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  1. INTERNATIONAL DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM Presented by Wei-Jao Chen, MD.MPH.DMSc. President of National Taiwan University June 25th, 2004

  2. Introduction • The aim of this program • The Requirements • The content of the agreements • Cultural Studies • Current Progress • Future Prospect • Conclusion

  3. A. Aim of the program NTU has established this program officially since 2002. The main purpose of the program is to 1. Cultivate more internationalized students 2. Activate the academic cooperation

  4. B. Requirements The participants of this program have to fulfill the following requirements of a certain period of time to pursue their academic studies before and after going abroad. 1. Students with bachelor program will have to pursue academic studies of bachelor program in NTU at least four semesters 2. Students with Master program will have to fulfill the requirements in NTU at least two semesters 3. Students with PhD program will have to pursue academic studies of PhD in NTU at least four semesters

  5. C. Content of the agreements I. The content of the general agreement (forbachelor, master, PhDprogram) between two universities includes the following: 1. Eligibility of application 2. Evaluation standard 3. Design of linked curriculums 4. Credit transfer 5. Period of study 6. Degrees offering 7. Academic status management of registration 8. Fees submission and quota 9. Guideline of amendment and termination of the agreement 10. Common instruction agreement of master and PhD dissertation 11. Others

  6. C. Content of the agreements (Con’t) II. Common instruction agreement of the master and PhD dissertation should consist the following: 1. Name of the postgraduate 2. Name of instructing professors 3. Theme of the thesis 4. Period of study in both universities 5. Language used for writing the dissertation 6. Constitution of Degree Examination Committee and methods of proceeding interview 7. Presentation and copy rights of master and PhD dissertation 8. Guideline of amendment an termination of the agreement 9. Others

  7. D. Culture studies The importance of the culture and local language courses: • These courses may enrich the students’ experiences as exchange students • These course are the essential purpose of broaden their view internationally

  8. E. Current Progress 1. Nominated two PhD. Students to our partner school, l’universite Josepah Fourier (Grenoble 1st) the result of the program is fabulous. a. These two students will receive PhD from both universities successfully b. This program has strengthen and activated the academic exchanges link between the two school substantially 2. We are discussing with some prestigious universities over the world aggressively, such as Waseda University in Japan, and University of Wales Bangor in England.

  9. F. Future Prospective 1. The dual degree program is one step further from the regular exchange student program, which provides the students another great chance to study abroad. 2. The students may gain both the professional knowledge and abundant culture experience. 3. That may definitely lead and assist them to realize the idea of global village of the 21st Century.

  10. G. Conclusion For the sake of more internationalized students, we recommend and encourage APRU member universities to implement the dual degree program, which will enhance the academic cooperation and exchanges of the higher education internationalization.

  11. Thank you very much for your kind attention!