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State Travel Regulations

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State Travel Regulations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Travel Regulations INSTRUCTOR W. Jeff Reynolds, CPA Payment Management Administrator Travel Payments Contract Payments Vendor Payments Medicaid Payments and Refunds Audit Tracking INSTRUCTOR W. Jeff Reynolds, Administrator Phone Number: 225-342-4162 Fax Number: 225-342-4478

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State Travel Regulations

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W. Jeff Reynolds, CPA

Payment Management Administrator

  • Travel Payments
  • Contract Payments
  • Vendor Payments
  • Medicaid Payments and Refunds
  • Audit Tracking

W. Jeff Reynolds, Administrator

Phone Number:225-342-4162

Fax Number:225-342-4478

E-Mail: “”

where do travel regs come from
Where do Travel Regs come from?
  • L.R.S. 39:231- “The commissioner, with the approval of the governor, shall prescribe rules defining the means of travel that can be used by state employees and the maximum amount allowable for expenses in each class.” (Page 4)
departmental policies
Departmental Policies
  • Departmental heads may establish travel regulations within their respective agencies, but such regulations shall not exceed the maximum limitations established by the commissioner of administration. (page 5).
why is pmt mgmt so strict
Why is Pmt Mgmt so Strict?
  • LA. Admin Code – Title 4 – PPM 7 - approval and payment of travel to an employee should only be given when in conformity with prescribed travel regulations and approved travel policy.
  • Emp who must approve or disapprove disbursements will be held accountable for their acts of approval. (Personally Liable)
does ppm 49 apply to me
Does PPM 49 apply to me?
  • The Travel regulations apply to all state departments, boards and commissions created by the legislature or executive order and operating from funds appropriated, dedicated, or self-sustaining; federal funds; or funds generated from any other source. (Page 4)
travel authorizations pg 6
Travel Authorizations - Pg 6

All Travel must be authorized

  • Annual - routine in-state travel
  • Single Trip - in-state conf & conv
  • Out of State
  • Conf & Conv
  • T/A Form – DHH-T/A (Rev 11-90)
travel advances page 6
Travel Advances - Page 6
  • Employee Rejected for Amex Card - Proof of Rejection must be included in file
  • New Employee
  • Etc.
  • T/A & Advance Request Form
travel advances page 610
Travel Advances - Page 6
  • An Advance is a loan to a employee.
  • They must be reconciled within 30 days after the travel is completed.
other expenses pg 14
  • Registration Fees at Conferences –
    • Registration Payment Request Form
    • Copy of Conference Agenda
    • Travel Authorization
    • OAD must submit to Mr. Duffy’s office first
    • Can combine several employee’s request
claims for reimbursement pg 7
Claims for Reimbursement – Pg 7
  • Must be on a T/E form - PMF110 (Rev 7/96).
  • In all cases, the date & hour of departure from and return to domicile must be shown.
  • Unless exempted, all expenditures must be incurred by traveler and reimbursed by the state.
  • Direct billing of expenses to DHH is not allowed.
claims for reimbursement pg 713
Claims for Reimbursement – Pg 7
  • Anyone who submits or approves a fraudulent or false claim for reimbursement shall be guilty of official misconduct and subject to disciplinary action as well as being criminally and civilly liable within the provisions of state law.
definitions page 4
Definitions - Page 4
  • Authorized Persons - Non-employee’s Travel
  • Conference & Conventions - Formal agenda and pay a registration fee
  • Official Domicile - Fixed by the Appointing Authority - No reimbursement for commuting miles or non-routine travel
commuting mileage pg 10
Commuting Mileage – Pg 10
  • An employee shall never receive any benefit from not living in his official domicile.
  • The employee is always to claim the lessor of the miles from their official domicile or from their residence.
commuting mileage
Commuting Mileage

Reimbursable if temp work location is outside official domicile

Reimbursable if temp work location is outside official domicile

Temp Work Location



Official Domicile

domicile travel pg 10
Domicile Travel – Pg 10
  • DHH may approve an authorization for routine travel for an employee who must travel in the course of performing their duties; this may include domicile travel if such is regular and necessary part of the employee duties, but not for attendance to infrequent or irregular meetings.
domicile travel pg 1018
Domicile Travel – Pg 10
  • Within their domicile, an employee can only be reimbursed for mileage.
cost effective travel pg 7
Cost-Effective Travel - Pg 7
  • Most cost effective method will be chosen.
cost effective travel pg 720
Cost-Effective Travel - Pg 7
  • Factors to consider:
    • Length of Travel Time
    • Employee’s Salary
    • Cost of operating the vehicle
    • Etc.
contracted travel agency
Contracted Travel Agency
  • Listed on the Inside Cover of Travel Regs
  • All Airline Reservations
  • All Rental Car Reservations
  • Approval Not To Use – Page 8
air travel pg 7 8
Air Travel - Pg 7 & 8
  • Must use State Travel Agent
  • Lowest Logical Airfare must be used
  • Will not be reimbursed more than the State Contract Rate.
  • Receipt is required to be reimbursed
  • Instructions on Page 19
motor vehicles pg 9
Motor Vehicles Pg 9

State Owned Vehicles

  • To take out of State - Dept Head Must Approve
  • Greater than 500 miles from Domicile - Cost effective travel documentation must be included
  • No Unauthorized Travelers
motor vehicles pg 10
Motor Vehicles Pg 10

Personally Owned Vehicles

  • Reimbursed .30 cents a mile
  • Can use actual mileage or chart on page 16.
motor vehicles pg 11
Motor Vehicles Pg 11

Rented Motor Vehicles

  • Must be approved by Dept Head
  • Only Reimburse Compact size car
  • Must have Memo from Employee to Dept Head stating why the rental car is the most economical means of travel
  • Insurance pkgs – not reimbursable
  • Rates on Page 18
public ground transportation pg11
Public Ground Transportation - Pg11
  • Cost of buses, subways, airport limousines & taxi’s. Limited to $15 a day without receipts. Claims in excess of $15 a day requires receipts.
elegability for meals pg 11
  • Breakfast : before 6am, beyond 9 am
  • Lunch: before 10 am, beyond 2pm \ plus additional requirements
  • Dinner: before 4pm, beyond 8pm
traveler s meals pg 12
Traveler’s Meals - Pg 12
  • The Different Rates are on Page 12
  • Meal Rates include tax and tips
  • Tips on meals are not reimbursed
  • Partial Meals like continental breakfast or airline meals are not considered meals
  • Receipts are not required
refreshment expenditures pg 13
Refreshment Expenditures - Pg 13
  • For Meetings, Conferences or Conventions
  • On State Property, $2.00 per person
  • On Hotel Property, $3.50 per person / exclusive of tax and mandatory gratuity
  • Rates are per morning and afternoon sessions
  • Receipts and sign-in sheet required
lodging pg 13
Lodging - Pg 13
  • The different rates are on Page 13.
  • Rates do not include taxes
  • Receipts are required
  • Tax Exempt Form
  • Hotel Directory – Pg 36
conference lodging pg 13
Conference Lodging - Pg 13
  • Rates are on Pg 13.
  • Must meet DHH’s Conference Definition.
  • Hotels associated with conference can be used.
  • If you stay at a hotel not associated with the conference, then revert back to rates on Page 13.
state held conferences pg 13
State Held Conferences - Pg 13
  • Must Solicit 3 competitive quotes - includes sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, meals , breaks & etc. (>$500 call Purch)
  • Conference Meals - Lunch in NO $12.00, every place else is $10.00 / exclusive of tax and mandatory gratuity
  • Pmts are processed through AGPS
  • No reimbursement for functions
parking pg 14
  • Baton Rouge Airport - $3.50 per day (Max)
  • NO Airport - $6.00 per day (Max)
  • All other parking (Etc.) – over $5.00 receipt required
  • Tips for valet parking not to exceed $1 per and $1 per out, per day.
other expenses pg 1434
  • Stay overnight, then you can call home every other night - $3.00 a call / no receipt
  • Storage and Handling Equipment / receipt required
  • Tips for baggage handling - $1.00 per bag - max 3 bags, handled twice for arrival and departure
other expenses pg 1435
  • Laundry service, if travel greater than 7 days. –Max $20.00 – receipt required
special meals pg15
  • Department Head may authorize a special meal within allowable rates to be served in conjunction with a working meeting of departmental staff
  • All Special Meals are reported semi-annually to the Commissioner
25 allowance pg 12
25 % Allowance - Pg 12
  • Department Heads can approve a 25% allowance on lodging and meals
  • Must include memo documenting the necessity for the allowance
international travel pg 15
  • Travel Outside the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands must be approved by the Commissioner
waivers pg 16
  • The commissioner may waive in writing any provision of the State travel Regs.
  • If it say “approved in accordance with PPM 49”, then the waiver that you requestedhas been disapproved.