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Bell Work 4/24/14

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Bell Work 4/24/14. On your desk: PRIDE Card IN Pencil. 1. What percent do you think you earned on the Exam? 2. How long did you study? 3. What were your study strengths? 4. What were your study weaknesses?. The Universe. Update your Table of Contents!!!. Guided Notes!!!!.

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bell work 4 24 14
Bell Work 4/24/14

On your desk:




  • 1. What percent do you think you earned on the Exam?
  • 2. How long did you study?
  • 3. What were your study strengths?
  • 4. What were your study weaknesses?
guided notes
Guided Notes!!!!
  • Use your iPad to fill in your guided notes!!!
bell work 4 25 14
Bell Work 4/25/14

On your desk:




  • 1. How many galaxies are there in the universe?

400 billion galaxies

  • 2. How many types of stars are there?


  • 3. Name them.
  • Main-sequence stars
  • Giants
  • Supergiants
  • White dwarf stars
big bang theory
Big Bang Theory
  • Theory of how the Universe came to be.
  • Big Bang = HUGE explosion of energy
  • Energy = Matter (E=MC2)
  • The Universe is 13.7 BILLION years old.
the big bang theory
The Big Bang Theory
  • 1 universe which contains 400 billion galaxies…
  • Our galaxy (The Milky Way) contains 100 billion stars!!
  • The planets in our solar system orbit a single star… the SUN!


Chapter 2 Section 1

composition of stars
Composition of Stars
  • Made up of different elements in form of gases
  • Inner layers dense and hot
  • Outer layers cool gasses
  • Different elements absorb different wavelengths of light
  • Astronomers can tell what elements a star is made of from light they observe from the star.
classifying stars
Classifying Stars
  • Stars are classified by how hot they are
  • Different temperature = different colors
color of stars
Color of Stars

Which is Hotter, Rigel or Betelgeuse?

types of stars
Types of Stars
  • Main-sequence stars
  • Giants
  • Supergiants
  • White dwarf stars
mapping the stars

Mapping the Stars

Chapter 1 Section 3

patterns in the sky
Patterns in the Sky
  • Ancient cultures connected stars in patterns
  • Patterns called Constellations
  • Sections of sky that contain recognizable star patterns
  • They helped people navigate and keep track of time.
patterns in the sky1
Patterns in the sky
  • Different civilizations had different names for same constellation
  • Constellation Orion

-Greeks saw hunter

-Japanese saw a drum

  • Constellations help organize the sky
  • Each constellation is a region of the sky
  • Each constellation shares a border w/ other constellations
seasonal changes
Seasonal Changes
  • Constellations change from season to season
  • Different constellations are visible in the southern hemisphere
  • Sky maps are used to tell which constellations will appear during which season.
finding stars in night sky
Finding Stars in Night Sky
  • Constellation and Star Wheel
  • **Let’s make one!
  • Represents the queen Cassiopeia, who boasted about her unrivaled beauty.
  • Shaped like a “W” (or “M”)
  • Resembles a wide winged, long necked bird, in graceful flight
  • Represents several different legendary swans.
  • Its name is Latin for "twins," and it is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology
  • Resembles a hunter
  • Orion is standing next to the river Eridanus with his two hunting dogs, fighting Taurusthe bull.
If Betelgeuse were our sun, it would be so large that its diameter would be somewhere between Mars and Jupiter!
ursa major
Ursa Major
  • UrsaMajor = Great Bear
  • Resembles a Bear…
  • The Big Dipper makes up the bear’s tail
  • Resembles a scorpion's tail, and a vague body.
  • This scorpion which was sent by the goddess Hera to kill the hunter Orion