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University of Liverpool Library Catalogue

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University of Liverpool Library Catalogue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COMP106 – Assignment 2 University of Liverpool Library Catalogue Proposal 25 COMP106 – Assignment 2 Task Analysis Current Users The users of this system are the staff and students of the university. As such it can be assumed that: All users are competent with computer use

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COMP106 – Assignment 2

Task Analysis

Current Users

  • The users of this system are the staff and students of the university.
  • As such it can be assumed that:
    • All users are competent with computer use
    • Some expert users
  • Therefore interface can be fairly advanced

Current Tasks

  • Book Search
  • Book Reservation
  • Book Renewal
  • Book suggestions
  • Newest books

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Task Analysis

Tasks user wants to perform

  • All of the previous
  • Be able to undue any false reservations

How will these tasks be performed

  • Site will be clear and concise, and hopefully obvious
  • Good feedback to the user, and a guided interaction
  • Closure and confirmation messages

How often

  • Assumed, multiple times at a single visit

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Candidate Metaphors


  • Navigation via turning pages
  • Close book to exit
  • Front cover to start over


  • Search results ordered on a shelf on book spines
  • Selecting a book, book is taken from shelf and opened to see details

Issue Desk?

  • Main screen is a desk with librarian behind it
  • Click librarian for account details
  • Click catalogue on desk to search

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Chosen Metaphor


  • Shelf of books for search results
  • Opening of book for book details
  • Using barcode to reserve book, ‘scanning’ it
  • Checking inside sleeve for stamp to ascertain if book is out on loan, and if so, when it’s due back

Exploits knowledge of

  • How people use libraries
  • The methods used in checking out a library book

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Source Characteristics

Objects and Attributes

  • Main Screen: Size, colour
  • Bookshelves: Size, colour, name, content
  • Books: Name, content


  • Bookshelves are accessed from Main Screen, or from other Bookshelves
  • Bookshelves can contain many books, or no books


  • Books can be searched for from Bookshelves and from Main Screen
  • Books can be reserved and renewed from within a Book
  • Newest books can be viewed on a Bookshelf

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Target Characteristics

Objects and Attributes

  • Screen: Size, colour
  • Books: Title, author, subject, ISBN, On loan?, Reserved
  • Bookshelves: Many Books


  • Books can be visualised in Bookshelves
  • Books are organized on Bookshelves


  • Search, reserve and renew Books
  • View newest books
  • Suggest a new book

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Additional interface features

  • Horizontal scroll bar found on Bookshelf to allow user to view more books than can fit on screen
  • “Find more similar” button within book that will bring back a list of similar books of the same subject
  • “View all author” button within book to show all books my current author
  • Clear options on main screen that lead to a book suggestion form, and a bookshelf full of the latest books, with options to limit them by any attributes (expect title of course)

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Possible Mismatches

User is confused by bookshelf

  • solution: Adjacent books shall be differently coloured to allow books to be seen separately, along with clear instruction statement underneath shelf saying “click on desired book, or scroll along for more”

User doesn’t know how to return to where they previously where

  • solution: “Back to Main Screen” and “Back to previous” buttons on all pages, and always in the same position

User may think clicking on a book reserves it

  • solution:Clear closure messages confirming when books have been renewed or reserved, and a message when a search returns no books

COMP106 – Assignment 2

Possible Mismatches

User wants to “un-reserve” a book

  • solution: Whenever a book is reserved, it will clearly say so within book, along with a “un-reserve” button that will be clearly labelled and will ask for confirmation that the user wants not to reserve this book

User isn’t allowed to renew

  • solution: Message when they log onto site telling them they have overdue books, or have renewed current book up to it’s limit, and informing them that they will need to visit the library in person to renew

User unsure as to how to renew or reserve books

  • solution:Clear instructions on screen: “click here to renew/reserve book

User wants to find similar books

  • solution: Clearly labelled “find more similar” button which takes you to a new bookshelf, with original book included on it