how to choose a memory foam m attress n.
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How to Choose a Memory Foam M attress PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Choose a Memory Foam M attress

How to Choose a Memory Foam M attress

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How to Choose a Memory Foam M attress

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  1. How to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

  2. Many people are somewhat confused when it comes time to choose a memory foam mattress.

  3. One of the reasons is that there is so much hype and misinformation in the advertising media, including the internet.

  4. There are 5 main things to know before you buy a memory foam mattress and that will help the odds a lot.

  5. 1. The country where the foam is poured

  6. 2. The Densityof the Memory Foam

  7. 3. The thickness of the actual memory foam, not the overall thickness of the mattress

  8. 4. The sleeping positions and weight of the persons sleeping on it

  9. 5. Whether or Not the Foam is Temperature Sensitive

  10. If you consider these things, chances are pretty good that you'll have a great experience

  11. with your new memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper.

  12. Not knowing any one of the five could turn your experience into a nightmare.

  13. For this example, let's just consider the first one.

  14. If your memory foam is poured in a foreign country, you may find that it stinks, sleeps hot and has lumpy spots in it.

  15. This is because foreign countries don't regulate the ingredients that go into these mattresses and they can contain many, unknown ingredients.

  16. These could make sleeping on your mattress like sleeping on a toxic waste dump.

  17. U.S. manufacturers, on the other hand, are closely regulated and, therefore,

  18. you won't find CFC's, Formaldehyde, PBDE's or other known harmful chemicals in their foam.

  19. The foreign foams also contain clay or other chemical compounds that give it a false density rating.

  20. Discover how density, thickness of memory foam, sleeping habits and your weight affect your buying decision

  21. By visiting theMemory-Foam-Mattress-Store.com