father rhine tells charlemagne s favourite daughter n.
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Father Rhine tells: Charlemagne‘s Favourite Daughter PowerPoint Presentation
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Father Rhine tells: Charlemagne‘s Favourite Daughter

Father Rhine tells: Charlemagne‘s Favourite Daughter

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Father Rhine tells: Charlemagne‘s Favourite Daughter

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  1. Father Rhine tells: Charlemagne‘s Favourite Daughter

  2. Between me, the River Rhine and my neighbour, the Main, there live a lot of different peoples with their own myths and legends which I all remember, also if they are very, very old ...

  3. One of these peoples is called the Francs of which Charles was king a long time ago. He had children from five different women because he was not satisfied with just one. His daughter Emma was his favourite child, that‘s why she grew up in her father‘s castle ...

  4. ... which Charles built on my bank. The teacher of Emma, Einhart, was King Charles‘ advisor who was a young, intelligent and handsome man. Charles trusted him very much, but the only time Einhart misused this trust, he had to pay for it a lot: When Emma grew up, Einhart and she fell in love with each other although they knew Charles wouldn‘t approve this ...

  5. Late at night ... Einhart, it rained so much! My father will see that you have been in my chamber if you walk through this mud. I‘ll have to carry you! Oh yes, you‘re right, Emma! I would leave footprints in the mud if I walk from your chamber to mine ...

  6. When the king can‘t sleep because of the full moon, he hears the voices of Emma and Einhart and walks towards the window. Why is my favourite daughter carrying a man ? What‘s this supposed to mean? No – this can‘t be! I don‘t believe it! Einhart is only a commoner and not good enough for Emma! But I can‘t go downstairs now, I don‘t want to ruin her life!I have to think of something else...

  7. The next morning: What does a daughter of royal blood deserve, in whose chamber a man spends the night? Milord, please have mercy upon your daughter! It‘s me who deserves the death!

  8. Emma, who has overheared them, rushes into the room: Father, please! He means so much to me. More than the whole world!!! Hmm ... I can‘t seperate the loving. But I have to banish you from here. Exchange your rings and take my blessing. Then go as far as your legs can carry you!

  9. The years passed by and Charles became emperor, now he was known as Charlemagne. His hair had turned grey and his heart had become lonely. His only pleasure was hiking through forests and fields. One day, he walked and walked, until he had reached the river Main.

  10. Oh no! It‘s already very dark! Where am I? I think I‘ve lost my way ...

  11. Follow me, I can lead you to a house!

  12. Who is that? Show yourself!

  13. It‘s me, the Main, to your right!

  14. Oh, there‘s a light! Thank you, Main! There really is a cottage!

  15. He knocks.

  16. It‘s very kind of you that you give me a place to stay! I think I‘ve already seen him ...

  17. She reminds me of my Emma when she was small ... That was such a long time ago. What might have happened to her? What‘s your name, dear? My name is Emma!

  18. Emma! Einhart! I missed you so much! This can‘t be true! Finally, we‘re united again: Emma, my beloved daughter, Einhart, my old advisor and me!

  19. Charlemagne took his family again to his castle and he instructed Einhart to write down his biography. This does exist until today. Where he had met the couple, he built a cathedral. In this cathedral, you can visit Einhart and Emma‘s graves. There they lie, united still in death.

  20. Cathedral in Seligenstadt

  21. The End!