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Walruses. By: Katy Erdle and Kerry Carlisle. The life of a Walrus. There are 2 walrus subspecies that exist today one is the Pacific and the other is the Atlantic Walrus. A Walrus lives around 16-30 years.

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By:Katy ErdleandKerry Carlisle

The life of a walrus
The life of a Walrus

  • There are 2 walrus subspecies that exist today one is the Pacific and the other is the Atlantic Walrus.

  • A Walrus lives around 16-30 years.

  • The age of a walrus can be estimated by slicing a section of the cheek tooth and counting the layers.

  • The total population of Walruses today is estimated to be around 250,000.

  • The Walruses scientific name is Odobenus rosmarus.

Walruses living quarters
Walruses living quarters!

  • Walruses live in very cold water. They like it where the air temp. is -15 to +5 degree C.

  • Walruses spend about 2/3 of their lives in water. They also love to lay on the ice in the artic.

  • Walruses have a thick layer of blubber to keep warm.It is about 15cm thick.

Walruses appetite and birth
Walruses appetite and birth!

  • A female walrus takes 1 year to develop its young before birth after mating.

  • A walrus weighs 99-165lbs at birth.

  • A walrus can weigh up to 3,000 lbs. at full growth. And it can get up to 8-12 ft. in length.

  • A Walrus eats bivalve mollusks such as clams. They will also eat worms, snails, squads, and crabs.

Facts about walruses reproduction
Facts about Walruses reproduction!

  • Most male Walruses are mature at 8-10 years old. Successful reproduction is probably around 15 years.

  • Most females are sexually mature at 5-6 years old.

  • Most mating occurs December-March.

  • A male Walrus is called a Bull

  • A female walrus is called a cow.

  • A baby Walrus is called a calf

The mating scene and after

A Bull displays visually and vocally from the water while the female rests.

The display includes teethclacking, clanging bell-like sounds, and whistles.

The female or cow then joins the Bull and that is wherecopulation takes place.

After the mating season the bulls return to all- male herds.

The calf is born a year later.

The calf stays with it’s mother up to 2 years maybe longer, if the mother does not have another calf in thattime.

The Mating scene and after!

The books we used

The books we used…. the female rests.

1. The Internet: www.seaworld.org/Walrus.

2. The encyclopedia under W.

3. The Marine biology book.