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Kaiser Family Foundation Public Opinion Polls and Surveys on the ACA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kaiser Family Foundation Public Opinion Polls and Surveys on the ACA. April 22, 2014. PROJECT 1: Ongoing Monthly Health Tracking Poll.

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Project 1 ongoing monthly health tracking poll
PROJECT 1: Ongoing Monthly Health Tracking Poll the ACA

  • Nationally representative random digit dial telephone sample of 1,200-1,500 adults ages 18 and older, living in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii

  • Interviews conducted by landline and cellphone, in English & Spanish

  • Started in 1996 as bi-monthly survey, monthly since 2009.

  • Since 2009, we have conducted a total of ~75,000 interviews

  • Can explore subgroups such as the uninsured and those with lower incomes, but are unable to break out other groups such as those with non-group coverage


  • Does the general public have a favorable or unfavorable view of the ACA?

  • How do they perceive the law is impacting them, if at all?

  • Do they think they have enough information to understand how the law affects them?

  • Are they aware of the law’s provisions? How do they feel about them?

  • What future directions would they like to see the law take?

  • What’s the public’s perception of media coverage of the law?

Project 2 panel survey of uninsured californians
PROJECT 2: Panel Survey the ACAof Uninsured Californians

  • Four-wave Panel Survey: pre-open enrollment 2013, April 2014, late 2014 and 2015 (Wave 1 paid for by KFF; Wave 2-4 by The California Endowment)

  • Representative probability based random sample of 2,000 adults ages 18-64 living in California, who reported having been without health insurance coverage for at least two months(future waves will re-interview same respondents)

  • Interviews conducted by landline and cellphone, in English & Spanish


  • What are the main barriers to accessing coverage for the uninsured in CA?

  • Is this group aware of the law’s provisions?

  • Who gained coverage as of April 2014, and who remained uninsured?

  • For those that gained insurance, where did they get their coverage, why did they buy it, do they feel it is affordable, what was their shopping experience like, how easy or difficult was the process of enrolling?

  • For those who remained uninsured, did they try and obtain coverage, why did they remain uninsured, and what are their future plans?

Project 3 kff national state specific low income surveys
PROJECT 3: KFF National & State Specific Low Income Surveys the ACA

  • Baseline Survey: National, plus 3 state-specific samples (CA, MO, TX)

  • Fielded Summer 2013 (July 24 – Sept 29); Next wave in late 2014/early 2015

  • Total Interviews: 8,762 (with 2,558 in CA, 1,872 in MO, 1,809 in TX & 2,523 in other states); English & Spanish, cell & landline

  • Includes all income groups, with large oversamples of those with lower incomes

  • Partners – Blue Shield Foundation of CA and Missouri Foundation for Health


  • How is the ACA impacting how those with low and moderate-incomes interact with the health care system, including those with insurance and those without?

  • What are the barriers keeping the uninsured from obtaining coverage?

  • How do people use coverage or access health services? Has this changed with the ACA?

  • Have changes with the ACA impacted people in other ways, such as financial security, job choices, or well-being?

Project 4 surveys of nongroup purchasers
PROJECT the ACA4: Surveys of Nongroup Purchasers

  • Three cross-sectional waves: April 2014, early 2015, late 2015

  • Representative probability based random sample of ~800adults ages 18-64 who purchase their own health insurance directly from an insurer or though the marketplace

  • Interviews conducted by landline and cellphone, in English & Spanish

  • Includes all nongroup purchasers (in and out of exchanges)


  • What is the profile of people getting coverage on and off the exchanges?

  • What share had prior coverage, and what share is newly insured?

  • Do non-group purchasers perceive their policies as affordable? How do they feel their policies compare to what they had before, if previously insured?

  • What was their experience in shopping for insurance? Did people in this market feel they had enough information when choosing a health plan?

  • Are they satisfied with coverage, costs, and provider choices?