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why windows 98 understanding the nature of the problem l.
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Why Windows 98? Understanding the nature of the problem PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Windows 98? Understanding the nature of the problem

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Why Windows 98? Understanding the nature of the problem
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Why Windows 98? Understanding the nature of the problem

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  1. Why Windows 98?Understanding the nature of the problem • Windows 95 did not fail gracefully • 95 was too reliant on customer knowledge • Routine troubleshooting steps were too troublesome • Backward compatibility and additional features increased complexity

  2. The aim of Windows 98 • Integrate the Operating System and the internet • Multiple levels of support are available from Microsoft’s server via the Internet • An Active Desktop that can be used to display a Web page or a movie • Networking tools to share information easier • Enhanced multimedia that provides TV and streaming audio and video

  3. What’s New in 98 • Simplified Setup using existing 95 settings and automatic reboot • OnNow technology eliminating need to boot • Win32 Driver model allowing a single set of drivers for both Windows 98 and NT • Windows Update-checks the internet for the latest drivers and OS files • Windows 98 help providing local-disk, local-network and internet-based help

  4. More new Features • System Information utility that provides information similar to the old MSInfo utility but in a Windows Explorer-like window. • Year 2000 support will help solve the many problems older software has with the millennium change. Providing a system-wide setting for aplications to use for interpreting a two-digit year.

  5. More Features of Windows 98 • Drag and drop programs in the start menu allow you to drag and drop items within the cascade. • Using Communications and the Internet are made easier with the Active Desktop • Internet Explorer has a new search and favorites Explorer bar that is easier to use.

  6. A new way of working with Files, Folders, and Disks • FAT32 allowing a single disk partition of 2TB • Drive Converter allows you to convert a Hard Disk from 16-bit FAT to FAT32 • Explorer displays Internet and intranet Web pages as well as your disk’s folders • Web-centric file handling allows pointing at an object to select it and single-clicking to open it. • New Backup Utility Disk Cleanup

  7. How does Windows 98 improve supportability? • Self-healing • Gathering system information • Automating troubleshooting • Reducing compatibility issues

  8. Self -healing If failing is inevitable, fail gracefully • Registry Checker • ScanDisk after Bad Shutdown • Automatic Skip Driver

  9. Windows 98Hardware Requirements • An Intel 486 DX66 MHz or Pentium processor • 16 MB memory min, 32 MB recommended • 125 MB free space on the Hard Drive • Standard (VGA) display adapter-monitor • Mouse and keyboard • Modem if you plan to use an ISP

  10. Additional Optional Hardware • Sound Card with speakers or headphones • DVD Drive and DVD decoder card or software • Scanner or digital camera • TV tuner card • Network card if you plan to use the network

  11. Gathering system informationCollects available data to diagnose problems • Microsoft MS-DOS Report Tool • Microsoft Windows Report Tool • Microsoft System Information • Use Dr. Watson to diagnose system faults takes a snapshot of your system whenever a system fault occurs. It intercepts software faults, identifies the software that faulted, and offers course of action.

  12. Automating troubleshootingUnderstand and automate repetitive troubleshooting tasks • System Configuration Utility • Troubleshooting Wizards • Emergency Startup Disk

  13. Automatic Skip Driver • Identifies the specific failed device on start up. • After two failed attempts to load, ASD disables the device driver or stops the operation that caused system startup to fail. Windows will no longer attempt to identify the component.

  14. Registry Checker • SCANREGW automatically scans registry for corruption and deleted entries, backing up the configuration files once daily. • If Registry Checker detects corruption in the Registry it will guide the user through the restoration process.

  15. Reporting Tools WINREP • An Internet-based reporting tool that can be invoked from a Web page, and when submitting the report it hosts a Web page that programs it. • WINREP creates an info file uploads it across the internet, allows the support engineer to inspect the system as if sitting in front of it.

  16. Version Confilict Tool • During installation of new software, older versions of software files may be detected and then replaced with the newer versions. • Older versions are backed up and saved on your hard disk. • If you have conflicts with your system or software files after you install an application, this is used to restore from backup.

  17. Before you install Windows 98 • Verify that your system meets minimum requirements • Back up important files • Print or save to floppy your autoexec.bat and config.sys files

  18. Installing Windows 98 • Install Upgrade or Full Install on a blank hard disk for the cleanest possible environment • Upgrade requires a copy of the old media (either CD or Floppy) be available for proof of ownership • Upgrade may be done from Windows 3.1 or Windows 95