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TVAF - RMP. Kobe Meeting November 2003 Final Plenary. Reviewed contributions. AN560: Share It! European project, peer-to-peer network AN564: Security levels for RMPI Micro Broadcast from MMG AN566: Security robust ranges for removable media from NHK AN568 did not show up on reflector.

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Tvaf rmp


Kobe Meeting November 2003

Final Plenary

Reviewed contributions
Reviewed contributions

  • AN560: Share It! European project, peer-to-peer network

  • AN564: Security levels for RMPI Micro Broadcast from MMG

  • AN566: Security robust ranges for removable media from NHK

  • AN568 did not show up on reflector


  • Makoto Yoshioka (MMG) on secure UDF, complementing AN566

  • Metadata working group on e-flyer

Rmpi micro for broadcast
RMPI-Micro for Broadcast

  • Reviewed WD822/TV211 and removed most question marks, new draft WD862 includes tentatively approved rights and conditions matrix

  • Developed our thinking on the notions of profiles and domains

  • RMPI domain and profile considerations in WD871

Rights and conditions
Rights and conditions

  • PLAY

    • Minimum security level of rendering device, shelf life / duration, expiration, geographic restriction


    • Minimum security level of exporting device, Analogue HD/SD, digital HD/SD


    • Geographic restrictions


  • Profiles are intended to provide means to enable the characterization of devices with respect to their functions with security implications for rights enforcement.

  • Profiles: RMP functions -> RMP components -> security level

2 levels of profile structure
2 levels of profile structure

  • The functional level, at which distinct processes necessary to enable usage cases are defined, and are mapped to rights granted within the rights and conditions matrix (PLAY, EXPORT, INTERDOMAIN TRANSFER);

  • The component level, at which discreet components required to support the functional processes are defined (MPEG-2 decode, secure time, etc.)

Security levels
Security levels

  • Security levels will be established with respect to individual RMP components.

  • Only utilized components invoked by a given RMPI will be required to have a minimum RMPI-defined security level.

  • RMPI-MB indicates overall minimum security level of the invoked components.

Profiles need
Profiles need:

  • a formalized data structure

  • a renewability & extensibility approach,

  • approved component table structure, or a method for referring to external tables

  • TVAF defined default component sets

  • certification compliance regime requirements, including: identifying certifying body and indicating which component security levels are certified


  • Definition:

    “A set of TVAF RMP-compliant devices that are securely bound to each other for the purpose of exchanging protected content”.

Domain establishment
Domain establishment

  • Domains all start with at least one compliant device with a defined compliant functional profile

  • Subsequent devices are added to a domain under the control of one or more devices that are members of the domain.

Enforcement of rights in domain
Enforcement of rights in domain

  • Enforcement of rights within a domain can be constrained according to device traits

  • Permitted device count is handled by either:

    • Domain membership limits established by a compliance body(?)

    • Signaled in RMPI(?) Or the number of devices permitted to simultaneously view the content…(…beyond micro?)

Other domain considerations
Other domain considerations

  • Device registration within domain should not depend on device profile, device profiles are relevant at the point of content consumption or activation of rights, not as a prerequisite to domain membership.

  • Securely bound does not imply permanent live connection, but must encompass use cases that include removable media.

Still a lot to do
Still a lot to do…

  • Contributions required:

    • Definition of components

    • Definition of security levels

    • Mapping of components to functions

    • Domain establishment and membership requirements

  • Re-issue bundle of RMP draft specification components to be used as reference documents