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Intermountain Construction. Right Of Way Maintenance Company. 1997.

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Intermountain construction l.jpg

Intermountain Construction

Right Of Way Maintenance Company

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  • Intermountain Construction began leak surveying for Williams Field Service. During this first year we became familiar with Williams’ policies, pipelines, locations,and personnel. Also during this time we found a significant amount of Natural Gas leaks.

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  • In addition to leak surveying we began a system of notifying property owners in the jurisdictional areas when we would be leak surveying on their property.

  • We also took on the task of compiling and monitoring of the Gathering System location books. Every year we update our Customers location books as well as keeping a complete record of our own.

  • We became in compliance with the DOT Regulation 49 CFR 40 By implementing a drug and alcohol plan. Our drug and alcohol plan mandates pre-employment as well as random screenings.

October 1998 l.jpg
October 1998

  • Intermountain began taking care of onecalls for the Tres Rios gathering district of Williams field Service.

  • Intermountain takes a serious and fastidious approach to one calls. Our goal is 100% accuracy and safety.

May 2000 l.jpg
May 2000

  • Williams Field Service restructured and Intermountain became responsible for a larger area of Williams Field Service. We became responsible for one calls and leak survey in all Four Corners Area districts of Williams Field Service.

August 2000 l.jpg
August 2000

  • Intermountain began installing carsonite signs on the right of way rehab project from AM 149 to Kutz station.

October 2000 l.jpg

  • Intermountain Construction began a safety program. We developed a safety manual and implemented monthly safety meetings as well as weekly tailgate meetings.

February 2001 l.jpg
February 2001

  • In February 2001 all of Intermountain Construction personnel became certified with a Basic Safety Certificate that includes:

    • 1910.146 Confined Space Awareness

    • 1910.157 Fire Fighting, Incipient Stages

    • 1910.1200 Hazard Communication (HazCom)

    • 1910.120 HAZWOPPER Awareness

    • 1910.147 Lockout/Tagout

    • 1910.132 Personal Protective Equipment

    • 1910.34 Respiratory Protection

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  • Intermountain Construction now offers & will continue to offer

    • Line locating or One Calls

    • Jurisdictional & Non-Jurisdictional Leak Surveys with reports

    • Carsonite or Post installation

    • Valve Greasing

    • GPS Mapping and Plotting

    • AS Builts

    • Emergency shut down procedure manuals with photos and driving instructions

    • Road Excavation and Maintenance

    • Brush cutting on Pipeline ROW and Seeding

    • DOT Reports

    • CDP Environmental Clean Up

    • Hydro Excavation ( Vac truck/ Pot Holeing)

Qualifications l.jpg

  • We are in DOT compliance with our drug and alcohol program

  • We carry five million dollars in liability insurance

  • We are also Operator Qualified through

    • NCCER

    • ISNetworld

    • Driver Licenses for all employees verified through SAMBA “Status, Driving records, Etc…”

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Intermountain Construction


Integrity Pipeline Service, Inc.

Full Service Right of Way Maintenance Company

Divisions l.jpg

  • Intermountain Construction, Inc.

  • Integrity Pipeline Service, Inc.

  • Operator Qualifications Testing Center

Organizational chart l.jpg

Earl Bell & Barbara Bell

Board of Directors

Barbara Bell

Finance Director

Don Jones

General Manager

Pipeline Service Technician III




Robert Wilson

Field Supervisor

Lupe Samora

Office Manager

Robby Wood

Field Supervisor





Pipeline Service Technician I

Human Resource


Organizational Chart

Integrity pipeline services l.jpg
Integrity Pipeline Services

  • Earl Bell & Barbara Bell - Board of Directors

  • Barbara Bell - Financial Manager

  • Don Jones - General Manager

Office support staff l.jpg
Office Support Staff

  • Lupe Samora – Office Manager

  • Jon Jones- IT Manager/Special Projects

  • Amanda Murphy- One Call Administrator/Payroll Clerk

  • Paula Ross- Billing Administrator

  • Jennifer Cerda- Office Assistant

Field supervisors l.jpg
Field Supervisors

  • Robert Wilson

  • Robby Wood

Original customer base l.jpg
Original Customer Base

  • Williams Field Serive

  • Teppco GP, Affilates

  • Enterprise Mid America

  • ChevTexaco

  • ConocoPhillips

  • XTO Energy

  • Burlington Resources

  • Peoples Energy

  • Pogo Production

New services coming soon l.jpg
New Services Coming Soon


  • Depth Surveys and Line Profiling

  • Increased Mapping Services

Questions 505 334 8035 l.jpg

QUESTIONS 505-334-8035

Go to the Contact us link on our Website