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Senior Spotlight - Erin Clancy PowerPoint Presentation
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Senior Spotlight - Erin Clancy

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Senior Spotlight - Erin Clancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Senior Spotlight - Erin Clancy.

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Senior Spotlight - Erin Clancy

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Senior Spotlight - Erin Clancy “My favorite thing about Father Judge Cheerleading is being on a team that works hard for success. We are more than just thirty girls cheering on a football field. We compete and we compete to win! We are a family that works hard together, that loses together and wins together. We strive for the same goal, and compete in a sport we love, with the people we love.” Erin currently attends St. Hubert High School where she is a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council. On her one night off from practice, she takes a college class at Holy Family University. This is her fourth year on the team and prior to cheering on Judge she was a cheerleader for St. Timothy and Torresdale Boys Club. She is also a YMCA Competitive Gymnast. She is applying to University of Delaware, Penn State University and Temple University.

    2. Good Luck Erin!