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Mobile Navigation With SVG PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Navigation With SVG

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Mobile Navigation With SVG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Navigation With SVG. SVG Open 2005. Christian Schmitt. Contents. Introduction Contents Indoor positioning systems Pathfinding + Map generator Map viewer + navigation Demo conclusion. Indoor Positioning Technologies Overview. Infrared (IR) Wireless LAN (WLAN)

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Mobile Navigation With SVG

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Presentation Transcript

Mobile Navigation With SVG

SVG Open 2005

Christian Schmitt

  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Indoor positioning systems
  • Pathfinding + Map generator
  • Map viewer + navigation
  • Demo
  • conclusion
indoor positioning technologies overview
Indoor Positioning Technologies Overview
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  • Ultra-wide band (UWB)
  • Hybrid solution


  • IR beacons sending a specific code.
  • Directed connection.
  • Range: 80-300 cm
  • Accuracy: see range


  • Universal
  • Inexpensive
  • Basic technology


  • Line of sight required
  • Does not scale very well
  • Maintenance costs


  • Fingerprinting based on signal strength measurements
  • Accuracy: 3-7 meters


  • Use of existing WLAN infrastructure
  • Most PDAs have WiFi. WiFi tags
  • Easy to setup
  • Large area covered


  • High power consumption of WLAN card
  • Poor update rate
  • Calibration step
ultra wide band
Ultra Wide Band


  • No multipath distortion
  • Time Difference of Arrival, Angle of Arrival
  • Accuracy: 15cm


  • Accuracy
  • Good update rate


  • Special hardware
  • Complex Setup
our hybrid solution
Our hybrid solution

WLAN from Ekahau Inc

  • Coverage: whole floor
  • Accuracy: 3 meters

UWB from Ubisense

  • Coverage: single room
  • Accuracy: 20 cm

IR from guideID and Eyeled

  • Coverage: few emitters in front of pictures
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Indoor positioning systems
  • Pathfinding + map creation
  • Map viewer + navigation
  • Demo
  • conclusion
svg map generation
SVG Map generation


the same SVG map will not render on all platforms


create a common semantic description of the map together with transformation rules specific to each platform


  • DTD suitable for room plans
  • User Interface to define a new map
  • XSLT transformation to output SVG
  • A XSLT file for each target platform
the a algorithm implementation
The A* algorithm implementation

A* algorithm

  • Is a graph search algorithm that finds a shortest path from a given initial node to a given goal node
  • Uses an heuristic to direct the search
  • Cost function is the distance between two nodes


  • Route computation on client (Windows Mobile 2003)
  • Implemented using STL library
  • Graph stored as text file
map viewer
Map viewer
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Indoor positioning systems
  • Pathfinding + helper tools
  • Map viewer + navigation
  • Demo
  • conclusion
viewer functionalities
Viewer functionalities
  • Zoom in/out, panning
  • Display of the current position
  • Selection of a destination and display of the optimal route
  • Animations of objects
  • Support for information browsing on the map
on the search for perfection
On the search for perfection
  • First step:
  • Personal Java application rendering raster bitmap
  • Drawbacks:
  • Raster bitmap: not scalable, high footprint
  • Java: weak user interface, waste of system resources, no access to hardware resources
  • Next step:
  • Native C++ application rendering SVG.
  • Which SVG viewer to use ?
which svg viewer
Which SVG viewer?

Only two native SVG viewers available for Windows Mobile-based PDAs:

eSVG and BitFlash


  • eSVG 1.6 license purchased in Mai 2003
  • Performance issues
  • Latest version with .NET support


  • BitFlash SDK license purchased in Spring 2004
  • Fast rendering and good interaction capabilities
using bitflash sdk
Using BitFlash SDK

Usage guidelines

  • Create player instance, load document
  • Communication with the player via commands and callback functions, DOM API
  • Only one thread should access the player at the same time


  • Zooming in:

BFZoomEvent zoomData;

zoomData.fpFactor = 0x7FFF;//0xcccc; // 1.5 in 16.16 fixed point

zoomData.iCenterX = (BF_INT16)point.x;

zoomData.iCenterY = (BF_INT16)point.y;

int dwWait=WaitForSingleObject(hSVGPlayerSemaphore,INFINITE);

CheckStatus(BFprocessCommand( pPlayer, BF_COMMAND_VIEW_ZOOM, &zoomData ));

CheckStatus(BFprocessCommand( pPlayer, BF_COMMAND_VIEW_REDRAW, 0 ));


integration of positioning technologies
Integration of positioning technologies


  • Server: Middleware server connecting to Ekahau and Ubisense Server, keeping position information up-to-date and delivering position data to clients
  • Client: Location Thread connects to server, parses messages and refreshes buddy position on map


  • IR thread is listening on IR port (serial)
  • IR code found => trigger animation


  • Refresh rate (only Orinoco cards provide good results)
  • Integration




  • Appropriate combination of positioning systems needed to achieve best tradeoff between quality of service and cost
  • Indoor navigation is still a very challenging research topic


  • SVG maps are perfect for mobile navigation
  • Rendering of SVG maps no longer too slow

Future work

  • Better navigation : audio output and personalized routes
  • Seemless integration of positioning systems
  • Tests on Symbian and .NET