paid or volunteer). Please indicate below your evaluation of the candidate’s potential as an effective teacher. NAME OF GROUP/SCHOOL ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number Street City Zip Code DESCRIPTION OF WORK RESPONSIBILITIES: ___________________ How long has the applicant worked with you or under your supervision? ______________(years) ______________(months) Approximate number of hours experienced:____ in regular classroom ____ hours ____ in specialized instruction only (e.g., PE, Music, Special Education, Preschool, etc.) ____ hours ____ in day care program, only ____ hours ____ in other capacity (please specify) __________________________________ ____ hours Approximate number of TOTAL HOURS work experienced: Total: ____ hours SCALE: 5. Outstanding (excellent) 4. Above Average (very good) 3. Average (satisfactory) 2. Needs to Improve listed below. 1. No opportunity to Judge

  25. Autobiography • 3-5 pages • Explain your decision to become a teacher (include relevant experiences with children)

  26. Fingerprint clearance (online only!) Must be cleared before student teaching begins Contact:Christine Wyder 657.278.5591 CP-540 Certificate of Clearance

  27. Interview • Sign up with Jacque Russell in CP-540 • Dress professionally • Remember your day and time!

  28. Immunizations • TB test results • Verification of MMR *Note: You may have these done at the CSUF Student Health Center TB is $2.30, MMR is free

  29. Certificate of Child/Infant/Adult CPR CPR

  30. 1) Apply to CSUF ( Post baccalaureate/Graduate Application please see website for current fees 2) Apply to Multiple Subject Credential Program ( Feb 28 for Fall program & Sept 30 for Spring Submit forms to CP 540 please see website for current fees Application Process

  31. Please see our website For a current estimated fee schedule Estimated Fees

  32. To Start a File… • Application page • Autobiography • Official transcripts (or copies of them) • Verification COC was submitted to state (online application and copy of Live scan) • Receipt for Application Processing fee (Credential Program)

  33. 3 semesters prior Look for programs Attend overviews 1 semester prior Take EDEL 325 and Child Development Prerequisites Apply to the credential program! 2 semesters prior Pass CBEST and CSET Take EDEL 315 Ideal Timeline

  34. Initial Programs Key Transition Points and Performance Measures

  35. Good Luck!

  36. Podcast Overview Verification Document Please accept this document as verification that I completed the required Overview attendance. I watched the Overview Podcast Modules on __/___/___. ______________________ _________________ Signature Date