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NSEFC Student’s Book 8. Pygmalion. Period1 Warming Up & Reading. Introduction. Anecdote. Works. Quotes. About the author. George Bernard Shaw. (1856-1950). Pygmalion. This play by Bernard Shaw is an adaptaion of a Greek story.

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    1. NSEFC Student’s Book 8 Pygmalion Period1 Warming Up & Reading

    2. Introduction Anecdote Works Quotes About the author George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Company Logo

    3. Pygmalion This play by Bernard Shaw is an adaptaion of a Greek story. Pygmalion, a gifted artist, makes a stone statue of a beautiful woman He asks the Greek Goddess to bring her to life. His wish is granted. Company Logo

    4. Psychological term Pygmalion Effect The Pygmalion Effectis that people tend to behave as you expect they will. If you expect a person to take responsibility, they probably will. If you expect them not to even try, they probably won’t. Company Logo

    5. Pre-reading the play the myth The play by Shaw has the same theme as the Greek story. In pairs discuss what this theme might be. Company Logo

    6. ReadingPygmalion Act One Fateful meetings Company Logo

    7. 1 2 3 What are the main characters of this act? What do they do respec-tively? What are they doing at the beginning of the play? Skimming Tip: Some information is included in the stage directions, like the character, time, place, weather, lighting, etc. Company Logo

    8. Eliza Doolittle(E):a poor flower girl who is ambitious to improve herself. Professor Higgins(H):an expert in phonetics, convinced that the quality of a person’s English decides his/her position in society. Colonel Pickering(P):an officer in the army and later a friend of Higgins’ who sets him a task. They are sheltering from the rain ouside a theatre. Skimming Main characters Let’s check Company Logo

    9. Scanning 1. Eliza greeted to the gentleman in order to _______. 2. Why did Eliza begin to cry? Because _______. 3. Professor Higgins believed that he could judge a person by _______. 4. From the text, we can infer that Professor Higgins is a man described below EXCEPT _________. Company Logo

    10. Scanning 1. Eliza greeted to the gentleman in order to _______. • talk with him • B. ask him to buy some flowers from her • C. ask him to teach her • D. beg some money from him  Company Logo

    11. Scanning 2. Why did Eliza begin to cry? Because _______.  A. she thought Professor Higgins would arrest her B. the gentleman didn’t give her some money C. Pickering beat and scolded her D. there was no reason Company Logo

    12. Scanning 3. Professor Higgins believed that he could judge a person by _______. • his appearance • B. his action • C. his conversation • D. his manners  Company Logo

    13. What other things show one’s status in Society? • Clothes • Expensive possessions(like cars or jewellery) • Attitudes and behavior • Education level • How many foreign language spoken and countries visited Company Logo

    14. Scanning 4. From the text , we can infer that Professor Higgins is a man described below EXCEPT _________.  A. he doesn’t care about money B. he is an expert in phonetics C. he is proud D. he is greedy Company Logo

    15. carelessly throws handful of money into her basket Pickering who had been watching the girl, now speaks to Higgins listened quietly when spoken to According to Higgins Comprending language behaviour social position click to see more details upper Colonel Pickering standardwell-educated generally confident and polite;but ignores Eliza How did you do that, may I ask? middle Henry Higgins standardwell-educated rude to lower class; polite to same or upper class There, there. Who’s hurting you, you silly girl? Who do you take me for? Come over’ere, cap’in, and buy me flowers off a poor girl. non-standardpoor-educated lower respectful to people of higher class Eliza click to correct Company Logo

    16. Discussion Choose adjectives to describe each character in the play. reasons agree Groups impatient kind polite confident anxious eager rude enthusiastic unsure gereous ambitious superior emotional self-important Company Logo

    17. lower class Discussion from upper class Text Colonel Pickering rude impatient confident superior self-important kind polite eager confident generous enthusiastic HenryHiggins Eliza from middle class anxious unsure emotional eager ambitious Company Logo

    18. Acting Read the play repeatedly & try to act it out. Act one Fateful meetings Company Logo

    19. Preview the grammar part Read the play repeatedly & try to act it out • Words and expressions • Ex.1&2 on P32 Revision Acting Preview Assignment Company Logo

    20. Thank You ! Designer for this period:Shao Changguo

    21. Thank You ! Designer for this period:Shao Changguo

    22. A brief introduction George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist, literary critic, a socialist spokesman, and a leading figure in the 20th century theater. Shaw was a freethinker, defender of women’s rights, and advocate of equality of income. In 1925 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Shaw accepted the honour but refused the money. He was a very humorous playwright. George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Company Logo

    23. Anecdote One day, Shaw took part in a grand party, in which he met the then Prime Minister Churchill. Churchill was very fat at that time whereas Shaw was very thin. Churchill said to Shaw very sharply, “When people see you, they will know how poor your country is”. And then Shaw answered very quickly, “When people see you, they will know the reason why our country is so poor.” Meat ball ^O^ You’re so skinny Company Logo

    24. Quotes 1. Behind every successful man, there is a woman and behind every unsuccessful man, there are two. 每个成功的男人后面都有一个女人;每个不成功的男人后面都有两个女人。 2. I was born intelligent ——education ruined me. 我生下来时很聪明的——教育把我给毁了。 3. Practice makes perfect..... But nobody's perfect...... so why practice? 完美无缺苦练来……但没有一个人是完美无缺的……所以干吗要苦练呢? 4. If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for? 有人说我们来到这个世上就是要帮助别人的,倘若此话非虚,那么请问,别人来到 这个世界又是干什么的? 5. Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak. 由于光速比音速快,所以在我们听到人们开口之前,个个都显得很聪明。 Company Logo

    25. Quotes 6. Money is not everything. There's Mastercard & Visa. 金钱并非一切,还有信用卡呢。 7. One should love animals. They are so tasty. 人们应该喜爱动物,它们好吃来着呢。 8. Every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in life. 每一个男人都应该结婚。毕竟,幸福不是人生中惟一的东西。 9. The wise never marry and when they marry they become otherwise. 明白人从不结婚,结了婚就不明白了。 10. Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives. 成功是一个相对的概念,就看你怎么看,无怪乎成功人士大家都拿他当自家亲戚看。 Company Logo

    26. Candia康蒂妲 Heartbreak House伤心之家 Arms and the Man武器与人 The Devil’s Disciple魔鬼的门徒 Saint Joan圣女贞德 Androcles and the Lion安德罗克利斯与狮子 Literary works The film Some were made into films This play, Pygmalion, was also made into a film called My Fair Lady. Have you seen the film? Click here to watch the film. Company Logo

    27. Comprending Suppose you are Professor Higgins. Find out all the incorrect/improper use of Eliza’s words. Try to correct all of them in terms of grammar, spelling, etc, so that she can use them properly. 1. Come over’ere, cap’in, and buy me flowers off a poor girl. Come over here, captain, and buy some flowers from a poor girl. 2. I ain’t done nothing wrong by speaking to that gentleman. I haven’t done anything wrong by speaking to that gentleman. 3. I thought maybe you was a policeman in disguise. I thought maybe you were a policeman in disguise. 4. How do I know whether’ ou took me words down right? How do I know whether you wrote down what I said accurately? 5. A shop assistant ? Now that’s sommat I want, that is! A shop assistant? Now that’s something I would like to be! Company Logo

    28. Attitude Colonel Peckering Eliza Henry Higgins Appreciates his expertise praises him; asks his opinion; Happy to be friends ignoresher; does not stopHenry when he talks about Eliza in front of her (which is very rude) Company Logo

    29. Attitude Henry Higgins Eliza Colonel Peckering calls him sir and my dear man watches her; notesher reactions; talks about her in front of her; calls her silly girl Company Logo

    30. Attitude Eliza herself Henry Higgins respectful and curious about Henry’s expertise anxious; eager not to do the wrong things; ambitious to improve her self Company Logo