promoting hebrew reading
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Promoting Hebrew Reading

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Promoting Hebrew Reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Promoting Hebrew Reading. A coalescing of collection, content, curriculum, collaboration and culture. Sara Ravid Association of Jewish Libraries 41st Annual Convention, Cambridge, MA 19 June 06. ! הבאים ברוכים. Why this workshop? Materials Rationale Challenges What does/not work?

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promoting hebrew reading

Promoting Hebrew Reading

A coalescing of collection, content, curriculum, collaboration and culture

Sara Ravid

Association of Jewish Libraries

41st Annual Convention, Cambridge, MA

19 June 06

!הבאים ברוכים
  • Why this workshop?
  • Materials
  • Rationale
  • Challenges
  • What does/not work?
  • Moving forward
    • Materials
    • Programs
why promoting hebrew reading
Why “Promoting Hebrew Reading”
  • Materials ---> Use
  • Opportunity for collaboration
  • Challenge -- we are used to having more than enough information, knowing where to go, etc.
what do we read in hebrew
Biblical/Classical narrative and poetry

Midrash Agadah


Personal writings

Lingua franca

Literature of revival


What do we read in Hebrew?
  • Contemporary
    • Authentic literature
      • Picture books
      • Easy readers
      • Chapter
      • YA
      • Adult
    • Translation
    • World Language learner adaptations of text (Gesher)
  • Note: focus on “Secular” -- not of a religious-legal nature
? עברית למה
  • World Language
  • Jewish lingua franca to past/future
  • Cultural immersion in national-religious identity
  • Budget
  • Collection development
    • Knowledge
    • Availability
  • Collaboration to integrate
    • Time
    • Scheduling
    • Culture
  • Fluency
    • Selecting
    • Promoting
  • Publicity
    • Space
    • Time
take control
Take control!







so far
What works?

Not much…. Yet!

What doesn’t?



Colloqialisms in literaure

Translation from classics – read in what language??? Also second language learners


So far…
session results
Session results:

The following slides present:

  • Overall ideas to try
  • Beginnings of a list of criteria for evaluation of Hebrew-language library materials to be used in pooling our knowledge on the wiki
  • Program ideas
ideas to try
Make class visits

Hebrew teachers require reports

Find out what requirements/curriculum are

Familiarize yourself with the books

Look at magazines that work for your setting

Gesher short stories


Shahak program – Hebrew in the media in the classroom – WG will report

Graphic novel

Books on tape

Yediot store in nyc

Bay Books – Lexington

Sefer Israel

Music collections – words to CDs – liner notes

Hakhav nold – American Idol – Israeli Amazon – needs Teudat Zeuhut – can call

movies!!! Use the vocab to lead in, spark interest (good for Hi/Lo) Ma’ale films TV – ha-sodot shel Kineret (Misha Shagrir)

Lists!!! Israeli vendor

wiki project

post what worked well by grade level – include 1-2 facts about

Ben Eliezer (?) project – Hebrew poetry

Translation of poetry (also may be blocked by filter) – full text stories (

Valuesfinder – all English

Ideas to try…
criteria for evaluation of hebrew books
Criteria for evaluation of Hebrew books
  • vocalization
  • script
  • vocabulary
  • content – hashkafah
  • grade level
  • length
  • availability – in print?
  • age of appeal Hi/Lo
  • Adaptation?
  • Translation?
  • subject matter – keywords/annotations
program ideas
familiarizing yourself – create your own database – binder with information on books -- recommendations at circ desk

peer reviews

bribery!!! For every one you check out, enter into contact

reviews in your school newspaper/world language paper

encourage subcultures – have heritage kids read closer to grade level and book clubs for the non-native speakers

shirei moledet – event around Hebrew songs – website w/3,000,

read with the kids

track their reading over years w/# of pages. Have record-holders – article on Flatbush in Judaica Librarianship

Program ideas: