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Overview of Web Services

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Overview of Web Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of Web Services. ECE1770 Expert Topic Assignment. Fan Chen Alvin Mok. Outline. What are Web Services & How Web Services Emerge Web Services Architecture&Operations Web Services Core Protocols Some Issues Web Services and other Middleware Platforms Introduction to Microsoft .NET.

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overview of web services

Overview of Web Services

ECE1770 Expert Topic Assignment

Fan Chen

Alvin Mok

  • What are Web Services & How Web Services Emerge
  • Web Services Architecture&Operations
  • Web Services Core Protocols
  • Some Issues
  • Web Services and other Middleware Platforms
  • Introduction to Microsoft .NET
what are web services
What are “Web Services”?
  • Web Services are evolving, middleware platform that facilitate program-to-program interactions.
  • A service is a software entity that can be discovered and invoked by other software systems.
  • Definition from standardization body W3C
    • A Web service is a software system identified by a URI, whose public interfaces and bindings are defined and described using XML. Its definition can be discovered by other software systems.These systems may then interact with the Web service in a manner prescribed by its definition, using XML based messages conveyed by internet protocols
how web services emerge
How “Web Services” Emerge
  • Web-based Applications Exploiting
  • E-Business Urging the program-to-program interactions and and integration across heterogeneous platforms
  • It came to the market at the time when demand for such technology was growing rapidly
  • The existing middleware technologies were not implemented with the Web in mind
  • It is backed by many key organizations (both commercial and non-commercial)
web services standardization bodies
Web Services Standardization Bodies
  • W3C:World Wide Web Consortium
    • the most notable web organization founded in 1994 by the inventor of the web
    • Web Architecture, Document formats, interaction, etc
  • OASIS: Organization of Structured Information Standards
    • Drives the development, convergence and adoption of e-business standards
    • Service register and publish, Security, Transaction,etc
  • WS-I: Web Services Interoperation Organization
    • Initiated by IBM, Microsoft and other vendors
    • Articulate/promote a common Web Services vision
    • Integrate specifications from various standards bodies
web services basic architecture
Web Services Basic Architecture
  • Web services are consistent with established Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) principles.
  • Web Services Component
    • Service
    • Service Description
  • Web services Roles
    • Service providers.
    • Service brokers
    • Service requestors.
  • Web Services Operations
    • Publish
    • Find
    • Interact
the conceptual web service stacks
The Conceptual Web Service Stacks
  • Format: XML,Extensible Markup Language, to define structures of documents
  • Search and Find: UDDI
  • Universal Discovery Description and Integration, for registries of Web services
  • Description: WSDL
  • Web Services Description Language, to describe networked XML-based services
  • Messaging: SOAP
  • Simple Object Access Protocol, to define a uniform way of passing XML-encoded data.
  • Transport: Internet Protocol,HTTP, STMP, etc.
some issues
Some Issues
  • Technology Areas to be Standardized
    • Security: Inter-enterprise communications secure (XKMS, XACML,etc)
    • Business Process Management (WSFL)
    • Quality of Service and Reliable Messaging
    • System&Network Management
  • Chaos: There are tons of proposals from vendors but none of them has been universally accepted.
  • Different implementation for core protocols: Commercial and open-source toolkits vary widely.

A long way to go before web services cover the full range of requirements for e-business!

web services and other middleware platforms a vision or over simplification
Web Services and Other Middleware Platforms-A Vision or Over-simplification?-

No one-size-fits-all solution!

web services and corba a possible integration scenario
Web Services and CORBA-A Possible Integration Scenario-
  • SOAP request Generated
  • Gateway maps WSDL to IDL, builds COBRA request and send to the server
  • SOAP response is build out of the COBRA response
web services and java
Web Services and Java
  • Java community sees XML as complementary
    • Java for algorithms, communications
    • XML as a universal data interchange format
    • J2EE + Web Services Developer Pack
  • Only for interoperation outside Java world
    • JMS, RMI, RMI/IIOP between Java applications