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what are the most essential steps n.
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Most essential steps in web application development PowerPoint Presentation
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Most essential steps in web application development

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Most essential steps in web application development
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Most essential steps in web application development

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  1. What Are The Most Essential Steps In Web Application Development?

  2. Web applications have turned out to be an essential tool for businesses these days. Usually, these are built on a 3-tired software development which encompasses users, business and data services. This kind of model is followed to segregate a web application into suppliers of services & network of consumers. Listed below are the necessary steps that must be followed as part of your web application development in Kuala Lumpur.

  3. Envisaging a road map: The initial step is all about instituting the goals & purposes of the web application. This step is basically followed to plan an appropriate direction for the project. Developing detailed functional specifications: A handy specifications document is perhaps the most important document in any web application development project. Developed to abolish any type of chaos in the future, a handy specification document registers all the technical terms & functionalities of web application which need to be developed. Recognizing, analyzing and choosing 3rd party vendors: Web application development in Kuala Lumpur is usually cost-effective & faster when you outsource the project. In this step, necessary 3rd party vendors are recognized, which include:

  4. • Web application development firm • Merchant account & payment gateway • Managed server provider • SSL certificate providers • Firewall, server, network, load balancer and equipment provider • Fulfillment centers Selecting technology & specifying web app structure & time frame: This’s the stage where the technology, platform, structure, environment and framework are explicated, and the time frame inside which the web app has to be developed is decided. Designing layout, interface and wire framing: This is perhaps the most important stage of any web application development project & begins with the creation of a visual guide. As soon as the interface & interaction models are approved, the design is executed.

  5. Developing the web app: In this point, a team of developers try to develop the web application’s architecture & framework, design its database structure, customize the module, classes, libraries, and execute all the functionalities stated in the functional specifications. Testing: QA testing & bug fixing is the last step in any web application development process. A web application should be put through the paces, and all apposite testing techniques should be used, including stress testing, load testing, usability testing, performance testing, etc. At iTech47, we offer Web portal development services in Malaysia that you can rely upon. We’ve the expert designers & developers who can turn your bespoke web application development idea into reality. For any help, call us at +60 12 662 1206.

  6. Contact us for more Details: iTech47 SdnBhd 46200 Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia Phone: +60 12 662 1206 Email: