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smelter service information systems ssis l.
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Smelter Service Information Systems (SSIS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Smelter Service Information Systems (SSIS)

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Smelter Service Information Systems (SSIS)
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Smelter Service Information Systems (SSIS)

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  1. Smelter Service Information Systems (SSIS)

  2. Following are instructions on how to enter SSIS, SSC’s new information system.

  3. Using Internet Explorer or Netscape type in the address line. Click on GO or press ENTER

  4. Our home page looks like this:

  5. Click on the SSIS logo. The following page appears:

  6. Click on “Change your Password”. The change password screen looks like this:

  7. You will be receiving a letter with a copy of these instructions that will include your login name and password. Type in the login name that SSC mailed to you.Type in the password that you received from SSC. Type in a new password. Type in your new password again for verification. Clickon SAVE.

  8. The following screen appears:

  9. Click on “SSIS” logo. The following screen appears:

  10. Type in your login name.Type in your new password. Click on Login.At this point, a screen will appear with your login name and information. Reports will be listed on this page.

  11. About Your ReportsYou may receive reports in several formats including Microsoft Snapshot (*.snp), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Access (*.mdb), Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and others. Some reports may be viewed directly in your browser. Others you will need to download. For best results, please download the file. You will need to have the application ( Microsoft Snapshot Viewer, Excel, Access, other) installed on your computer in order to open the file.

  12. TO DOWNLOAD REPORTS:Internet ExplorerRight-click on the report and select 'Save Target As'. You should see the common Windows Save As.. dialog box.Netscape NavigatorClick on a report. Select 'Save to Disk' and click OK. You should see the common Windows Save As.. dialog box.

  13. About the Microsoft Snapshot ViewerThe Microsoft Snapshot Viewer allows users to view Microsoft Access Reports without being connected to the Access database. Common installations of Microsoft Office 2000 don't normally include the Snapshot Viewer.To Install the Microsoft Snapshot ViewerDownload a file with a (*.snp) extension and attempt to open it. If you do not have the Snapshot Viewer installed, you should be prompted to install it.

  14. Place your Microsoft Office 2000 CD in your CD drive and follow the instructions. (Recommended)OR you can DOWNLOAD the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer at Microsoft's site, Click "Download Snapshot Viewer."

  15. Download the file, SnpVw90.exe, to a folder on your computer. When the download is complete, go to the folder and double-click SnpVw90.exe to begin installation. Follow instructions. To find out more about the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer, go to the Microsoft Office Download Center.

  16. If you have any questions, please call me at (931) 379-7765 or email We hope this will be very helpful to you and your company. Please call with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.Thanks and enjoy.Brenda Runions