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Printmaking. Relief Printmaking – Linoleum Prints. We  are  going  to  create  our  own   relief  print,   being  inspired  by “ Inside-Out ”. You have already developed some ideas and begun some more drawing research. How to begin?. Printmaking. Deciding  on  a  Design

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Relief Printmaking – Linoleum Prints

We  are  going  to  create  our  own   relief  print,   being  inspired  by “Inside-Out”.

You have already developed some ideas and begun some more drawing research.

How to begin?


Deciding  on  a  Design

Take  your   inspiration  from   yourself. If you could only choose 1 image to show your inside-out ideas?

Think about combing some of your ideas or images.


Concepts: Dreams/nightmares with the insides of the body. Inner feelings: love/hate with facial parts.

Symbolism: the heart (love), bones (strength and stability), the brain (thoughts/secrets) etc..

Remember, your image should be something that can be translated into shapes of value (black & white).


Sketch out a shape drawing of your idea in pencil. When you are fully happy with your image, tell Miss Brand. She will make a photocopy of it.

Using your photocopy, pick areas of light value (white) and dark value (black). Fill in with black marker so you have a clear example of what your print should look like


Now is time to transfer the image. If you copy it directly onto the wood it will be backwards when you print!

Use tracing paper to transfer your image to the linoleum in the correct direction.


Once your image is fully transferred to the wood you may start cutting into the board.

Use the various sized blade tips to remove the linoleum. It is better to carve away lightly first, then go back and remove extra pieces.

ALWAYS carve away from your body, with the non-carving hand BEHIND the carving tool.


  • Anything you cut away will be white. Anything left uncut will be black.

  • Cut white lines into a black space to make it less black.

  • A white background helps define a black image. A black image helps define a white image.

  • Everything will be mirror image (opposite/backwards).

  • If you cut away a lot, most of your image will be white with black lines.

  • If you cut away very little, most fo your image will be black with white lines

  • Always cut AWAY from your body, with the non-carving hand BEHIND the blade. Safety first!


This is a print that is pulled when you think you are done. Examine it and see what you need to change. Remember, carving is a subtractive process, so you can’t put back what you’ve already removed. You can only remove more.

You may need to do multiple proof prints.