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Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Wing Chun Kung Fu - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sign Up Form. Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Class times, and locations subject to. Sign up for:. Time. Price. change due to weather, and or class size. Child Self Defense . 4-45 min. sessions. Ages 6-10 . 45 min. 50.00 month. Beginning Wing Chun Kung Fu . 1 hour.

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Sign Up Form


Wing Chun

Kung Fu


Class times, and locations subject to

Sign up for:



change due to weather, and or class size.

Child Self Defense

4-45 min. sessions. Ages 6-10

45 min

50.00 month

Beginning Wing Chun Kung Fu

1 hour

50.00 month

4-1 hour sessions. Ages 10-14

1 hour

75.00 month

Self Defense, Mind / Body Fitness

4-1 hour sessions


Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Course

2 hour

125.00 month

4-2 hour sessions. 14 yrs and up.

Advanced students will be interviewed by Sifu for placement

No make ups







Method of Payment



Pre approved Billing


Sifu: Lawrence Ramirez


Class times, and locations subject to change.

Wing Chun

Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu, and other techniques taught are dangerous,

P.O. Box 4610

and are practiced only at your own risk. Pacific Wing Chun


and all affiliates herein assume no responsibility

Kailua-Kona, Hi. 96745

Martial Arts

for injuries sustained to practitioner, or persons

involved in any way.

Phone: 808 345 5540

California- Hawaii

Pacific Wing Chun Association

P.O. Box 4610

Kailua-Kona, Hi. 96745

Phone: 808 345 5540


The Origins of

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun

Kung Fu Today

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Association Lineage


he origins of Wing Chun Kung Fu may be

Wing Chun Kung Fu utilizes the Snake, and

My Sifu, Alan “Bak Fu” Vasquez, teaching Wing Chun since 1979, founded the Orange County Wing Chun Association. Sifu Alan Vasquez served as Captain US Army (Retired), Branched Infantry, and Military Intelligence; Viet Nam Combat Veteran, with Recon Ranger, and Special Forces duty. Sifu Alan Vasquez has for over twenty years taught many great Wing Chun fighters, and in recent trips to China, and Hawaii for competition, has received highest honors from Grand Master Wong Long, and Grand Master Robert Yeung for our schools true Wing Chun form, and true fighting spirit.

traced back to the Shaolin Temples in the Ho-

Crane forms of the Five Animal Fist Form.

nan Province of Southern China in late 1670.

The Crane aspect of Wing Chun utilizes quick

Ng Mui a Buddhist Nun, of the “Five Elders”

jerky side pivoting whole body movements,

and considered an expert of the Five Animal

with high stepping low kicks, and trapping feet.

Form Fist, escaped the Sil Lim Gee Temple

With outside body strikes, and outside in

In strikes, also redirecting blocks.

before Chinese soldiers of the Ching Dynasty

invaded, killed all within, and destroyed the


The Snake provides for fast straight center-

line strikes, short draws, and a blocking

Ng Mui migrated to a temple on Mount

system that redirects the attackers strikes

from the defenders centerline, with

Leung in Szechwan where she met Yim Wing

economy of movement for greater result.

Chun . The daughter of a traveling salesman.

Yim Wing Chun was constantly bullied by a

“Lin Sil Dai Dar”

principle of attack, and

local individual who wanted Yim Wing Chun

to bow to his wishes.

defend simultaneously, along with learned re-

flexes to oppositional forces, the direct center-

line strikes, redirecting pivots, the trapping foot

Ng Mui moved by Yim Wing Chuns plight,

movements, and high stepping low kicks make

took her in as student.. Yim Wing Chun ma-

a Wing Chun Fighter a force difficult to


tered the Five Animal Fist Form., but found

that some of the style was far to complex.

The Wing Chun system is comprised of three

With Ng Mui’s blessing Yim Wing Chun created

hand forms, a two man touch reflex combat

exercise, named Chi Sao, two weapon sets,

and named her own kung fu system developed

and Mook Yan Jong, the wooden man.

mainly from the Snake, and Crane forms, of

the Five Animal Fist Form.

The principles of Wing Chun lend to the

Buddhist School of thought, that if an

opponent does not strike, I do not strike,

but if the opponent strikes I strike last but

hit first. The system allows for the practitioner

to lend compassion the more advanced he

becomes, due to the systems superior techniques,

and straight forward economy of movement


The tales are many, but from these humble

beginnings came one of the most effective

Martial Arts to date.