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DC Sports Tents For Sale In USA PowerPoint Presentation
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DC Sports Tents For Sale In USA

DC Sports Tents For Sale In USA

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DC Sports Tents For Sale In USA

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  1. DC Sports Tents

  2. Tennis Match Court Tent Solution

  3. DC racket ball tent solution, the PVC fabric color on top and side of tent we use transparent PVC, which is fashionable design, it is even more attractive. In the details DC tent pay more attention to tent structure, so it use modular design, can be taken for different venues to meet the sport field venue needs, so as to environment friendly and reduce costs. About tent frame it uses high-quality aluminum raw materials, safe and stable, easy transportation, short construction time , easy to assemble and disassemble, such stadium event tent can also be used as a permanent building.

  4. Sport Tent in USA for Tennis game

  5. DC sports tent is the flexible outdoor tent structure with modular design, it has different size of width and unlimited length, 5 meters to 55 meters of the width, every 3 meters to 5 meters of the length. Due to different size and requirements for all kind of sports events, DC modular sports tent is the suitable choice for sport event organizers. The small tent with 5m- 20m width is built, on the other hand, the large tent with 25m - 55m width need to be built. What is more, the DC modular sports tent can offer different sizes, we also provide many optional roof designs. There is big difference between the appearance of roof, the A frame shape roofing, multi- peak, curved and more. It is no doubt that in the near future, more and more modular sports tents will be used for the world- wide sport events.

  6. Sports Ceremony and Celebration Tent

  7. DC Tent offers sport game opening ceremony tent with white PVC fabric solid walls for high profile soccer event. DC sport game celebration tents are often use for VIP client reception hall. DC company provides all kind of sizes and shapes tent , including high peak roof and classic A frame roof. Thanks to the strongest structures which made by stainless aluminum alloy and waterproof PVC cover fabric, our tents can cover your event in any weather condition. The pure white fabric has a good performance in reflect most of UV light, and people inside would not feel uncomfortable. Additionally, other accessories like clear PVC windows, ABS wall and glass doors, etc. enable clients to have different choices for different events.

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