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______________________________________ Career Management & Transition Specialists PowerPoint Presentation
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______________________________________ Career Management & Transition Specialists

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______________________________________ Career Management & Transition Specialists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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______________________________________ Career Management & Transition Specialists Strategic Business Overview

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career management transition specialists

______________________________________Career Management & Transition Specialists

Strategic Business Overview

thank you for allowing me to introduce next act

One of our most valued assets than can never be replaced once spent, is time. I appreciate your investment of your time in learning more about Next-Act – what we do and how we may be an asset to you and your organization.

I made the decision to re-launch my career management & transition business because I too was ready for reinvention or my next-act. My experience in this business in the past years and my expertise in human resources presented a perfect combination – and the timing is just right for me, my family and for the market.

I invite you to learn more. Thank you once again for your time and interest.

--- Dan Moran

Founder & President, Next-Act – A Division of DVG, Inc.

CEO, DVG, Inc.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce Next-Act …
executive summary of our services

Individual Career Management & Transition Services – Helping people make a critical and carefully executed career or job move, plan ahead for their second or new career or continue to work in retirement is what we specialize in doing, working one-on-one with our clients. Our services are designed to meet their needs and requirements.

Corporate Outplacement Services - As business conditions change, so do manpower requirements. We assist organizations – and then displaced valued employees – during each step of this process utilizing our experience, expertise and resources.

Human Resource Consulting Services – As business grows, so do human resource requirements. Next-Act helps organizations attend to critical human resource & talent management needs so managers can focus on running and growing the business.

Get Clients Now!® Program – Clients pay the bills and generate profit. Not having enough clients, or wasting money on ineffective or poorly executed marketing will drain a business dry. This nationally-recognized and endorsed program helps individuals and teams focus on what really works in their own personal marketing and business development program, and what does not. Through group teaching, development of 28-day marketing programs and continual guidance and support, business grows!

Executive Summary of our Services …
questions we often hear

“I have no clue what I want to do next …”

“I don’t know where to go or how to look for an opportunity …”

“Who would hire me …”

“Why would someone hire me – I don’t have …”

“I know what I want to do – but how do I get there …”

Common questions that help answer for our clients. We are career management & transition specialists – focused and committed to helping people identify their ideal career “next-act”, develop and execute a strategy & plan to pursue and land that next ideal opportunity. We provide the tools one needs, resources that are required and guidance & support, backed by over 30 years of experience & expertise.

Questions we often hear …

I am very proud of our company and our legacy of experience in helping others mitigate career anxiety, achieve clarity and achieve their ideal next act – their career goal. Since 1988, we have helped thousands move on to new, better jobs, careers and even their own businesses.

..Dan Moran, Founder & President

our clients have questions they are trying to answer

Most if not all of our individual clients come from one of these groups:

… Very successful in their current job – but ready to move on

… Been there; done that – ready for a new career challenge

… Concerned over the stability of their company or their job – or both

… 40-50-60 years old – too young to retire and ready for your next career “act”

… Ready to strike out on in their own business

… Retired – but ready for more and ready to continually contribute

Many of our clients are happy in their current situation, but planning for the future now. Some are just bored with the same-old, same-old – and want more out of their career.

Still others have completed careers, but know there is so much more that can do to help others while helping themselves. Still others, after successful lives in their own business, want a change. And last but not least, one who is ready for their own business – and is ready to Get Clients Now!®.

Our Clients have questions they are trying to answer …
our individual services include

Our individual services include:

… Career Assessment

… Career Strategy Planning (CSP)

… Resume & Marketing Tools Development

… Career Consulting & Counseling

… Interview Planning & Assessment

… Targeted Research

… Market Monitoring

… Posting Management

… Get Clients Now!® Training to help clients launch a new business and get clients fast

Our Individual Services Include …
our human resource consulting services include

…Training of managers on effective interviewing, people selection and management effectiveness,

including training for First-Time Managers

… Compliance Review & Management

… Human resource systems & process audit & assessment

… Employee Opinion & Attitude Surveys (introducing the MeasureStick)

… Pre-employment and team development assessment

… Staff development & coaching

… Human resource administration

… Talent management program development and management – performance review, goal setting and

compensation program development

Our Human Resource Consulting Services Include …
our corporate outplacement services include

out·place·ment (out'plās'mənt) , noun.

The process of facilitating a terminated employee's search for a new job by provision of professional services, such as counseling, paid for by the former employer.

What displaced employees want from outplacement services:

.. One-on-one support

… Information & resources, when they need them

… Someone who understands to work with them

… Direction & guidance on what should be next in their career

… Support – in the form of honest & candid advice, coaching & counseling when it is


Next-Act believes that no amount of technology or technology resource replaces the one-on-one, direct, honest and candid support and advice one needs at this most difficult time. We provide the services displaced employees require, and the support the employer needs during the planning and implementation process.

Our Corporate Outplacement Services Include …
introducing get clients now

Many of our clients make the decision to go it on their own – in their own business. The critical challenge – filling their business with customers, fast and in a cost-effective manner. We have added this proven-effective program to our services:

Get Clients Now!®

Increase sales and marketing success by combining the Get Clients Now!® system with the coaching, accountability, perspective, and support provided by a 28-day program. In this highly effective action group format, independent professionals use the power of group coaching to help each other get more clients. They learn how to to create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things per day!

The Get Clients Now!® Program is for ….

If one prefers to develop and grow business and get the best results from active, time-dependent marketing strategies such as outreach, networking and referral-building rather than passive, money-dependent strategies such as advertising alone, then Get Clients Now!® is right. Who can benefit?

Accountants • Attorneys • Bodyworkers • ChiropractorsCoaches • Consultants • Counselors • Designers • Financial PlannersFreelancers • Health Practitioners • Insurance Agents & BrokersIT Professionals • Photographers • Realtors • SpeakersTherapists • Trainers • Writers • Independent Professionals

Introducing Get Clients Now!® …
introducing get clients now continued

What program participants learn …

… What really works to market a service business, and what doesn't

… Over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing a business

… What's the difference between a marketing tool & a marketing tactic and why it matters

… How to diagnose marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle

… Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented marketing from being successful

… How to break out of "analysis paralysis" and make the right choices about spending time & money

on marketing

… How doing ten simple things per day can bring all the clients a business needs

Introducing Get Clients Now!®… continued
introducing get clients now continued11

How it works …

Four options:

… Get Clients Now!® live seminars in the Capital Region of New York where participants not only learn, but network with others – some who may be their best referral partners.

… Continue with a 28-day marketing and client developing strategy – designed to fill a practice or business – working in small groups with a Certified Facilitator guiding – and challenging!

… Ongoing Get Clients Now!® coaching and consulting.

… Group presentation to a company’s sales & service teams.

Introducing Get Clients Now!®… continued
how and where we work

How we work …

Our services are provided on an individualized, one-on-one basis. During our initial conditional consultation (see next steps page), we determine if it is best for the client and one of our team to work together to help the client reach your goals & objectives.

A pre-determined number of consulting sessions, based upon the clients needs and requirements, are scheduled and may include a series of one-on-one meetings and frequent “touching base” calls. Concurrently, we initiate the very important intake & assessment process which will provide valued insight and direction while concurrently developing any required marketing tools (resumes, letters, biography, etc.).

Where we work …

For our clients in the Capital Region of New York State, our office is located at 125 Wolf Road, Colonie, NY, just minutes from I-87 and I-90. Office hours are by appointment only.

For our clients who are not in our area, services are provided by teleconference, web based and email.

How and where we work
our experience the difference

Our Experience --- the difference …

When it comes to helping others achieve success in their career or job, or moving on to a new opportunity, it takes experience to provide the proper tools & guidance. Experience on both sides is imperative – as an experienced career counselor and as a human resources executive who has driven organizational change, improved hiring process and improved employee culture. As well, when it comes to helping companies develop or improve their human resources & talent management strategy, or handling the sensitive outplacement process, experience counts.

Our Founder, Dan Moran – contributes over thirty years of combined experience in successful career consulting and as a senior human resources executive. He knows what employers look for in people, and understands their needs. He also knows how to help people understand their true “career calling” and then motivate, drive and give them the tools to succeed. He is a recognized authority on career matters and often quoted and interviewed regionally and nationally.

We also employ a team of career professionals to work with specific clients with unique situations. In addition, we have developed strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations who provide other services that may be required as one moves through this change process.

For more information, please see our Biography page at

Our Experience --- the difference …
our contact information


Career Management & Transition Specialists

125 Wolf Road, Suite 128

Albany (Colonie), New York 12205


Our Contact Information …