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Google’s Book Project: Does Google Equal Alexander’s Library or Does Google ! Equal Alexander’s Library?. DENNIS zHANG, Fall 2008. Content. The introduction to Google book Google Preview Cons of Google book Pros of Google book Survey Game: Best prices Hot Problems

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Google’s Book Project:

Does Google Equal

Alexander’s Library

or Does Google ! Equal

Alexander’s Library?

DENNIS zHANG, Fall 2008

Content l.jpg

  • The introduction to Google book

  • Google Preview

  • Cons of Google book

  • Pros of Google book

  • Survey

  • Game: Best prices

  • Hot Problems

  • Google book  some big questions

  • Reference

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Intro to Google Book

  • Google Book Search is a tool from Google that searches the full text of books that Google scans, OCRs, and stores in its digital database. The service was formerly known as Google Print when it was introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2004.

  • The Google Book Search service remains in a beta stage but the underlying database continues to grow. Google Book Search allows public-domain works and other out-of-copyright material to be downloaded in PDF format.

  • Many of the books are scanned using the Elphel 323 camera at a rate of 1,000 pages per hour.

  • Google has said that it‘s scanning more than 3,000 books per day, a rate that translates into more than 1 million annually.

  • 3000*400/1000=1200hr 8USD/hr, 3 Million?

Elphel 323 l.jpg
Elphel 323

35-mm format Kodak KAI-11002 CCD image sensor

electronic snapshot shutter

11 Megapixel resolution (4008 x 2672 )

Frame: rate 2 fps

Two of the 10313 system boards (same as in Model 313 cameras) working in parallel.

Weight: 1.04 kg (w/o lens)

Dimensions: 102mm x 114mm x 117mm (w/o lens)

Power: PoE, 12 W

This project is the Elphel 323 camera design for Google. This project includes the camera software, the Verilog source code for the camera FPGAs, the camera schematics, and the camera printed circuit board layouts.

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Intro to Google Book

  • December 2004—Google signaled an extension to its Google Print initiative known as the Google Print Library Project

  • November 2005—Google changed the name of this service from Google Print to Google Book Search.

  • August 2006—The University of California System announced that it would join the Book Search digitization project.

  • September 2006-The Complutense University of Madrid

  • October 2006—The University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • November 2006-The University of Virginia

  • September 2007—Google debuts a new feature called "My Library" which allows users to create personal customized libraries, selections of books that they can label, review, rate, or full-text search.

  • May 2008 - Microsoft tapers off and plans to end its scanning project which reached 750,000 books and 80 million journal articles

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Google Preview

  • Google has put out a cool update to its book search service that lets anyone embed entire books, or just book previews on their site.

  • Websites included:



    The Book Depository

But not Amazon?

Hidden contracts l.jpg
Hidden Contracts?

Google Book Cons

  • How many books are scanned?

  • How are they scanned?

  • How many will be shown online?

  • What about profits?

Learn more about involvement?

Competitors l.jpg


  • Microsoft Live Search (projected ended in 2008)

  • Project Gutenberg (partly free downloading)

  • IntelliScanner Corporation

  • A lot of others including:





Google book Cons

Please do not go beyond


Not just necessarily content l.jpg
Not just necessarily content

Google book Cons

  • Survey statistics

  • Google book content

  • About the book

  • Contents

  • Search inside this book

  • Reviews of the book

  • References from web pages

  • Other editions

  • Places mentioned in this book (why?)

  • Key terms

From scholars perspective l.jpg
From scholars' perspective


Google Book Cons

Ranking algorithm l.jpg
Ranking Algorithm

  • Testing with the word “Google”

Google book Cons

Significant privacy issues l.jpg
Significant Privacy Issues

  • Cookie

  • My intention and interest

  • My library

  • Is it appropriate to put some books on it?

  • Mein Kampf

Google Book Cons

Copyright infringement l.jpg
Copyright infringement

  • The Authors Guild of Americaand Association of American Publishers have separately sued Google, citing "massive copyright infringement."

  • Fair use (as Google claims).

Google book Cons

Language imperialism l.jpg
Language Imperialism?

  • Some European politicians argue that because the vast majority of books being scanned are in English, it will result in the disproportionate representation of natural languages in the digital world.

  • German, Russian, and French, for instance, are popular languages in scholarship; the disproportionate online emphasis on English could shape access to historical scholarship, and, ultimately, the growth and direction of future scholarship.

Slide15 l.jpg

Google Book Pros

  • Today, we're taking a big step towards bringing more books, across more sites, to more people online…

  • Satisfying rather than …

  • Keyword Search Speed

Harvard University,

University of Michigan,

New York Public Library

University of Oxford

Stanford University

Bavarian State Library

Columbia University

Committee on Institutional Cooperation

Complutense University of Madrid

University of California, California Digital Library

Copyright concerns l.jpg
Copyright Concerns

  • Snippet View (No permission at the moment)

  • Limited View (with permission from publishers)

  • Full Book View (older copyright dates, such as books published before 1923 in the USA)

  • No Preview Available (disagreements with the publisher or author)

Hot Topic

Copyright l.jpg

Online Library

  • Fair Use: Then again, in the case in question (see below), the webpage content was offered to anyone for free, in contrast to books.

  • Implied License: Convincing reasons to be beneficial to publishers.

Legal Case: Kelly vs. Arriba Soft Corporation

Hot Topic

Copyright18 l.jpg


Difference between Google

and Previous case.

  • AAP(Association o f American Publishers )

  • ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publisher)

  • AAUP (Association of American University Press)

  • Intention

  • The difference between books.(creativity level)

  • Used times.

  • Influence to market.

  • 4 points:

  • (1) what is the edge of Snippet View.

  • (2) Scanning how many times.

  • (3) Google could or couldn’t prevent gaming Google.

  • (4) Hacker


Business model l.jpg
Business Model

  • Like early radio station (playing protected new songs and play ads during breaks)  Sponsor’s Link in Google Book.

Yet, statistics show that an average of 124% increased number of visits to the publishers’ websites after books have been posted on Google Book

So, a win-win strategy?

Isn’t there a benefit to society as a whole?

However, Google haven’t paid for the books or publishers’ society (ASCAP or BMI)

In our situation, a library must buy a book first, note, however, that Google doesn’t have to…

Hot Topic

Class survey those who wanted l.jpg
Class Survey: Those Who Wanted

  • The content of book: 74%

  • The price of a book: 71%

  • The review of book: 57%

  • The author of book: 54%

  • Some details from inside the book: 46%

  • The popularity of the book: 38%

  • The appearance of the book: 32%

  • The publication date of the book: 24%

  • Overall average per item: 49.5%

Survey statistics l.jpg
Survey Statistics

  • When was the last time you used Google book?

  • Never (1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=9)

  • Yesterday (1)

  • Months age (2)

  • Have you heard of and used Google Scholar?

  • Yes (1+1+1+1=4)

  • No (1+1+1+1=4)

  • Heard of but not used (1+1+1=3)

Survey statistics22 l.jpg
Survey Statistics

  • Have you read books on Google book?

  • Yes (1+1+1+1=4)

  • No (1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=8)

  • What website do you usually use for books?

  • Amazon (6)

  • Baidu

  • Google (4)

  • Yahoo! Addall

  • Have you downloaded any e-books from Google book?

  • Yes (0)

  • No (1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=13)

Game best prices l.jpg
Game: Best prices?

  • Rules:

  • In 5 minutes, please find the best prices for the Google Story, which must be new

  • Any edition is acceptable (hardcover preferred, if it exists…paperback, PDF, or Word document)

  • Ties between the same best price will be judged by the amount of the time taken.

  • Winner group will get some gadgets from China….



Google book some big questions l.jpg
Google Book: Some Big Questions…

  • Potential Dangers:

  • Could Google grow beyond control?

  • Could a more advanced search information leads to more complicated world info pattern?

  • Can we study the pattern? Has it changed already, and for the better?

  • Recall the movie, The Matrix?

  • Potential Benefits:

  • No publishers? No size discrimination?

  • Saving trees? Eco-friendly?

  • Convenient and mobile?

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